Diddy Talks About Buying ENYCE

October 22, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Diddy aka Black Buffet Talks About Buying ENYCE … lol @ black buffet


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2 Comments on "Diddy Talks About Buying ENYCE"

  1. mike belgrove on Wed, 22nd Oct 2008 11:24 am 

    Seems like Diddy will talk to whomever will listen (including himself) about his purchase of Enyce. I’m not gona lie though. Very Smart move on his part. He will have Sean John at the higher price range and Enyce and the lower price range. That pretty much equals making money hand over fist.

  2. cincy on Thu, 23rd Oct 2008 9:54 am 

    cant knock the hustle

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