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spragga benz

“17 year old Carlton Grant Jr. more popularly known as ‘Carlie’ or ‘Little Wayne’ from the movie (Shottas), son of veteran dance hall artiste Spragga Benz (Carlton Grant Sr.) was killed by the Police in Downtown Kingston Jamaica early Sunday morning(8-24-08).He had a very bright future ahead of him being the recipient of five subject passes in the recent CXC examinations.

On behalf of all your family,friends,fans, and especially your father, we say ………………..

” Sleep With Angels ”

Red Square Productions

Afrikan Vybz Enterprise” – salutes mi bredrin AFRICAN KID


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  1. Erica on Tue, 26th Aug 2008 2:31 pm 

    My condolences to Spragga Benz and the Family and friends of the very talented Carlton Grant Jr. This is madness, and I am so very sorry this happened and continues to happen to our babies.

  2. Erica on Tue, 26th Aug 2008 2:36 pm 

    My deepest condolences to Spragga Benz and the Family and friends of Carlton Grant Jr. This is madness what is happening to our babies and needs to be investigated and stopped!

  3. akelia on Tue, 26th Aug 2008 4:01 pm 

    i live rite down the foot of the hill hill in havendale…so i c spragga dem everyday…i use to take the bus with carlton wen him use to go jc n the other school n i was goin 2 andruz…but on a real carlton was a cool kid…very cute!
    but 4 real revenge must b taken…we cant allow this..the police in jamaica have done 2 much for far 2 long…only god knos how much i hate them…dem 2 evil man..kill di buoy fi nuttin…n wid dem liad self bout di buoy have gun…weh carlton mu get gun from…
    something needs to be done about the force in jamaica…i have a solution


  4. angel on Tue, 26th Aug 2008 5:21 pm 

    May his soul rest in eternal peace and may god bless and comfort your family in this very sad time. God bless!

  5. Belize on Tue, 26th Aug 2008 11:02 pm 


  6. Dee on Wed, 27th Aug 2008 9:51 pm 

    RIP hope my youth is in a better place then here in the war zone my heart goes out to his family jah know this needs to stop because we can all be victims to the fuckery but how arecwe goi g to make it stop if we keep fighting against each other? it’s time people it’s been time

  7. Cass on Wed, 27th Aug 2008 9:57 pm 

    My condolences deejay. Just gwaan look to the big man fi guidance and strength at dis time of mourning. Jah bless.

  8. lisa on Thu, 28th Aug 2008 9:07 am 

    I was the makeup artist on shottas, and I can tell you that I got to know this young man, and he was truly a most gentle and loving person.
    I really enjoyed working with him….everyone did!
    He had a keen sense about acting and he was so proud to be working so closely with his father, Spragga Benz.
    I know that he had a bright future, and I am deeply saddened to hear of this news. My heart goes out to Spragga and his family, friends, and the entire community, which is reeling in sorrow from this.
    G-D rest his soul.

  9. john on Sat, 30th Aug 2008 4:35 am 

    spragga you ah di boss and u ah set di trend r.I.p 2 ur son. One love still

  10. danny p on Sun, 31st Aug 2008 9:08 pm 

    ey.yuh si dem bumbaclatt dun de no have no mannas. yuh pussyclatt police boi dem all dem a kill off di people dem an ton back an se oh gun shot wen a fire off a dem. jamaica have fi change mon it have to. yuh si oh di pussyclatt police boi dem kill off mi cousin an a se oh him when have one gun pon him, which a wen lie. dot is all dem do kill off di people dem an make up on tory so dem nuh ofi pay di price for what den do. an dot is rude. mi se jamaica have one fuck up system. all dem a do a kill off inocent people and who fi get urt nuh get urt. jamaica mon, it a get worse mon worse. a mi nuh no oh tings change but police killings till a gwon. a so dem ton. wit all a di make, make gun havings tory tings dem. mi a tell yuh mon. jamaica ofi change.

