VIDEO OF FUNKMASTER FLEX speaking out against r Kelly interview with bet

September 18, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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VIDEO OF FUNKMASTER FLEX speaking out against r Kelly interview with bet …… lol @ no one else speaking up against r kelly ….


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14 Comments on "VIDEO OF FUNKMASTER FLEX speaking out against r Kelly interview with bet"

  1. napps126 on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 1:31 pm 

    this dude went in

  2. Diggy Dat Niggy on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 2:42 pm 

    lol that nigga flex was not tryin to be funny but it was very hard not to laugh. Look at his fuckin eyeballs and his crusty ass lip!

  3. Blendzo on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 3:09 pm 

    Aint no one else gonna mention the whiteness on this dudes lips? he look like he just ate a powered donut.

  4. Killah on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 3:35 pm 

    Blendzo – u r too funny. lol.

    But seriously I cosign what he said R. Kelly *needs* to be ashamed.

  5. cutieonduty on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 4:17 pm 

    I feel like get off kelly dick already the man was found not guilty let it be.

  6. chyna doll on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 4:29 pm 

    lol dat nigga teeth does look funny as hell

  7. NAZ on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 4:40 pm 

    I no flex old ass aint talkin nigga is older than kellz all kellz did was fuck some girl. Flex seems to have forgot when he beat up steph love dont throw stones at kellz when u got skeletons in ure closet flex and The FORD FLEX IS Ugly

  8. Ladee on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 10:27 pm 

    Cutie on duty and everyone else in supporting this PEDOPHILE, you sound like people with no kids. FUCK R KELLY, HIS MUSIC AND HIS ENTIRE EXISTENCE! I can’t believe you people are really supporting this sick son of a bitch! Are kissing me!? This 41 year old ass dude had the nerve to pause and ask…..well what do you mean by teenager. NUCCA A TEENAGER! IF IT ENDS WITH TEEN, SHE A GOT DAMN TEENAGER! This sick ass muthafucka needs to be put behind bars! Let that have been a little white he was fucking and pissing on! Would have been a different outcome. The rest of you dumb asses are just as sick if you think fucking a teenager is something to sweep under the rug! It’s a got damn outrage!

  9. DJ CISCO on Thu, 18th Sep 2008 10:33 pm 

    Ya’ll all dumb for dismissing what Flex had to say. Ya’ll too busy staring at his eyes and face…talking about his teeth, lips, and shit…stop looking at grown mens lips and open your eyes! R-Kelly is a pedo and he’s a nasty old man getting off on little girls. To me he isn’t even worth an illegal download from me. How would you feel if he pissed all over your little sister, niece, or your OWN daughter!? If ya’ll seen the video then you all would know that IT WAS INDEED HIM! I feel what Flex is saying but if you can’t understand where he’s coming from then bounce to the next Weezy video or some shit….you’ll probably understand that.

  10. NAZ on Fri, 19th Sep 2008 7:03 am 

    Define pedo what US law you go yo oyher countries its perfectly yall niggas been brainwashed by the Ud government and praising flex a fucking women beater

  11. Modawgg on Fri, 19th Sep 2008 9:59 am 

    Yo! I have watched both videos now… Flex & Faison. Right off bat, Flex sounds like he’s speaking as a father a parent. Everything he says is valid. Very direct and taking a stand. Which we all should do bcuz we are all responsible for his success. which allows him to do what he does, live like he lives.
    Faison… real spit!!! If you’re not involved, dont get involved. The s— you’re spittin can get someone hurt or even killed. grown men dont fight in the streets. You know how it gets handled. Lets not even go there.
    bottom line… if Kells feels in his heart that he did nothing wrong… we cant reach him. He needs to have a daughter go through the same s— he put the young lady through. Or go through it himself as the victim. Then he would understand. Since the dawn of time… this situation repeats itself.
    The family and friends around Kells are really the ones to blame along side of Kells. They know what goes on. His boys REALLY know.
    We dont need to hate on each other… we need dialogue. To find the issue then deal with it from there. from what I understand the girl in the video was beyond willing. her first time or seasoned??? being around people like Kells and his fam… Im pretty sure that session was the only one that got taped!
    Enough of the B.S. y’all. Lets pull it together in 2009. We are headed for extinction. Wake the hell up!!!

  12. maxpower on Sat, 20th Sep 2008 8:02 am 

    somebody call up ty ty and tell him to mase r kelly already

  13. yo on Sun, 21st Sep 2008 11:28 pm 

    flex just speaking his mind… lol … but come on kelly;s guilty… was it me or does flex needs to brush a bit more funny shit thou

  14. ton on Wed, 24th Sep 2008 4:58 pm 

    I am a woman who is over 40 yrs, I am a mother of a 17yr old female. While I do not condone what R. Kely has been accused of. I must say in regard to funk flex comments about R. liking 18 yr olds. He and damn near every other man 25 and older can be accused of the same thing. I have walked down the street with my daughter a million times and I cannot tell you how many times grown ass men have hollered, ogled and shown all types of inappropiate behaviors. I’ve had to check plenty of grown ass men for hollering at my child who at the time was only 16.
    So again R. may be a pedophile, a child molester I don’t know, but he is not the only one.

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