October 5, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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25 Comments on "KIMBO slice KNOCKED OUT IN 14 SECS.!!!"

  1. Crawley on Sun, 5th Oct 2008 11:25 am 

    Too bad Shamrock got replaced.

    Cause Kimbo would’ve had a chance but… they put a younger dude with experience in there and it was a wrap.

    I wonder who signaled the execution of Kimbo and why?

  2. ROFLMAO! on Sun, 5th Oct 2008 1:26 pm 

    He got knocked the FUCK OUT!!

    this goes to show, no matter how bad you think you are, always someone there that has your number.
    maybe he can go back to fighting crackheads and smoked out stoners on the internet.

  3. Lonnie Varner on Sun, 5th Oct 2008 2:46 pm 

    Thats bull …. White boy got him a quick lil sucka punch and excuted , which was good on his part …. If this fight had no officals 2 step in once a they fight that white boy wouldnt be here 2day… lol . Kimbo use 2 taking a beat down and then bouncing right back .

  4. Corpse of Ill Will on Sun, 5th Oct 2008 10:07 pm 

    The fuck you talkin bout? First off, its not a sucker punch if you’re both coming at each other, and second the ref stopped the shit because Kimbo was fucked. If he hadn’t, it’d be Kimbo not here today because the other dude could’ve kept tappin his head and jaw til he was brain dead.

  5. Matthew on Mon, 6th Oct 2008 1:50 am 

    Heres the post fight words from Kimbo and Seth

  6. Mikedigi on Mon, 6th Oct 2008 1:53 pm 

    How did he get cut on the left eye when dude so punching him on the right??? Check them gloves, that shit was faker than WWF. I bet it was too much money bet on Kimbo.

  7. Marc-Andre on Mon, 6th Oct 2008 5:53 pm 

    For a full breakdown of the fights, including the 14 second KO of Kimbo, check it out here.

  8. Bubba Hotep on Tue, 7th Oct 2008 6:26 am 

    You’re retarded. Even in his street fights, once a guy went down they had to stop. In MMA? Not so. They guy was on top of Kimbo beating the piss out of him. Then kimbo turned to his back where the guy got full mount. Do you even understand what that means? Let me educate you. it is VERY BAD FOR KIMBO. It means he is about to get hurt. It means he is about to get elbowed to hell and back and punched. THAT is when the referee stopped it. I wish he hadn’t. I wish he would have let Kimbo get beat up some more so retards like yourself would have had more to whine about.

  9. Brian on Tue, 7th Oct 2008 9:23 am 

    That fight wasn’t fixed, you idiots. I agree, the refs always break up the fights to quickly, but those are the rules. They break up the fights that quickly for everybody. It’s for safety. Yes, Kimbo caught one and was knocked down and stunned. He would’ve kept getting hit, he was seeing stars for a bit. Do I think he could’ve gotten up and kept fighting? Absolutely. But these are the rules of the ring. I know it sucks, I wish they would just let them keep fighting. But following the rules that they have, he was out of it, not fighting back, and therefore, he was knocked out. Fair and square.

  10. yo on Tue, 7th Oct 2008 6:50 pm 

    cant win em all especially when the other fighter has actually fighting abilities

  11. Mr Kleen on Mon, 13th Oct 2008 1:33 pm 

    Kimbo is nothing against trained fighters – obviously.

    There is NO SUCH THING as a sucker punch in a fight. Get your hands up and STFU.

  12. MoeJoe on Fri, 5th Dec 2008 5:08 pm 

    You know what? I kind of agree (too much $ bet on Kimbo?). I have seen K.S. take some good shots and not even blink. There was nothing on that punch that hit him, and also, from what I saw, when Kimbo was down, the white fighter was missing K.S.’s head with 90% of his punches…and what he did throw…very weak, fast….”rabbit” shots…nothing on them. K.S. might have recovered, might not have….but, K.S. has always been a better striker that what I just saw. Something did not seem right. Then again, maybe K.S. is done fighting. He is getting into acting now….on Nickelodeon TV, LOL….he is gonna be in the “Drake & Josh” Xmas special tonight (12/5/08) at 8-9:00pm, LOL. That should tuff’n up his bad ass image, ehh? HA! He better be carefull….Drake & Josh are young guys too….they might kick his ass, hehehe.

