Video Consequence addresses his problems with Pusha T “MY GOD”

Consequence vs Pusha T

Video Consequence addresses his problems with Pusha T “MY GOD”

maybe its me but i think dude is reaching …


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3 Comments on "Video Consequence addresses his problems with Pusha T “MY GOD”"

  1. love on Sun, 13th Mar 2011 2:57 pm 

    Dawdu Marriott and Josiah Boatswain from flatbush, Brooklyn New york are under investigation on CREDIT card fraud … DAWDU MALIK MARRIOTT is 5’5 average build has a warrant out / NO tatts born 12/25/85

  2. Fuquan harris on Tue, 29th Mar 2011 5:50 pm 

    Cons, is the truth !!! I’m glad he’s not rocking with them fags no more. Pusha , and Common are my guys, but the rest of them niggas is homos!!! straight up> Kanye be jerking niggas for their loot anyway…

  3. VVWHO on Sat, 30th Jul 2011 4:25 pm 

    As a man, Consequence big head ass has every right to speak on issues that pertains to him.
    Just like Kanye big head ass publicly expressed his dislike for Taylor winning an award over Beyonce, which he had nothing to do with BTW, but felt in his heart it was necessary.
    If Consequence has an issue with Ye regarding whatever, he has the right to tell his side of the story. If it were you, and something was done that you felt uncomfortable with, if you have the balls….You’re gonna address it.
    This is about music, so let the diss songs begin, period.

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