September 30, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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  1. kevin smith on Tue, 30th Sep 2008 12:53 pm 

    Jamaica has bigger problems than worrying about legalizing some batty bwoy antics. Unna nasty fuckers can not walk openly in our country. Do whatever yuh waan do inna yuh house, but nuh come out a door wit it, or else yuh dead. If you don’t like it go to another country.

    On the other side, we Jamaicans have to learn not to only have morals when it comes to battymonism but also to all the other problems. Killings, poverty, and violent crimes.

  2. Goat on Tue, 30th Sep 2008 2:49 pm 

    Slew Dem!!!

  3. John on Tue, 30th Sep 2008 4:33 pm 

    JA should focus more on dealing with the poverty issues, garrison issues, gang issues, and murder rate issues. Do you know dat JA’s murda rate is one of the highest inna di world and the line between rich and poor is about the size of da grand canyon (not that big but it is HUGE)?? Burnin dis man nah gonna solve are bigger issues. If dis man gay den llow him inna him ways and lets focus on JA as a whole.

  4. Work At Home on Tue, 30th Sep 2008 4:36 pm 

    bleach now batty ploice damn jamaica did the worst thing when they decided to shine in the olympics….

  5. reklezz on Tue, 30th Sep 2008 7:24 pm 

    burn dem batty bwoy

  6. Timeless on Wed, 1st Oct 2008 9:11 am 

    Fish fi go inna di sea, bloodlclot battyman fi dead. how a man fi love batty when woman so sexy n nice, tell me ho batty man come fi lvoe next man, bere fuckry inna di wold bloodclot fisha man tek way yuh self

  7. kevin smith on Wed, 1st Oct 2008 1:05 pm 

    Lowe dem yes, but nah mek dem come out a door wit it. Mi nuh waan mi sons and daughters expose to dat. Killing batty mon nah help wi economy but we ave to draw the line somewey. Wi caan jus ave a sick and nasty culture neither.

  8. Sassyvelet on Thu, 2nd Oct 2008 8:01 am 

    Both these documentaries were made way before Jamaica’s great achievements at the Olympic games this year.

  9. William More on Tue, 14th Oct 2008 11:05 am 

    I can only hope that Michael Hayden is in a safe place, Homosexuals are tax payers and have the right to freedom to love and expression, these rights were never witheld from the heterosexual members of our community, I sense hatred and danger from many of the writers here. God will judge each person.

  10. tc on Sat, 8th Nov 2008 9:32 pm 

    yo why the fuck u a come out with that shit its not gon change and you a a rassclaat policveman should kno that wat ur doin isnt legal in this country yh i am for everyone has a rite yes but wen u a guh try promote it lik ur the one who is ritght thn thats where the fault comes in…jamaica as we kno it is a vry religious unnd our major religion which im sure u grew up in condems such behaviou and tht likkle fucker is not somthing u were born with that is learnt behaviou which yes u CAN control…and tht person who tlk bout jamaica did the wrst thing wen they shined in the olympics…id really love to hear u justify that statement cause trust me rite now u sound lik a fucking bloodclaat dunce bombowhole…a weh di fuckdot does this nastyass man and him nastiness have to wt our olympians who most of us are vry proud of achieved at the games….fuckin asswipe…i jus hate ppl lik u…

  11. tc on Sat, 8th Nov 2008 9:40 pm 

    i hope for his sake he’s aplace too…yh they are taxpayers too but they are also at the same time breakin a law of our land so if they want freedom seek it elsewhere…thst all we’re saying…i strongly believe tht noone really wants to harm them but are just threatened by a change in the morals and ehiviews they grew up with and will and do pass dwn to the younger generation as our country is a godfearing nation who follows christ teachings well as much as we can and god doesnt support homosexuallity as we see with the story of sodom and gomorrow(not the rite spellin but im sure u get the drift).

  12. ATL on Thu, 8th Jan 2009 8:44 pm 

    Jamaica is a country that will never come out of the situation they are in if something isnt changed. they preach on how they are the most religious country in the world but yet they have the highest murder rate. Tourism is the only thing keeping it alive. They have bigger issues that need to be address than killing they gays. what about the gangs and drug dealers?the hypocrites need to live and let live. i think the common misconception jamaica has with gays is that they are pedophiles, which is not true. now i DONT agree with molesting children and people who do should fucking DIE. but jamaica needs to come together as a whole and fix the state they are in.

  13. BATTY FI FUCK on Fri, 9th Jan 2009 2:28 pm 


  14. Kumi on Sun, 25th Jan 2009 7:29 pm 

    teasing, mocking, beating or going to the extreme of killing someone because of his sexual preference is totally wrong. i dont agree with a person bringing his sexually to the public domain when such behavior is against the law. we here in jamaica are hyprocrites, we bash against the minority when at the same time we are involved in the same and sometimes even more perverted acts, we condone with the murderers, thieves and sexual predators who display barbaric behavior. Yes, we are a religious country but religion goes further than just a sexual ideology it should be entrenched in a deeper divine purpose, LOVE unconditionally, afterall, Christ taught the same and the church should do likewise.

  15. Latty on Wed, 22nd Apr 2009 10:21 pm 

    A we say boom bye bye ina batty boy head we nah promote no batty man dem fi dead bullet bullet bullet

  16. Joshua Hewitt on Sat, 8th Jan 2011 7:51 pm 

    Its a terrible thing in Jamacia. How will that corrupt children? When you have parents that curse in front of their children and so many othr things. How is being gay going to corrupt children. Have gay men caused the murder rate to go up? Have they caused people to go out and murder. Have gay men cause Jamaica’s economy to stall as it is now? Have gay men caused poverty in Jamaica no. So for all of you who go on and on about mi na like batty man, you pray your child does not come out that way. But social change is never gradual. It will only ever be abrupt, violent, and catacylsmic!! It’s a tough thing to overcome, when you have people that are illiterate, who cannot read nor right, nor have any formal education, not to say that some people like this are okay with it, but when you have people who do not hold that capacity to disect the idea, it tough for them to accept. There is a group a gay men in America in NYC and they have an elite club. They are wealthy, and many have high educational degrees. Being gay is not the problem. Not when you have men who cheat on their wives or beat them. Not when you have a country full of gangs. I pity Jamaica, I pity them for all the ignorance that thrives there. The oppressed will always become the oppressors. Isn’t that such a sad thing. Such a pity that a beautiful country and be so Ugly.

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