August 11, 2010 by Brooklyn IZ MINE  

Video Birdman Shows Off His Brand New $2 Million Bugatti Veyron!


stunna blows weezys. manny fresh , the hot boyz , nicki minaj , and the producers he never paid bread on a blood red bugatti – salutes DG


Bugatti EB  Veyron birdman  / lil wayne Bugatti EB  Veyron birdman  / lil wayne Bugatti EB  Veyron birdman  / lil wayne Bugatti EB  Veyron birdman  / lil wayne Bugatti EB  Veyron birdman  / lil wayne Bugatti EB  Veyron birdman  / lil wayne Bugatti EB  Veyron birdman  / lil wayne Bugatti EB  Veyron birdman  / lil wayne


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  1. bhanchodok on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 2:15 pm 

    @916edward i so agree with you.. like by buying their freakin albums we are making this uneducated criminals/ drug dealers/no talent artist flithy rich. it really upsets me.. your comment touched my heart and made me want to share my feelings.. this is so sad.. im not saying im hatin’ on birdman but styll.. all they do with their money is but cars, jewelry, etc… i would really like them if they donated some money to the poor… it wouldnt make them poor.. infact they will earn their prays.

  2. 916edward on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 3:03 pm 

    “there you go” this is were all your hard earn MONEY goes from buying his CD’s. Hope you enjoyed the video………..

  3. iamafreeman666 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 3:26 pm 

    @clikityclankz Absolutely. My only point is that he’s not a role model. By many of the comments here you’d think he was. I don’t care what color he is, either. Of course I don’t get to decide what makes him feel good. I don’t care about him. I’m not jealous of him, either. Happiness is not about money. It’s about helping other people, not wallowing in wealth and laughing about it, and showing off your bling and whores. Some teens looking at this would say, “wow, I wish I could be like him.”

  4. dbeast103 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 3:58 pm 


  5. clikityclankz on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 4:45 pm 

    @iamafreeman666 well ur right about the opinion thing but u wasn’t giving an opion really u were making it sound like birdman isn’t having true satisfaction of making other feel good but i was jus tryna u dont get to decide what makes him feel good or not and by the way bridman doesnt get my not one of these many fools on here who think jus cuz someone has alot of money means they know how to make it. it jus a matter of odds with people like him, doesnt mean hes a financial genius

  6. iamafreeman666 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 5:36 pm 

    @clikityclankz Last time I checked this was a free country, where people are allowed to express their opinions. And isn’t this a forum for that? The guy is pathetic. So what, he has a lot of money. That doesn’t give him my respect. It shouldn’t give him your respect, either, considering he’s wallowing in his wealth, just like many rappers. Role model? I don’t think so. Charity? He doesn’t know what that means. I don’t own a TV, by the way. I don’t drink Coke or Pepsi. I’m not brainwashed like U

  7. Bigole58 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 5:40 pm 

    This is a bad investment— if Ihad 130mil that car will stay where it at, I see why.

    Smart People build stuff and make stuff for silly people.
    It your money do what you want. have fun BUT please pull yur pants up.

  8. clikityclankz on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 5:44 pm 

    @iamafreeman666 yo who the fuck are you to say what is satisfaction to another person jus cuz they wanna give to charity doesnt mean thats his cup of tea. u watch too much tv .

  9. clikityclankz on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 6:38 pm 

    @yapudancolombia but what is 2.5 million when u have 9 figures dude

  10. DekorSerb on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 7:22 pm 

    Cash Money shit…

  11. emperor536 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 8:15 pm 

    The amount of money he would have to pay for the car in tax alone is huge,but they do give through their Charity.Well their donations are geared at mostly Blacks and Latino community. So to someone who grows up in the suburbs his actions would be no less of vanity, but to them he represents hope. So far from the slagging pants, many minority youths look at the bigger picture! I understand your point and maybe you’re right but remember that life involves different value systems and not just one.

