Peedi Crakk – Sweet Dreams video Jay-Z Diss

September 29, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Peedi Crakk – Sweet Dreams video Jay-Z Diss


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6 Comments on "Peedi Crakk – Sweet Dreams video Jay-Z Diss"

  1. rzilla on Mon, 29th Sep 2008 10:49 pm 

    lol i hate this nigga but this shyt is mad funny..

  2. Rich Yung on Mon, 29th Sep 2008 11:35 pm 

    I hate this nigga and this shit is MAD GAY…

  3. ChiChi on Tue, 30th Sep 2008 12:35 am 

    wow this shit was crazy, the worst part is, Jay might not even respond, thats the worse, when a nigga dont flinch at ya diss.. but um yea check this sing out..the new shit right now CUDDY BUDDY MIKE JONES

  4. balaramesh on Tue, 30th Sep 2008 1:05 am 

    this funny

  5. Cide on Wed, 1st Oct 2008 4:53 pm 

    lol. I underestimated this dude.

  6. Arequ on Thu, 2nd Oct 2008 8:38 am 

    this guy is talented but this is gay. make music dude.

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