Diddy & Jay-Z on top of Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List

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The Top 10: Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2013

Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List

Diddy tops this year’s Cash Kings list, pulling in $50 million over the past 12 months. All in all, hip-hop’s top 20 earned a combined $343 million—read on to see the full list.

1. Diddy ($50 million)
2. Jay Z ($43 million)
3. Dr. Dre ($40 million)
4. Nicki Minaj ($29 million)
5. Birdman ($21 million)

Video Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings top 10

2013 Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List

Hip-hop’s net worth king claims his first annual earnings crown thanks mostly to the success of Ciroc vodka. Other ingredients in his cash cocktail: record label Bad Boy, clothing line Sean John and, soon, cable channel Revolt. 1. Diddy ($50M)
2. Jay Z ($43 million)<br />
Lost his hyphen but gained double-digit millions from lucrative live shows, Armand de Brignac champagne, D’Ussé cognac, Roc Nation label/management firm and other ventures. New album Magna Carta … Holy Grail went platinum before its July launch thanks to a $5 million investment from Samsung that fell just outside our scoring period (for more, check out Jay-Z biography Empire State of Mind). 2. Jay Z ($43M)
3. Dr. Dre ($40 million)<br />
Last year’s Cash King slips two spots, no longer boosted by a nine-figure payout for selling part of Beats by Dr. Dre in 2011. But he’s still cashing in on the ubiquitous headphones, expanding the company he founded with Interscope chief Jimmy Iovine to include a long-awaited streaming music service. 3. Dr. Dre ($40M)
4. Nicki Minaj ($29 million)<br />
Two years after becoming the first female artist to make the Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, Minaj is nearing the top thanks to income from touring, steady music sales, a lucrative American Idol gig and endorsements with Pepsi and others. 4. Nicki Minaj ($29M)
5. Birdman ($21 million)<br />
The Cash Money chief continues to live up to the name of his record label, whose lineup boasts three other artists on this list: Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake. Birdman’s empire also includes clothing, vodka and publishing. 5. Birdman ($21M)
6. Kanye West ($20 million)<br />
He may be one of rap’s biggest names, but he falls just short of the top five this year. New album Yeezus was released shortly after the end of our scoring period, though, and a lucrative tour this fall should vault him back toward the top of next year’s list. 6. Kanye West ($20M)
7. Lil Wayne ($16 million)<br />
The diminutive rapper played only a handful of shows this year and made headlines for health scares, but still cashed in on his new album I Am Not A Human Being II, clothing line Trukfit and his Young Money label. 7. Lil Wayne ($16M)
8. Wiz Khalifa ($14 million)<br />
The Pittsburgh native has been raking in cash ever since bursting onto the mainstream scene with his hometown ode “Black and Yellow,” the top single from his album Rolling Papers. His follow-up, O.N.I.F.C.—and more than 75 shows over the past year—keep him on the list. 8. Wiz Khalifa ($14M)
9. Ludacris ($12 million)<br />
Though his new album Ludaversal was delayed once again, the self proclaimed “Mouth of the South” continues to cash in on live shows, Soul by Ludacris headphones, Conjure cognac and roles in films like Fast & Furious 6. 9. Ludacris ($12M)
10. Pitbull ($11 million)<br />
Not even a brief exile to Alaska—the result of a fan vote to send Pitbull to any Wal-Mart in the U.S.—could stop Mr. International from earning double-digit millions. He cashed in on new album Global Warming, constant touring and endorsements with the likes of Kodak and Dr. Pepper. 10. Pitbull ($11M)

11. Drake ($10.5M)
12. Snoop Dogg ($10M)
12. Eminem ($10M)
14. Kendrick Lamar ($9M)
14. Pharrell ($9M)
14. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ($9M)
17. Swizz Beatz ($8.5M)
18. Tech N9ne ($7.5M)
19. 50 Cent ($7M)
20. Lil Jon ($6M)
20. Rick Ross ($6M)
20. Mac Miller ($6M)
20. Jeezy ($6M)
20. Questlove ($6M)


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24 Comments on "Diddy & Jay-Z on top of Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings List"

  1. carlos rodriguez on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 10:53 am 


  2. Kevin Santos on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 11:33 am 

    Wheres 50 Cent on this list?

  3. MsSeppei on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 12:30 pm 

    only the top 3 are actually hip hop artists

  4. bord4ever on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 1:18 pm 


  5. Makaveli Nostredame on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 1:24 pm 

    Fuck Nicki Minaj stupid bitch

  6. Delight Zaire on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 2:24 pm 

    Are people stupid? This is only for the year 2013 it’s not “all time” so some artist like 50 or Eminem may be on there a particular year and maybe not the next depending on what they’ve done and how business is going.

  7. Emmanual Alexander on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 3:04 pm 

    Yeah but surely hes still one of the wealthiest

  8. GT45000 on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 3:50 pm 

    whos the odd one out lol?

  9. TheDopestEthiopian1 on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 4:40 pm 

    These artists are not sustaining their wealth from music but from outside ventures. If Diddy didn’t partner with the owners of Ciroc who is Diageo. Diddy wouldn’t make the top 10 list.

  10. Alfredo Davis on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 5:20 pm 

    these niggaz talking bout “Forbes is stupid”… wtf is wrong with yall, this is obviously not their earnings from their whole career

  11. Christine Stroker on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 5:43 pm 

    9 on the list are blowable hahaha

  12. Linear Vining on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 6:24 pm 

    50 Cent’s net worth has not increased since he first signed his deal with vitamin water

  13. Emmanual Alexander on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 7:21 pm 

    Doesnt make sense…how is 50 Cent not on this list. He may not have released an album recently but he is definitely wealthier than most of the guys on this list.

  14. Kenneth Hollins on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 8:14 pm 

    He said he won’t stop get that money Diddy

  15. Kenneth Hollins on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 8:18 pm 


  16. MsCoolkid2009 on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 8:25 pm 

    Their just millionaires…I’m be multi Billionaire

  17. MsCoolkid2009 on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 8:33 pm 

    Nah man

  18. questguy on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 8:40 pm 

    50 will be on the list next yr.

  19. nightlifekingcom on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 9:13 pm 

    How about a Top 10 of Hip Hop earners that actually made money on music/touring/merch only.

  20. Danger King on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 9:42 pm 

    Eminem didn’t make the top 10 earners?

  21. Dylan TheWhiteFlight on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 9:45 pm 

    Diddy makes bred no doubt but he hasnt produced a good artist since B.I.G.

  22. ewcNG1 on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 10:07 pm 

    Really y would he put a total from to 2007

  23. ReneeHamilton95 on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 10:52 pm 

    WOAH Lots of DUMBASSES On Here!!! Thats The Money They Made In A Year (From September 2012 – September 2013!!! Anyways Congrats To Nicki Minaj #Winning #OnlyRapBitchOnTheList #WhenWillYourFaveFemaleRapper ! ! ! ! !

  24. Dylan TheWhiteFlight on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 11:41 pm 

    Smfh where’s this fool getting his info from I don’t See 50 Cent on thus list he’s for sure top 5 these numbers all fucked up

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