MYA bikini pictures

July 7, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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(see more pictures inisde)

mya wearing a bikini on the beach

SPL35783_004 SPL35783_013


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13 Comments on "MYA bikini pictures"

  1. Young on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 11:48 am 

    She has some miles on her I’m sure.
    But it’s still fuck action with her!

  2. Cincy on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 1:18 pm 

    her pum pum look like she hiding socks in her bikini.

  3. Booty Meat Inspector on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 1:28 pm 

    That CAT iz FAT. And look at the back meat.Look at da upside down “V” it doin. I fucks wit Mya.

  4. shyne on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 2:40 pm 

    i guess when ur a female and u can’t sell records this is what u gotta do for some attention, it worked for christina M

  5. balaramesh on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 10:28 pm 

    yeah, mya is old news. most women are these days at about age 22 or something (unfortunately).

    but old news can be good news.

  6. Y.F.H. on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 10:50 pm 

    is it jussss me or in thee initial big ass pic does mya look like shes computer..i mean does mya look like shes P.C. …. i mean does mya look like shes packin cock! haaaa

  7. Steve on Tue, 8th Jul 2008 7:41 am 

    damn she bad

  8. murda murk on Tue, 8th Jul 2008 1:09 pm 

    damn, I want that doggy style

  9. freshfrom82 on Tue, 8th Jul 2008 4:09 pm 

    It’s already cooked, glazed, and ready to be sliced!!!

  10. daruler on Wed, 9th Jul 2008 5:40 pm 

    damn mya, that pusss look fat. that’s dime piece material.

  11. sophmoricman3 on Wed, 8th Apr 2009 12:46 am 

    I would eat that cat beat it up and smack it down

  12. stalbans&jamaica on Tue, 5th Jul 2011 7:38 pm 

    Kiss her luscious thighs

  13. stalbans&jamaica on Thu, 24th Jan 2013 9:17 pm 

    I don’t know if any other dude has said this before me but I’ve been liking and attracted to girls and women’s beautiful sexy smooth legs since I was 5 or 6 years old in kindergarten and I’m 28. Her long legs are so damn beautiful and sexy it’s killing me, OMG I feel tortured and teased. I want to kiss every part of her legs for hours especially her knees and her thighs, her knees and her thighs are too damn sexy and gorgeous to be left unkissed I feel like I’m the only one that felt like that since I was a little boy.

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