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  1. Timeless on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 11:36 am 

    Shotta nuh bleach with cream, with bleach with wi m16

  2. King K on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 11:36 am 

    This shit is crazy…I’m Jamaican, and don’t condone or respect people who bleach. To me it seams that people who bleach are trying to be something that they’re not, be proud of your beautiful black skin. We’re descendents of African kings and queens, where the darker you were the more you would be respected by society. This is ridiculous, and stems from slavery where you were made to believe that the lighter you were the better you were.

    Real black people stand up…dark skinned, brown and light skinned.

    King K have spoken

  3. Work At Home on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 11:47 am 

    They trying to destabalize Jamaica since they did doing so well like in the Olympics i knew this was coming…. % of blacks that bleach = 1% VS. % of whites that tan and use fake-tan color in a bottle = 100%

  4. Belize on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 1:02 pm 

    sad shyt

  5. Don Of Dons. on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 1:37 pm 


  6. bizfromsickhop on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 3:18 pm 

    so fucking embarrassing. bring down shame pon mi place.

  7. StewXL on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 9:15 pm 

    ..Damn shame.. cot damn SLAVE MENTALITY!!!

    Fuck wanna look like them pale ass european mu’phukahz.. I LOVE BEING A BLACK MAN!!

  8. maude on Thu, 25th Sep 2008 12:14 pm 

    Sad thing is they don’t even know any better! lets just hope they keep their bleachin asses over there. There is enough ignorance in this country as is!

  9. John on Fri, 26th Sep 2008 5:55 am 

    a wah di??

  10. Sugarcane on Thu, 2nd Oct 2008 3:24 am 

    This is crazy, what have they achieved by being lighter?

    I’m light skinned, people sometimes call me browning or red, which doesn’t bother me, what does bother me is that people seem to think I have more opportunities open to me – better job prospects, more attention from men, an easier life. Well let me tell you all, it nuh go so!

    I haven’t met anyone that bleaches their skin that looks good, you all look like minor burn victims.

    Black is beautiful – unnu fe remember dat and tink bout yuh health first !

  11. Nubian-Q on Sat, 4th Oct 2008 7:46 am 

    Oh Dear….this video I know is not a shock and really what do you expect if the Mother is placing Bleach on her face then her pickney will come along and do the same thing. The momma favour one burns victim to rahtid..but anything in the name of pop-style!!!!!

    My parents are from Kingston JA and we are PROUD of who we are; and I know that when I go home I must look like the darkest BLACK Beauty I proud of this fact? To right I am. I am a Black Queen who is proud of my colouring; my shape; my mind and spirit.

    The idiot gyal inna the video clearly indicated that if they had their last monies they would purchase a pot of bleach..have you heard such rasclart shit…well I suppose datta a family deh will survive inna the credit crunch to backside as they would be able to nyam the frigging pot of bleach with a few sprinkles of chicken fertiliser as a side order.

    Bless-up from


  12. Black&Proud on Tue, 7th Oct 2008 7:28 pm 

    damn arent u proud of ur color? shit like dis makes me wonder if some of our people hate da fact that they r black.. its sad

  13. chantel peters on Thu, 9th Oct 2008 4:01 am 

    Im a dark skin lady and love being black! I can`t believe what I just watched, I knew it was bad but I did`nt think that it had taken over our race! It just goes to show everything that happens in the word effects each and every one of us.

    How can black people, that come from and live in a country were they have grown up around their race not love themselves? This steams from history, and even though they tell us that slavery has been abolished, we are still living it everyday we are conditioned to believe that black is worthless, the white man still controls our everyday lives indirectly.

    This is why we can never get anywhere as a race, people not believin that they are good enough its a big joke. I hope that my message will encorage my black race to be proud of who you they and never sell your self short just to fit in!


  14. Nadiya on Sun, 12th Oct 2008 5:30 am 



  15. Doreen on Mon, 13th Oct 2008 9:33 am 

    I love being black but I am light skinned and for some unknown reason it seems to be a problem for some black people. All my life i have had people kissing their teet and cutting their eyes at me for no reason other that I am light skinned. Its no wonder we don’t get anywhere as black people because we are not united and if we are not united we will not make progress.The Olympics showed that Jamaicans are the fastest people on this planet, what an honour for such a small and irrelevant country on the planet.But then as usual, we take one step forward and two steps back.

  16. Angel on Wed, 15th Oct 2008 3:58 am 

    Nuff get caught within di system, bleach nuff for shade nuff a start trend
    Still wid di guns and bling bling
    Nuh love demselves so dem bleach dem skin
    Lightenin, see it clear dem werent brought up properly
    Dem come out from hill, inna dem lane and dem alley
    I Wayne – Bleacher

    Bwoy bleach out fi look like girl and girl waan look like dolly
    Lava splash, from hill to di valley, HOTTA!!!!!!