  13. fuck-dat-white-boy on Sat, 27th Dec 2008 9:31 pm 

    He got lucky!!!

    That kid was scared to death when kimbo was approaching. You most likely wont win a fight when you are scared.

    It’s obvious that kimbo slipped!!!

    Kimbo had him on the gate, DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS!!!

    My imaginary kitten can punch harder than that white boy.

    Yall just hate to see a black man with so much fame. Thats why most of you are always against him.

    I appreciate the white people who are on his side!!!

  14. the green grower on Mon, 23rd Mar 2009 12:42 pm 

    yo that shit was fuckin great!!!! its about time that gorilla got knocked the fuck out but he is a beast though!!!!

  15. abla on Tue, 28th Apr 2009 9:25 am 


  16. James on Tue, 14th Jul 2009 9:17 pm 

    I think that ref should get FIRED

  17. jimbo slice on Tue, 14th Jul 2009 9:18 pm 

    I think that ref should get FIRED!

  18. vashawn on Mon, 17th Aug 2009 6:04 am 

    YO! I feel you like blind people feel brail my dawg, I’m still waiting to see Kimbo fight, but I know he’s a beast because he look so damn imtimadating you know with the beard and the mean ass ice grill, jail style mug ya know, plus correct me if I’m wrong I think he got gold teeth or gold fronts in the top part of his mouth. Yo! I can’t wait to see him the UFC kicking ass alondg with Quintin “Rampage” Jackson Brock Lesner. YO! hit me up with a response, but that definitly was a fixed match but it ain’t no thing Kim going paid and that’s all that matters because people want to see him fight cause they know he’s a human monster, he’s knock somebody’s ass clear out, and he going fill seats. HOLLA!!!!!

  19. stuart on Mon, 9th Nov 2009 2:45 pm 

    kimbo will ko your ass fag

  20. andre moten on Tue, 17th Nov 2009 2:49 pm 

    kimbo is weak azz fuck and he is only a back yard fighter he not about to get in the ring with no ice man chuck ladell or no tito ortiz and win he used to beating up on lil fat street fighters but these are pros at wat they do thats why he got knocked out by some one with pink hair. THIS JUST ANDRE MOTEN KEEPIN IT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. Lonnie on Mon, 11th Jan 2010 11:03 pm 

    First off to both of u idiots wouldn’t LAST A DAY where I was raised …. There are NO RULES in fighting in tha HOOD …. Im very educated so please dont disrespect me, in fact it would behoove both of u guys to understand where Im coming from before u comment next time…. UFC, MMA, FIGHT FORCE and all tha rest of that WATERED DOWN B.S. suck becuz they have RULES … White boy not about to pull off no kicks in a street fight second off n third of I bet yall’ll both white so get tha hell of here with that SHIT !!! LMAOAYB … Being REAL

  22. Lonnie on Mon, 11th Jan 2010 11:05 pm 

    LOL… I meant lucky punch lil nigga…

  23. ill will's corpse on Wed, 3rd Feb 2010 1:32 am 

    if there aint no rules in the street why couldnt dude kick him? it wouldnt look gangsta where you were raised? and lmao at claiming to be educated, dropping ‘behoove’ like its such a big word, and then going on to use terrible grammar and punctuation. you seemed a little too aggy cuz, i didnt even come at you but all the sudden its shit talk. you made a mistake in what you meant to say and i commented on that. and on top of that, no rules wouldve left kimbo fucked over worse here not the other dude.

  24. kimbo got knocked out on Wed, 20th Jul 2011 11:46 pm 

    Lonnie your just wrong so drop it, kimbo dosnt hv shit on the mma ……

  25. kimbo got knocked out on Wed, 20th Jul 2011 11:58 pm 

    Your in a fight you slip…its your fault…he needs to learn how to shoot, if he just runs at ppl he’s gonna get punched in the fuckin’ mouth

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