Manny Pacquiao doesnt want olympic style steroid test for the Floyd mayweather jr Fight . what does he have to hide

December 24, 2009 by Don Of Dons  
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first Manny Pacquiao said he didnt want to fight floyd mayweather because he wanted to run for public office , now he doesnt want to fight because hes scared of needles …… why dont he just come clean and admit he doesnt want to fight mayweather the don because hes scared of slick boxers

Quackquiao is trying to duck floyd mayweather jr


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5 Comments on "Manny Pacquiao doesnt want olympic style steroid test for the Floyd mayweather jr Fight . what does he have to hide"

  1. Gucci Mane on Thu, 24th Dec 2009 2:14 pm 

    Nigga please. Mayweather handpicks his own fights and doesn’t really fight anyone good and hasn’t in years. Manny whooped everybody’s ass and is gonna do the same thing to Mayweather.

  2. david on Fri, 25th Dec 2009 6:02 am 

    Wow, you are retarded… Get your facts right.

  3. yo on Fri, 25th Dec 2009 6:48 am 

    Pacquaio already agreed on drug test, its that Floyd and his team keep getting stricter on their demand of the drug test and keep adding s**t. Why is that Pacquaio already signed the contract and then floyd add more BS everytime pacquaio agreed to something. FLoyd is the only one who didnt sign the contract. And people act like its just a tablespoon of blood. You do realize they take multiple sample for each drug test. It basically Pacquaio didnt want any testing on the day and day before the fight. Pacquaio basically wanted the same testers who does the NFL while floyd wanted the Olympic style test. And the NFL testers would actually allow random blood test till 2 days before the fight. Most of the idiots on here get their news from ESPN who actually dont follow boxing. Because he already agreed on the drug test, but the part they didnt agree on is which agency is doing the testing.

    And add the fact pacquaio is planning to take the mayweather to court. because pacquaio already threaten Floyd sr to take him to court for being the guy who started the whole steroid allegation. Because nobody talked about roid until his dumbass open his mouth because pacquaio destroyed his boxer hatton in two rounds. So in other word pacquaio is basically tired of the mayweather finding new excuses for floyd to not sign the contract. Because first it was money, then it was the date, then it venue, then it was the f**king drug test, then its which agency they wanted to test which is where they couldnt agree, and floyd’s team trying to make pacquaio the one who looks like the guilty man when its basically them not agreeing to which agency doing the test. And the reason is because Pacquaio retired both of Golden Boy’s two biggest cash cow(hatton and oscar) is why GBP , along with floyd are trying to slander pacquaio. Also add that floyd doesnt agree with 10 million dollar penelty for every pound over which i dont know how it gets swept under the rug especially after he cheated marquez in the weight.

    Either way both sides needs to put their ego to the side and sign the f**king fight. Because Pacquaio only has til march to fight and add that he also is running for congress in the phillipines and if wins his election that he is retiring from boxing or if he lose then most likely we see floyd vs pacquaio in november.

  4. Angek on Sat, 26th Dec 2009 12:05 am 

    manny don’t want know parts of mayweather

  5. on Sat, 26th Dec 2009 1:08 am 

    You are absolutely putting out a bogus entry here. Floyd has contradicted himself in and out of the proceedings for this fight signing. Floyd is more about protecting his record than defending his reign and creating legacy.