apple magic mouse

October 20, 2009 by Don Of Dons  

apple magic mouse

The magic is in the Multi-Touch.
The new Magic Mouse redefines what a mouse should do. In addition to its smooth, seamless top-shell design that acts as one button or two, Magic Mouse features a Multi-Touch surface with gesture support. Scroll vertically, horizontally, and diagonally — a full 360 degrees — simply by touching anywhere on the top surface. With a greater surface area for scrolling, you can get around a long timeline in iMovie, through a lengthy web page in Safari, or around a set of images in iPhoto more efficiently. You can also swipe through pages in Safari or photos in iPhoto with two fingers. It’s the most advanced Apple mouse ever made.
.One or two. Left or right.
The seamless, one-button design of Magic Mouse makes it simple to use right out of the box. But if you want the functionality of a two-button mouse, that’s easy, too. Just change the configuration in System Preferences. And the ambidextrous construction means Magic Mouse is great for lefties or righties.
.Laser tracking engine.
Magic Mouse features a laser tracking engine that’s far more sensitive and responsive on more surfaces than traditional optical technology. That means it can track with precision on nearly every surface with no mousepad required.
.Bluetooth technology.
Magic Mouse works wirelessly with your Bluetooth-enabled Mac. When you combine it with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, the result is an untethered and uncluttered workspace. Once you pair Magic Mouse with your Mac, you can enjoy a secure and reliable connection from up to 33 feet away.


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8 Comments on "apple magic mouse"

  1. LoC4Lyfe on Wed, 21st Oct 2009 6:13 pm 

    That’s Hot!! Apple does Big Things

  2. home values on Mon, 26th Oct 2009 3:41 am 

    it is looking very hot mouse as you have described it very well.
    apple is going to rock!!!

  3. Ontario Wellness Center on Sat, 31st Oct 2009 10:46 am 

    Oh, it looks so cutie! Thing is when you try it, doen’t it look a little slim?

  4. Jewelry Wholesalers on Sat, 31st Oct 2009 2:58 pm 

    So cute, does it work with Windows 7?

  5. interior design seattle on Sun, 1st Nov 2009 1:10 pm 

    And a cute keyboard as well, really classy.

  6. [video] Apple releases new ‘Magic Mouse’ « STREET KNOWLEDGE MEDIA on Thu, 5th Nov 2009 1:49 pm 

    [...] [video] Apple releases new ‘Magic Mouse’ Source: SUN [...]

  7. Minnie P on Wed, 11th Nov 2009 8:12 pm 

    really cute mouse.check out w w w . K e e p I t T r i l l . c o m for more Livestyle news

  8. deevan on Sun, 15th Nov 2009 5:27 pm 

    I have an evoluent vertical mouse – and I haven’t used this magic mouse, but I don’t see an ergonomical improvement. I think that is the biggest problem with keyboards and mouses today – carpal tunnel syndrome.

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