Elke The Stallion PhotoShoot video

December 31, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Elke The Stallion PhotoShoot video


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7 Comments on "Elke The Stallion PhotoShoot video"

  1. Coffee on Wed, 31st Dec 2008 6:02 pm 

    Ummm, yeah…that’s a bad broad. And her eyes are so pretty!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, DON (and everyone else, too!) XOXO


  2. unlimitedfutwear on Wed, 31st Dec 2008 6:27 pm 

    i’d bust all n that

  3. Don Of Dons. on Wed, 31st Dec 2008 6:30 pm 

    happy new year baby girl

  4. daruler on Fri, 2nd Jan 2009 12:22 am 

    WELL DAYUM! shawty budweiser horse thick. LOL @ the message at the end.. lotion hand approved..

  5. Mario on Wed, 28th Jan 2009 8:19 pm 

    We would never leave the house!

  6. Elke Lover on Wed, 18th Feb 2009 6:00 pm 

    I’d be trying to beat that octuplet mom for the record in having babies!

  7. GGurls on Sat, 13th Jun 2009 5:54 am 

    I think elke is the shit!

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