  12. emperor536 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 8:46 pm 

    @iamafreeman666 OK but what’s up with your hate of the guy, you seem to be attacking him from all directions, lol. When we are having our goodnight sleep others are up, stressed out about making ends meet or working on their next project of interest. Many rich people sacrificed a lot to be where they are today. He might have used is hard earned personal savings to start his business years ago instead of buying a car with it, now he can afford it. Don’t judge the guy man, let him live his life

  13. ImprezaImpresser on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 9:25 pm 

    The nigga can buy a Bugatti but he wears clothes like a hood rat. What the fuck is that supposed to show off?

  14. ratmtbola on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 10:12 pm 

    @dominicanfigure169 Worst investment? Dood, that car is highly limited and in a few years you can probably sell it for almost the same price. Besides that: If your a car maniac you don’t give a shit about a good or bad investment.

  15. iamafreeman666 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 10:39 pm 

    @emperor536 “I’m sure you didn’t know that?” Please. Of course that’s the reason why many do charity, for tax write-offs or publicity. Look at this guy in the video. Does he look like an honest philanthropist, obsessed with bling? If he was giving to charity, he’d call every news crew in the area. Give me a break. Where are his gifts back to those who are less fortunate? Why does he WALLOW in excess if he cares about anyone but himself? And yes, I give to charity through United Way.

  16. dominicanfigure169 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 11:14 pm 

    nice car but this is the worst investment ever …only a nigga would do this shit

  17. emperor536 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 11:30 pm 

    @iamafreeman666 Dude you’re ignorant really! there are many people who give but don’t go braging about it. An honest philantropist is one who gives from the heart and doesnt speak about it, When People and Businesses donate to civil associations or Charity they get tax reliefs, i’m sure you didnt know that. so appreciate the fact that people give because it do help but don’t go around thinking that this makes them angels any more than anyone else. Have you ever given anything to a homeless?

  18. iamafreeman666 on Mon, 23rd Aug 2010 11:45 pm 

    @emperor536 What’s with all the trash talk? You think that’s cool? You think showing off his money and whores is a GOOD thing? How is he any different than Joel Osteen or Benny Hinn? I don’t HATE, I ask questions. Apparently this has low tolerance. If you can show me Birdman’s charities I’ll shut up. But typing “Birdman” + “charity” gave me nothing, while typing “Angelina Jolie” + “charity” gave me a lot.

  19. emperor536 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 12:01 am 

    @iamafreeman666 dude shut the fuck up…Birdman gives more in charity than PR seeking Bradgelina, heusually speaks about his charities…well off course don’t expect him to pop up in your trailer to give you anything. But he does help. Bradgelina seems to be more interested in Buying property in Botswana and Namibia that the actual charity. Don’t think your rhetoric can get us to hate on our own and accept yours this time, you white people have no shame, nooo got damn shame what so ever

  20. TheBlackConscience on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 12:45 am 

    hmmm his faggot stepson is getting butt fucked in prison while he spends $2.5 million on a car on which he cant handle.

  21. blueprophet9 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 1:09 am 

    @nokia3591 Hahaha, you don’t understand finances, chimp. Maybe he’ll throw you a banana to choke on while he does his niggerace ‘thang’, lol! “Real talk” hehehe

  22. kevineken on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 1:29 am 

    real talk, i couldn’t afford a wind shield wiper blade on that thing.

  23. grandpimpdaddy on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 1:34 am 

    what was the song of this video?

  24. nokia3591 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 2:17 am 

    @blueprophet9 That dumbass nigger is worth over $500 million you fucking inbred redneck

  25. blueprophet9 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 2:48 am 

    Bought a new collector’s edition and drove it in the rain on his first drive. Dumbass nigger.

  26. bhanchodok on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 3:01 am 


  27. 916edward on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 3:20 am 

    I’m happy for bird man but dang its sad to see so many people homeless and hungry in the world and he spends this much money on a car.

    Its not like he came from wealth he knows the pain out here. on judgement day God won’t ask him if he had a Bugatti, I’m sure of that right on my brother.

  28. dominicanfigure169 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 3:43 am 

    2 million dollars …i hope this car can wipe my ass n suck my dick while iam driving …..

  29. ugotcha on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 3:50 am 

    Birdman has enough cash to do what he wants, a lot of people would love to be in shoes and I do mean all peoples. But for me my money would better spent on building a Exotic Sports Car with my brand, my name. And building it here in the USA and not China . Putting Americans (all Americans) back to work without Unions. Ownership is everything. Remember Rich can be taken away but wealthy last for generations. Shack is rich the team owner is wealthy . Something to think about!!

