T.I – What Up What’s Happenin video

September 12, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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T.I – What Up What’s Happenin video …. lets all have a moment of silence for shawty lo who just joined k-solo , stan spit , jungle , yung berg , & ja rule in the rap cemetery ….. – nahright via streetcred


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6 Comments on "T.I – What Up What’s Happenin video"

  1. wesley pipes on Fri, 12th Sep 2008 1:04 pm 

    T.I is finally getting his swag back…

  2. John on Fri, 12th Sep 2008 2:07 pm 

    One thing is true about life, You should NEVER kick a man when he’s down. Cause he might just rise up again and kick you harder!!

  3. on Fri, 12th Sep 2008 2:21 pm 

    damn RIP Shawty lo…

    well damn! there must be 2 sides! lol

  4. Young on Fri, 12th Sep 2008 3:10 pm 

    These niggas is confusing me. First it was a post earlier saying they squashed the beef. Then this video…I think the “Man” is trying to keep them on the dumb shit.

    And I also thought he and Chris was riffing. And they got the song together. (Wish You Would) Not mad about that one though. They should’ve been making that music together.

    RIP Shawty ELLO

  5. broman on Fri, 12th Sep 2008 4:43 pm 

    When they start running at the end is funny!

  6. daruler on Sat, 13th Sep 2008 11:52 am 

    shawty lo career is crushed. instead of creatin’ unneccessary beef, his dumb ass should’ve been promoting them few singles he did have on the album so he could fool people into buyin’ that bullshit…but that’s just my 2 cents.

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