Cassidys new artist AR-AB destroys a Philly rapper as Swizz & Cassidy looks on

October 2, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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“Cassidys new artist AR-AB destroys a Philly rapper as Swizz & Cassidy looks on” – salutes M RECK


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10 Comments on "Cassidys new artist AR-AB destroys a Philly rapper as Swizz & Cassidy looks on"

  1. Cide on Thu, 2nd Oct 2008 6:09 pm 

    Cass man is ass (no homo). How wack MCs cop pleas these days: “I’m not a battle rapper”.

  2. ibenmalik on Thu, 2nd Oct 2008 10:23 pm 

    They both were pure garbytch… Cass is done if this is the type of team he’s assemblying. Waste of 7mins. I didn’t even attempt to finish the entire video.

  3. Dolla Sign on Thu, 2nd Oct 2008 11:04 pm 

    the best part of the vid was the bitches at end
    real recognize garbage

  4. steelman on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 1:51 am 

    I know both them ni99as they both pu55y talking that gun 5hit get real

  5. Blaze on Sat, 28th Mar 2009 2:04 pm 

    Ab murdered dat dude…. SMH

  6. Reesefromphilly215 on Fri, 1st May 2009 1:41 pm 

    Yall Fuckin stupid Ar a real nigga he be trappin’.
    he’ll fuck any of yall niggaz up.
    real rap.
    talkin shit and stop putin that 5 shit up
    you not tuff
    Fake ass blood

  7. dbreezy on Thu, 10th Mar 2011 12:37 pm 

    everything ab spittin written … if u watch any of his freestyle videos that shit get recycled like 5 times

  8. Roman empire on Sun, 28th Aug 2011 8:36 am 

    Niggas jus hating AR dat nigga
    He’ll bite any nigga head off wit dis rap shit. Stop hating and give my nigga his fucking props

  9. Bricks2Philly on Mon, 17th Oct 2011 7:00 pm 

    yo yall hating ass niggas commmenting is wack!So what if Ab is recycling every rapper does that. Ab is a real goon, he’s in Philly everyday on the block doing real nigga shit. Go to Allegheny and youll hear about him brah!Most of the realest rappers are in Philly today but they not tryna get big they tryna keep hustlin, but brah just give A.R his props because he just muredered this man

  10. supertone on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 4:29 pm 

    AR-AB did whoop that fool but lets face it, this is the most airtime either of these cats gonna see. Hell Cassidy barely hanging on.

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