    Should dash a fire pon di bleacha dem, I warned dem nuh bleach and dem go dweet again
    Skin a peel, caan touch di street again
    Dem weak, and now dem gone unda heat again
    I Wayne a dash a fire pon di bleacha dem, I warned Keisha, Paul, and Peter dem
    Skin a peel, dem caan touch di street again
    Dem get so weak and now dem gone unda heat, hot!!!!

  17. doreen on Fri, 17th Oct 2008 12:34 pm 

    Sad, but the bleaching has been going on long time in Ja. I remember some higgler friends I have use to dress in long sleeves everyday to keep the sun off their bodies (in other words they were steaming off the black color). Sadly enough, brown people bleach too. What shock me the most is these young men that are now using the these chemicals, they beat the women in bleaching. Bwoy, Jamaica bruck down, these young people have no values. saaddddd!

  18. claude on Tue, 21st Oct 2008 6:20 pm 

    Dear Viewers,

    While it is commendable that some of you come to the defense of the black race because of this video, it makes no sense whatsoever to associate it to your country. I am from the island of Antigua and like Jamaica I reside in a little part of paradise. The beauty of our Islands must never be lost in the whirlwind of blatant ignorance, or sensationalization of an issue which since Michael Jackson and beyond have plagued our black race.

    I am not impressed by the video because it seems like the producer went to the poorest amongst us to highlight the dangerousness of a practice that has no economic or social standing. It portrayed us as a black race in the most vulgar of ways by showing the most depraved amongst us. Rich blacks bleach, middle class blacks bleach and poor blacks bleach. What is relevant is that as black skinned people we must recognize the beauty of ourselves and our race and cause the ones who profit from the defiling of our skins to see their profits sink like the Dow Jones until the demand for those products become extinct.

    I am not going to elaborate much more but to say as I started that in our ISLANDS we have the most beautiful countries on the planet and in our people we have the most beautiful kaleidoscope of colors shapes sizes anywhere. We just have to learn to appreciate that and when we see those amongst us who are victims of a system of beauty as an illusion instead of reality,we must rush to educate them instead of condemning them.

    After we get rid of the bleaching among black people our next mission should be the hair market.

  19. Scoops on Wed, 22nd Oct 2008 9:33 am 

    mi nuh know cause mi personally mi nah guh lie mi like browning gyal or red gyal wuteva you wan call it, and fi actually tell you di trute you have more job opportunities and more attention from man cause all ah my bredren and who mi ah par wit love gyal with lighta skin

  20. chantel peters on Wed, 22nd Oct 2008 11:36 am 

    This is waht im talking about people like you who are so narrow minded, believing that being lighter will get you further in life, I`m not saying that your worng for prefering lighter women but you shoud be ashamed to be saying that the lighter we are the more opportunities we have thats absolutley rubbish. That means that f i ever came to you for a job and a light skined women came for a job you would in emloy the light skinned women just because shes light. I am dark skinned and have a fantastic job and get alot of male attention all the time. You should never believe that being closer to white will get you far it will just make you become one of them, thats what the government wants, looks like your part of the system!

  21. Debbi on Fri, 24th Oct 2008 9:38 am 

    This is really sad. We all need to appreciate ourselves for whom we are and not take life for granted. People in the healthcare field are very much aware of the harms of bleaching creams and they need to educate the community as to what it can do to the human body.

    Being lighter by bleaching the skin is just a stigma that has been attached to the Jamaican society for too long now. I am dark skinned and i am absolutely beautiful, there is nothing wrong with being dark skinned. I don’t believe that people with lighter skin gets more attention or better jobs, it all has to do with the individuals level of confidence.

    Being with a lighter skin woman or man might be a preference for some people, but if you have to bleach your skin to be admired by someone, then that person doesn’t deserve you. We need to have self esteem and stop giving into the harmful pressures of society. At the end of the day, your health is more important.

    Did you know that those topical creams or gels are going directly into your blood stream? Just like the neosporin or other cream ointments ordered by the doctor for medical reasons has an effect, these bleaching creams are leaching off into your blood stream. Most of the ingredients that make these things are carsinogens that are very dangerous.

  22. Nubian-Q on Sat, 25th Oct 2008 9:00 am 

    Dear Readers


    To the brudda who only pars wid the light skin sistas and the bleached out arse ole dem – we all have to make choices and he is meking his choices so mek him move his BLOODCLART from yah.

    What we need is to be PROUD of is the fact that GOD made us in his likeness and therefore every BLACK-shade – 42 of thses from the lightest hue to the darkest is a truely beautiful thing.

    So for those who are not happy wid themselves – let them continue to play inna the WHITE MAN hand dem by bleaching out dem selves- frigging idiots.