  30. TTGC4LYFE on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 4:39 am 

    @FearTheBarreL nigga u still writin me bout wat another nigga got fucc nigga? do u got da fuccin bugatti crab ass nigga? no u dnt! ridin all on dis mans nuts! i dnt give ah fucc wat u or da next nigga got, cuz im busy grindin fa my own homie! get ah fuccin life. homo ass nigga.

  31. FarmerFred123 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 5:32 am 

    I can’t fucking believe it. How does this moron deserve this amazing car?He probably just bought it because it’s expensive. I highly doubt he appreciates the incredible engineering. He got the super sport version with 1200 fucking horsepower, 1,106 torque, 16 inch brakes, and can go 269 FUCKING MPH!!! Birdman probably can’t even count that high. Rant over.

  32. gstreetfee on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 6:04 am 

    @bigtruckseriesreview go fucking kill yourself

  33. bigtruckseriesreview on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 6:39 am 

    @rdf7777 CUSTOM everything

  34. bigtruckseriesreview on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 7:03 am 


    Because $2 million dollars is nowhere near enough to help them. Its throwing money down a hole. Better to live the dream.

  35. killafincam on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 7:35 am 

    gluttony at it’s finest

  36. FearTheBarreL on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 8:23 am 

    @TTGC4LYFE cuz opra is a fuckin women das like 50 years old lmfao you birdman aint neva gonna stop makin money he owns da label he has a oil rig u dont understand how much money he has hes just enjoying it u hatin ass nigga lmfaooooo

  37. rdf7777 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 9:22 am 

    that car is worth a million dolars only he got ripped off, lmao

  38. verizen on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 9:32 am 

    @TTGC4LYFE Ferrari Enzo

  39. verizen on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 9:59 am 

    @TTGC4LYFE Actually it’s a pretty good investment, the car value will rise depending on how well he maintanes it. For example a used Ferrari is $500,000 more then the stock price.

  40. iceman241111 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 10:43 am 

    @ebradahusla who the hell needs a 2 million dollar car no one is stupid as fuck to blow your money like this he is a damn fool.

  41. Langtry613 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 11:26 am 

    @daniel02166 couldnt agree more!!

  42. maxzybit on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 11:43 am 


  43. daniel02166 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 12:41 pm 


  44. andyray85 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 1:04 pm 

    im so sick of everyone putting this song in every fucking video

  45. ebradahusla on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 1:27 pm 

    Haters talking about how he should have helped the disadvantaged, wtf fuck have you done? Nothing, so fuck off. I’m pretty sure he does more charity work than all these fuckers put together.

  46. TTGC4LYFE on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 1:49 pm 

    @n0gar ugh…well to be honest, i personally dnt give a damm! every1 is opinionated to their own opinion! i didnt get on here to have a conversation bout who got what and who dnt!

  47. californiamayne on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 2:44 pm 

    faggot birdman thinks this car will get ppl to like him. ppl like young money cus of wayne, drake, and nicki minaj. birdman sucks ass. he has no creativity.. all he does is talk about his MONEY!! seriously listen to any song hes in….. no one else in YM would make a fuckin video showing off how expensive his car was. real talk – hes a faggot.

  48. n0gar on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 3:05 pm 

    @TTGC4LYFE: Well Ralph Lauren is rich and he has a Buggati.

  49. alphahydranoid1000 on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 3:57 pm 

    @bonsdeme it was just a joke and on the other hand, if this car is parked in newark, thell even steal the red paint.

  50. illmath on Tue, 24th Aug 2010 4:43 pm 

    When F. Scott Fitzgerald painted literary canvasses with the pigments of hedonism, excess and self-aggrandizement he created the character Gatsby to bring those memes to life, Plantation schools taught Plantation Negros and Crackas to think of the work as a classic. It was presented as art.Yet, a contemporary artist and entrepreneur like Baby Williams garners scorn and condemnation when he borrows similar memes to paint literary canvasses with his ideas embodied by the character Birdman

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