HTC HD2 Smartphone video preview

November 5, 2009 by Don Of Dons  



Qualcomm MSM 8250, 1G Hz


ROM: 512 MB

RAM: 256 MB

Display Module

4.3-inch 480×800 WVGA resolution


Sensitive touch screen (Capacitive)

Keep support Multi-Touch capability for WM7 Chassis 1


Internal antenna

HSPA/UMTS (2100/900 MHz for EU, Asia, Softbank,

850/1900 for US, Latin America sku3, 2100/850 for

Telstra, Latin America sku1&sku2) and




3GPP Release 5 compliant

Up to 7.2Mbps
EGPRS Functionality

EGPRS class B

Multi-slot class 12 (10 Operator dependent)


Standalone GPS

Internal GPS antenna


Motion G-sensor

Proximity sensor

Ambient Light Sensor

FM Radio

Digital Camera

Main camera:

5 MP Color CMOS with auto focus

2x LED flash


Volume up and down control

Send Key

End Key (Power Key)

Windows Key

Home Key (Cinema mode Key, TBD)

Back Key



Notification by sound, vibration, LEDs or status shown

on the display

One dual colors (Green and Amber) LED in the left

lens for PDA event, battery and charging status


Built-in microphone


Loud speaker with hands-free support

Connectivity & Interface


Version 2.1 compliant with EDR


IEEE 802.11 b/g compliant


USB 2.0 High-Speed client

3.5 mm stereo audio jack with mic

1.8/3V USIM/SIM card slot
microSD card slot

SDHC support



Removable and chargeable battery, 1,230 mAh

AC adaptor

AC input: 100 ~ 240V AC, 50/60 Hz

DC output: 5V and 1A

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional Applications

Microsoft Outlook Mobile

Messaging (SMS/E-mail), Contacts, Calendar,

Tasks, Email Set Up Wizard

Microsoft Internet Explorer Mobile

Microsoft Media Player Mobile

Microsoft ActiveSync

Microsoft Windows Mobile Update

Internet Sharing

Pictures & Videos



File Explorer

Device Management

Security Enhancement
Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Windows Live!

Microsoft Smart Dial

Micros`oft Remote Desktop Mobile

Value-Added Applications

Windows Mobile Enhancements

Pictures & Videos enhancements

Ring Tone enhancements


(HTC) Phone Canvas

(HTC) Phone Experience


(HTC) Camera


MP3 Trimmer

Streaming Media Player

FM Radio

Presentation mode


Push Internet


YouTube Client

Social Networking

Input Method



SMS/MMS Client


Navigation (CoPilot, Papago)

Google Maps

Quick GPS

Support CLL.dll library for indoor positioning and

reverse geo-coding


Calendar to Navi

User Interface (Enhanced Manila)



Auto Screen Rotation

Tools & Utilities

HTC Common Sense

3G to WiFi router

Task Manager

Text selection

(HTC) Connection Setup


Voice Recorder

Document Viewer – PDF

OMA DRM Engine

Java virtual machine

Long Press End Key Confirmation (to shut down)


SIM manager

(HTC) Volume Control

Business Card Reader

Document Printing


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10 Comments on "HTC HD2 Smartphone video preview"

  1. Southern Sovereign on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 12:21 am 

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    You’ll get mad hits, b.

  2. Southern Sovereign on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 12:22 am 

    I’m serious though son, post that shit and let the world once again witness what true talent is.

  3. Don Of Dons. on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 12:41 am 

    im the reason why bangs is even known ….. i posted dude last week

  4. Minnie P on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 6:39 pm 

    reallyyyyyyyyyyyy nice phone.i want KeepItTrill for more news on tech

  5. Southern Sovereign on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 10:01 pm 

    Where’s the post.

    And BTW, remember that Ethiopian chick Fanaye I put you up on way back when. You got those sets???

  6. jesse on Sat, 7th Nov 2009 10:55 am 

    As an avid user of smartphones, for years I’ve completely ignored a series of dull, uncreative phones running windows. While a variety of hardware form factors, some even technically superior to the competition, have come out, the software continued to look incredibly boring compared to the iPhone, Android, and even Blackberry. The main selling points consisted of “It runs windows and has a start button like you’re used to on a computer” and “We have Office and sync with Outlook!”. While these may have appealed to some business customers, the consistently shrinking market share of Windows phones demonstrated their lack of appeal to consumers as the recent smartphone boom hit.

    With the HD2 this trend may finally be coming to an end. In conjunction with HTCs beautiful Sense interface, some aggressive hardware, and some genuine innovations, the HD2 is a Windows phone I can actually use and recommend. Let’s start with the pros and follow up with a few drawbacks.


    -The 1ghz Snapdragon processor coupled with 448mb of ram is blazing fast. This is the fastest speed in a phone currently available. The HD2 loads everything quickly, and can run multiple apps at the same time. You can feel how fast the phone runs by playing with it for a few minutes. Gone are the sluggish Windows Phones of old, constantly running out of memory and crashing. The HD2 is fast and has top notch hardware and you can feel it.