  23. tekker on Thu, 30th Oct 2008 12:02 am 

    mi nah go lie mi bleach an mi nuh kno wey unnu a talk bout wen mi did black mi neva get much man, but now how mi brown an pretty an pink all di man dem ah rush mi, dem all ah beg mi fi use mi rubbings too(lol). A style…. an style caan spoil… why unnu nuh lef di people dem fi bleach if dem wan bleach( dem ah beg unno money fi di bleaching cream) if dem nuh wan feed dem self nar dem pitney ah fi dem business unno gwan like ah foriegn wey di govament a tek care a people wey nuh wan tek care a dem self nar dem pitney….chat bout!!!!


  24. Nubian-Q on Mon, 3rd Nov 2008 11:33 am 

    My only comment to Tekka is to get an education and who the hell is Bookie? CHU waste of rasclart time and effort.


  25. Lioness on Tue, 4th Nov 2008 10:56 am 

    It’s not just Jamaica…it’s happening all over..even in the Motherland.

  26. vELLE on Fri, 7th Nov 2008 4:07 pm 

    iM AN AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN from new jersey and i have recently started bleaching but the difference from me in those individuals in the video is that i have dark spot and acne scars im geting rid of so not everyone who bleaches is doing it to be lighter.

  27. vELLE on Fri, 7th Nov 2008 4:09 pm 

    hey do u use crusader?

  28. fluffy 2 di rrll on Fri, 7th Nov 2008 7:23 pm 

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WOI(belly cramp). Hear wah now, y unnu nuh lef di haad ears ppl dem who wah f**k up demself (caz personally, all di betta fi me lol) as we jamaicans say ‘who cya hear will feel’ Wat we really need to do is to concentrate on is the mass crime and violence occuring here in this small counrty today. It seriously needs to stop. And jamaicans, FYI bleaching anuh style DAT MI SEH **AM OUT**

  29. sonia Morgan on Thu, 13th Nov 2008 8:56 am 

    what the person said is true..the lighter the better that is what our young black want .and it isa pity that they think and feel this way.
    Men especially black men do prefer browning, red, fair, it is up to us as mothers and famliy menebers to teach them otherwise….soon it will be spot the balck women because our race will be wiped out because of the way thet think.
    Well as for the whole bleaching ting….it is clear that alot of them arent educated eough to realise what the hell they are doing.

  30. giant on Fri, 28th Nov 2008 5:19 am 

    just got back from ghana where i got a wicked tan BLACKER THAN BEFOR & LOVING IT . How many old redskin people still look good at say 60/70 wrinkles show more less elastine in the skin sag quicker. dont bleach look at jacko black man? white kids the bleach must of affected his sperm. YOU R WHAT YOU R BE HAPPY

  31. Shauntelle on Fri, 12th Dec 2008 3:23 pm 

    As a wise individual once said; wen u c a man a bleach him is either a bad man or a pussy. You miss lady are a pussy

  32. Shauntelle on Fri, 12th Dec 2008 3:28 pm 

    Scoops………. a chemical browning is not a ‘brown’ person at all. and uhmmmmmm I think you should get some help and invite ur friends along

  33. Jessa Ray on Fri, 12th Dec 2008 8:09 pm 

    These people are ridiculous…caught up in the system like you already mentioned…They have nothing about them and can only rely on style to get them through their reality…i disagree with the notion that lights get more preference… woman a woman and beauty is beauty. These people are a bunch of ignorant fucks…watch dem a bleach and they look deformed and deranged and they have the audacity to talk about beauty LOL. IM DARK DARK and LOVELY and im always reminded of it not only by the men that compliment me but by looking into the mirror and seeing my chocolate silhouette.

    Love your color, or dont and end up looking like the creatures in the video

  34. ric on Sat, 31st Jan 2009 11:25 am 

    Some people are just sad. i’m not angry i just pity them.

  35. Kwamla’s FB Wall | Kwamla's Facebook Blog on Wed, 15th Dec 2010 1:50 pm 

    [...] A JAMAICAN FAMILY BLEACHING OUT THERE SKIN This shit is crazy…I’m Jamaican, and don’t condone or respect people who bleach. To me it seams that people who bleach are trying to be something that they’re not, be proud of your beautiful black skin. … [...]

  36. raz on Wed, 5th Jan 2011 8:44 pm 

    I’m white, but I gotta say this is crazy.. I never seen anything like it, at first I felt it was just similar to tanning for white people.. but this shit fucks your skin up so much more!

    I can’t see the difference it makes anyway apart from terrible scarring, not that I understand why they’re tryna lighten there skin anyway

  37. Silver on Wed, 17th Oct 2012 7:25 pm 

    I do not agree with it, as for me I am proud to be black. Black history has come too far for us to turn back now & want to lighten our past by bleaching the visual black out of our skin…

    Love who you are & the roots you stem from


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