  11. chante on Wed, 3rd Sep 2008 5:28 pm 

    a slackness di police dem gwaan wid. Di jamaican police dem a liad. Poor Carlisle whey di fuck him fi get gun from? and den dem have the never afetr dem kill di yute fi a beat dem chest and a gwaan like is a game dem dun play. right now Jamaican justice system naah work and dem police deh whey deh pon road a gwaan wid fuckery dem fi bloodclaat dead. dem kill di young youht fi nothing.. pussyhole murderer dem fi show how dem wicked dem mek sure tell di other two youths dem whey deh wid him fi run. dat gies to show they definetly intented on killing someone. me nuh know a whey dem get them heart from but really it look like dem heartless. dem too bloodclaat wicked. and di idiot police bwoy or gal whey kill Carlisle fi dem family need fi feel it to. dem can’t kill people innocent pickney and leave di family fi mourn. an eye for an eye a tooth for a bloodclaat tooth. spragga condolence to you and the family. and dnt have no faith inna jamaican justice system dem pussyhole police deh fi dead.

  12. Robert Grant on Thu, 11th Sep 2008 9:39 am 

    This is very sad that Carlton Grant Jr. lost his life under such circumstances. I thought the Jamaican police would try to spare a life rather than take one. I lost my brother in St Andrew little less than a year ago who was executed by gunmen. Even, when the police was given leads to investigate and bring the criminals responsible to justice, they did nothing. But they find the time to harass and kill a teenager who had a promising future. It would be more human if the police actively pursue dangerous criminals who poses continuous the Jamaican society rather than committing unexplained killings.

  13. Kem on Sat, 13th Sep 2008 10:01 pm 

    Carlton and i went to prep school 2gether, and i have 2 say it really hurt 2 kno that something like that could happen to someone yet alone some1 i kno…….. I really hoped this case is brought to light and and ppl see the truth bcuz i kno carlton from 4ever and him not the gun type him dnt even like badness like that so is just a shame something like this really happen

  14. jahpacs on Mon, 15th Sep 2008 6:41 am 

    Selassie I know star! It hurt mi heart when i read about the unfortunate event that took this young mans life, Spragga the Benz just gwaan hold firm and don’t lose faith inna the King because young Carlton is in better place maybe he was too good for this earth, so Jah needed him beside him. But the police men involved in this incident need to be brought to justice they are like animals, and i hope they are punished to the fullest extent of the law(if such a thing still exist in our country). R.I.P Carlton Grant JNR. Keep giving us the good music Carlton Grant SNR. love and good Rastafari.

  15. Alyssia Marsh on Tue, 16th Sep 2008 12:04 pm 

    Yo, i personally knew Calton, good yout, never doing wrong. Man it sad seh the police had to kill him for no reason. His funeral was Saturday and man ohh man was it a somber day when my friends and i went to pay our last respects. I hope the police who were involved pay for this to the fullest.

  16. diamond gordon on Sun, 28th Dec 2008 11:10 pm 

    these lyrics go out to carlton kymani grant i was thinking of you on christmas day and i realized how much god loved you,he knew this suffering and pain you endured while living in his messed world,god never wanted to take you,but he does allow things to happen in our lives, he is trying to get somebody’s attention.spragga paid attention! carlton i have a son he is a little older than you,everytime i look him i will remember to thank god for his blessings. i was thinking about traveling to jamican,but i will pass because i do not want to be killed,or robbed. jamicans,blacks in america ,blacks people everywhere,where did we go wrong? greed,jealous,money,sex are killng our people.what happen to love one another? these killings are not just happening in jamican they are happening everywhere,our government is just as bad. i voted for obama,for a better world,this slave’s master laws must end. this dirty south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! diamond

  17. huaband on Sat, 14th Feb 2009 2:47 am 

    Spragga Benz {Carlton Grant}leave my wife Nadine alone stop going to my house when I am out of town to sleep with my wife

  18. fabulousbitch on Fri, 5th Mar 2010 10:12 pm 

    peopla talk bout carlye deat n dis pussy find d opportunity fi a talk bout spragga a sleep wid him wife.. after a nuh rape him rape har… a she gi weh d pussy cuz u nuh ave nuh use fi it…. old fool!!!

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