The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks​ Video Review (Nintendo DS)

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks​ Video Review (Nintendo DS)

Spirit Tracks takes place 100 years after the events of Phantom Hourglass, in the land discovered by Tetra and Link from that game. In the present, a young boy known as Link seeks to become a rail engineer along the land’s ethereal “Spirit Tracks”, but must attend a ceremony at Castle Town in order to be granted the title by Princess Zelda. The ceremony, seen as useless by Zelda’s councilor, Chancellor Cole, due to the waning use of the Tracks and their slow disappearance, is taken to heart by Zelda, and encourages Link to secretly visit her in her chambers after the event. There, Zelda implores Link to sneak her out of the castle and take her to the Spirit Tower, the centerpoint of the land, as she believes the reason for the Tracks disappearance lies there, and has been prevented by Cole from leaving before. As they make their way to the town, the Tracks they are on disappear, causing Link’s train to crash. They are met by Cole, revealed to be a horned demon, and a mercenary named Byrne (Staven) under Cole’s command. Cole seeks to free the Demon King Malladus, presently sealed by the Spirit Tracks, and requires Zelda’s body to fully allow for his return. Cole manages to attack Zelda and dislodges her spirit from her body; Cole and Byrne depart with Zelda’s body, leaving an unconscious Link and Zelda’s spirit behind.

Link wakes up in Castle Town, saved by one of his hometown companions that had accompanied him to the ceremony. The spirit of Zelda finds only Link can see and hear her. After retrieving a ceremonial pan flute that Zelda has been taught to keep with her from her chambers, the two travel through a secret tunnel behind Hyrule castle to the Tower. There, they meet a Lokomo named Anjean, who explains that the only way to restore the Spirit Tracks, restore Zelda’s soul to her body, and prevent Malladus’ return is to re-establish the Spirit Tracks between several outlining temples to the Spirit Tower; the Tracks act as conduits to maintain the seal on Malladus’s prison. Anjean assists Link and Zelda in recovers portions of the Tracks map in the Spirit Tower, and locating other Lokomos like herself in each temple, each who are entrusted with a two-part song using Zelda’s pan flute and their own instrument that can restore the Tracks. Anjean allows Link to use the special train based in the Spirit Tower for their travels. Zelda finds that while ethereal, she is able to enter the body of Phantoms that roam the Tower and temples, and is able to assist Link in restoring the Tracks.

As they complete the Tracks and seek the location of the Bow of Light, the only weapon that can defeat Malladus, they face Byrne who attempts to stop them, but they are able to overpower him. As Byrne recovers, they learn he is also a Lokomo but had turned away from his duties. With the Bow of Light, they soon discover the entrance to the Spirit Realm where Cole would have taken Zelda’s body. They follow him, too late to find that Malladus has started to take over Zelda’s body, but Link manages to shoot on it with the Bow of Light. Zelda takes the opportunity to reclaim her body, but as she does so, Cole attempts to dispel her with magic; Byrne steps in the way, sacrificing himself for Zelda. With no other body available, Malladus takes Cole’s body, transforming him to a giant beast. Link distracts the beast long enough for Anjean and the other Lokomos to identify its weak spot, and allowing Zelda, restored to her body, to kill it with the Bow of Light. With Malladus defeated, Anjean reveals that the world is now safe and the Lokomos, including the newborn spirit of Byrne, will take leave of it, leaving the world in the care of Zelda and Link. The two are met with a warm return back at Hyrule Castle.


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