Sony MDR-DS7100 wireless headphones

September 12, 2009 by Don Of Dons  

The digital wireless headphone from Sony adopts 2.4 GHz digital radio transmission and supports 7.1ch Dolby surround sound. The MDR-DS7100 still produces high quality sound even in a 30 meter distance and the rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries will last up to 13 hours: enough to watch a very long movie

Sony MDR-DS7100 wireless headphones


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One Comment on "Sony MDR-DS7100 wireless headphones"

  1. Halley Auringer on Mon, 25th Feb 2013 11:45 pm 

    Wireless headphones are becoming popular due to several factors. Firstly you have the freedom to move around. A cord just doesn’t let you move easily, particularly if the cable is a short one which tends to be the case – it’s never long enough! If you have got a set of wireless headphones then you can hear your music or even listen to the TV without irritating other folk. On a lighter note a benefit that is goes together with using a wireless set of headphones is that you can do all those tasks around the home while listening to your favourite music, even while vacuuming the carpets. Most top quality wireless headphone units have a 150 feet range limit. If you would like to enjoy listening to music outside that range all you need to do is move the base, bring it nearer to the area you’ll be sitting. If you want to you can even hear music while gardening or in the garage.

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