LMAO Dutty Fridaze Santa Cruz Pt 2 (Uncensored) whining on a horse

October 22, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
Filed under Reggae/Dancehall

video Dutty Fridaze Santa Cruz Pt 2 (Uncensored) whining on a horse LOL , in trees and a trash can … lmao home girl threw a block of ice at a n—a


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4 Comments on "LMAO Dutty Fridaze Santa Cruz Pt 2 (Uncensored) whining on a horse"

  1. ACH-UP.COM on Wed, 22nd Oct 2008 7:59 pm 

    wait wtf just happened here? lmaooo the niggas in the tree look like fuckin monkeys! yoooo tha block of ice killed his neck!

    ohhh and wtf is up with the bicycle on the bitches pussy? lol jamaicans is straight wild bwoy!

  2. j on Wed, 22nd Oct 2008 8:23 pm 

    how she throw a block of ice on dunnys head. that coulda killed son. the broad bogus for that…u cant play that way.

    now what part of jamaica do i gotta visit 4 this

  3. DavePretty on Thu, 23rd Oct 2008 12:45 am 

    Attn: Black people

    Videos like this aren’t helping your case.

  4. Lyn on Fri, 17th Jul 2009 10:08 pm 

    Pussyclot dave you need fi mind your bloodclot business cause that’s how we have fun when were drunk we don’t go off killing people jumping off roofs and fucking sniffin coke like u crackers so go fuck yourself u nasty ass wet dog smelling shit wipe

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