    -The screen is huge: 4.3 inches and stretching from corner to corner. The Resolution at 800×480 pixels means you’ll see much more on that big screen than average. That means more room for icons and that sexy weather display on the main screen.

    -The HD2 supports 3g on T-mobile, including the upcoming higher speed 3g. This means the fastest downloads and best call quality available. Note: the phone does NOT have ATTs 3g bands and the 3g will not work if you’re using it unlocked on ATT.

    -5mp camera with auto focus and 2 LEDs. 5mp is the highest we see on most phones, and the camera looks great. Having not 1 but 2 LEDs for flash seems a bit silly but works well. The phone even comes standard with a little flashlight app for a blindingly bright way to see in the dark.

    -Included 3.5mm jack – this is becoming standard on most phones, and it’s great to see it on the HD2. This allows you to use standard headphones without an adapter when playing music or listening to the built in FM Radio.

    -Included wifi, bluetooth, and a hardware (real) GPS for turn by turn directions round out all the bells and whistles included in the phone.

    -Battery life is similar to most smartphones. You will easily get a day’s use without having to charge, but most likely you’ll have to plug it in at night.


    -HTC Sense is what really makes the phone shine here. This part of the software is done by HTC, not Windows, and runs on top of standard Windows Mobile 6.5 professional. HTC Sense expands on the previous TouchFLO 3d interface and enhances the way customers interact with the phone. Sense creates the beautiful Today screen, animations for messages, social networking features. It also lets you interact with the phone in unique ways, such as pinching to zoom. Some of these features are so close to the iPhone that Apple has recently filed lawsuits against HTC.

    -The home screen is customizable, though not quite to the extent of Android phones. It lets you place a few apps on the screen, along with a beautiful standard weather app that detects your phone’s location and shows the current time and weather in your city.

    -Touch is a much better experience on this phone than previous windows mobile phones. The screen is capacitive, meaning it uses touch instead of pressure. No awkward stylus or pushing is needed for the touch to work. The phone responds quickly and smoothly to any motions.

    -Basic phone features like placing a call or sending a text remain simple, with big buttons on the main screen to do so.

    -Typing on the touchscreen is a breeze due to the size of the screen allowing for a bigger keyboard. As someone who has often stuck to phones with hardware keyboards due to inaccurate screen keyboards, I found typing on the HD2 much easier than previous touchscreen keyboards, although still not as easy as using a hardware keyboard. The HD2 also includes the new SWYPE interface, which lets you type by dragging your fingers through all the letters of a word instead of tapping each one. SWYPE was surprisingly accurate in typing the correct word and will even learn new words once you type them manually.

    **Included Apps and Accessories**

    -This phone is being marketed as a media phone, and includes several media apps to demonstrate that. MobiTV lets you watch what is essentially Cable TV on your phone free for 30 days and then ten dollars a month after that. Blockbuster lets you rent or buy movies for your phone. Barnes and Noble eReader lets you purchase ebooks.

    -The phone comes with a huge 16gb MicroSD card out of the box. This is the biggest memory card available currently, and gives you plenty of room for pictures, videos, music, and apps. The best memory card pairs perfectly with the best processor and screen, and it’s great that HTC did not hold back on this extra.

    -Full videos of Transformers 1 and 2 are preloaded on the memory card. These videos look great and show off the beautiful screen. Note the movies do take about 4gb of space on the memory card.

    -The phone comes with a gel skin in the box to protect the phone, which you would have to buy separately on most phones.


    -Price is the number one concern here. The phone is priced higher than competing smartphones. This price seems justified, however, due to the cutting edge hardware in the HD2. It also comes with some nice accessories you’d have to buy separately from other phones. Upgrade and new customer deals will certainly lower the cost for those buying from T-mobile.

    -The app store is another drawback. The good news is that the phone has one, the bad news is it’s the smallest of ANY smartphone operating system. As of this review the Windows Marketplace carried less than 1,000 applications, compared to Android at 20,000 apps and iPhone at a staggering 150,000 apps. Even Blackberry, Palm, and Nokia carry more apps than Windows. You are also going to find significantly more paid than free applications for Windows Mobile apps. The Marketplace is simply far behind that of competing phones, which for a heavy app user will diminish the enjoyment of the HD2 by quite a bit.

    -Windows Mobile 7 upgradeability is still up in the air, but it currently looks like this phone will NOT be getting an upgrade when the new OS is released. The phone does not support some key hardware feature (front buttons) that WM7 requires, and therefore it is unlikely to be upgraded. The upcoming OS promises to be very exciting, and the fact that this beautiful phone will probably not receive the upgrade is disappointing.

    Overall this phone is fast, pretty, and offers top of the line features. The phone feels solid (and huge) in your hand, while the software is fast, works well and is fun to use. If the HD2 is any indicator, Windows Mobile may become a legitimate competitor in the smartphone market again. The phone seems to be selling very well, with T-mobile selling out almost everywhere the day the HD2 was released. I’d recommend this phone as a viable alternative to Android and the iPhone.

  7. Don Of Dons. on Mon, 30th Nov 2009 2:54 am 

    we run more than one website playboy …. btw ill send those pics asap

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