Diddy Blog #10: Bitchassness Alert Level Orange

July 11, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Diddy Blog #10: Bitchassness Alert Level Orange


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4 Comments on "Diddy Blog #10: Bitchassness Alert Level Orange"

  1. mcarroll4716 on Fri, 11th Jul 2008 2:02 pm 

    Is he doing these shyts in a bathroom? WTF?

  2. John on Fri, 11th Jul 2008 3:16 pm 

    I know exactly who he was talking about too lool. A comidian was dissing him.

  3. daruler on Sat, 12th Jul 2008 11:52 pm 

    lol… diddy a fool… “they aint’ got no weed, they ain’t got no money..”

  4. AB on Mon, 14th Jul 2008 2:27 pm 

    This is why …

    If there is any Bitchassness PDiddy… it belongs to you.

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