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Belize is the smallest country in the whole of the Americas with a population of just over 300,000, but since becoming a major transit point for cocaine trafficked from Colombia to the US in the late 1980s, it’s developed a serious gang problem and become one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

Until recently, guns and cocaine were practically unheard of in Belize. Today the country is facing a massive crack cocaine problem, there are hundreds of semi-automatic weapons in the hands of gangs and the country has a per capita murder rate 5 times higher than the US, 98% of it gang-related.

Ross meets reformed gangsters who introduce him to the dangerous streets of Belize City and the gangs that control them. Ross gets to see a fraction of the weapons that make this city so violent, including grenades and high explosives, the new weapon of choice for the dozens of gangs which control Belize City”

Ross kemp interviews some belize shottas –

salutes DIMEWARS


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11 Comments on "ROSS KEMP ON GANGS Belize"

  1. on Tue, 23rd Sep 2008 3:41 pm 

    Im from panama son, and i can def cosign on some of this shit thats happening in belize cause its also happening where im from. good looks on the videos..shit was deep.

  2. Belize on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 12:43 pm 

    Shyt aint been the same since Junie left

  3. luda on Tue, 14th Oct 2008 10:10 pm 

    well im from belize now if u fuck wit us then u die other dan dat shit in here as cool as ever shit we have things other countries dont have such as wild life as never seen before so dont worry if ur visiting us

  4. alex on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 7:49 pm 

    this asshole ross just fucked belize with this stupid interviews..has become ” a serious gang problem and become one of the most dangerous places on the planet”.
    has he evr lived a few days here to say that????????????just an asshole REALLY..

  5. Dean Fortune DeMarks on Tue, 5th May 2009 12:04 pm 

    Ross did a superb job with his documentary on the gangs of Belize. However, it needed to make the connection between the street gangs and the political/police gangs that introduced Ross to the boys in the hood.

    Belize has a very small population where the majority of citizens there are closely related. It’s very common to have one brother a cop or in the Belize Defense Force and another a Blood.

    My point is this, I lived there three years and have had BDF soldiers, Corporal Adolph “Caan” Williams to be specific, come to my home and offer to sell me PE-4 but turned him away. He by the way is the nephew of Senior Superintendent of Police, Chester “The Molester” Williams of the National Police of Belize. The BDF unwittingly because of incompetence, supplies all the explosives to Belize!

    But like alex on Mon, it’s typical for Belizeans to blame others for their problems.

  6. Dean Fortune DeMarks on Tue, 5th May 2009 12:17 pm 

    Also, I’m hoping to use excerpts from Ross Kemps’ documentary on Belize for my book titled, Belize, A Country of Criminals to be published by PublishAmerica. Can I have his authorization to include in my credits?

  7. E. Martinez on Mon, 31st Aug 2009 4:26 pm 

    Luda, You are just plain stupid or dangerious. We all know what goes on in Belize. The guy just didn’t pay them off and even if he had they still would have pulled something on him.

  8. EMMA KABWIK on Fri, 18th Sep 2009 1:40 pm 

    I just want to comment on the poor 23 yr old boy who appeared on “ROSS KEMP ON GANGS -BELIZE”.I have never seen anything so devestating or shocking.. I was so stunned i ve never seen anything like it-is there anyway we can donate money or something ?Help him and his family to live somewhere get him help for his scars ?? I CANT AFFORD MUCH BUT I HAVE 4 BOYS.IF A LOT OF PEOPLE DONATED it would help !!!

  9. Chey on Mon, 19th Oct 2009 8:59 pm 

    i am a belizean n i stroungly disagree with the picture this video paints of Belize. it offends me n many other belizeans. Like any other country Belize has it gang violence but it is not a place where people just get shoot mercilessly everyday. only one grinaid went off in belize in histrory. nextly bloods (red) and crips (blue) dislike each other so they would never be placed beside each other talking like seen in this video. i suspect they were payed to speak on camera. because of poverty n low wage, they would lie in front of camera for money. i think kemp misunderstood the information recieve beacuse of the language, and, culture difference. we speak creole which is sometimes hard for others to understand and we use slangs that are interpreted differently. our words have different cultural interpretations as well. for instance, kemp says that one of the guys used his daughter as a human shield which is false he actually held on to his daughter in fear that they might her. we tend to over exaggarate and “talk big”. these concerns where not anaylzed when making this video. belize is a beautiful country with lots of oppurtunities for those who try to excell. i do admit that belize has the potential to become a “bad” place but it has not reach that stage as yet.

  10. greer on Tue, 20th Oct 2009 11:55 pm 

    i agree with Chey. If you’ve never lived in Belize, you can’t judge Belize by this so-called “documentary”. i said so-called “documentary” because what Chey said is very true (people may be paid for speaking in front of the camera because of low wage). If you ever got the chance to stay in Belize for a few days, you’ll see a tremendous difference from what Ross Kemp depicted. What others said is not totally wrong, but Belize is not as bad as the documentary shown.

  11. greer on Wed, 21st Oct 2009 12:08 am 

    i would like to see Mr. Kemp\’s reaction on these comments. if the publisher or whoever sees this please get a few words from him. also, i think that he should come back to visit belize once more but NOT with the intention producing previous documentary. thank you

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