Melyssa Ford Reality show first episode

July 7, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Melyssa Ford Reality show first episode


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11 Comments on "Melyssa Ford Reality show first episode"

  1. John on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 6:39 pm 

    Can’t be mad at anyone for getting dat gwap

  2. NAPPS126 on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 9:43 pm 

    still boring as hell

  3. balaramesh on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 10:55 pm 

    no disrespect but melyssa ford is one of the pretty girls that should keep her talking to a minimum.

    she wore perhaps the most boring outfit possible at the playboy mansion. the chubby kardashian got me love than her (not good)

  4. murda murk on Mon, 7th Jul 2008 11:00 pm 

    Sorry, I’ma snorer

  5. Aura on Tue, 8th Jul 2008 10:26 am 

    Shit was mad boring. I expected more. She needs to find another producer who knows how to make it interesting.

  6. Tamika on Tue, 8th Jul 2008 4:01 pm 

    I like Melyssa Ford; but, this clip was so boring. She goes on & on without explaining anything. In other words, who is the girl with her? her friend? assistant? Where are they going? Talk directly into the camera to let us viewers know what is going on. The music is mad corny also. Get some Jay-Z, Kanye, 50 or good R&B on there. Get better direction so we know what is going on. Ridiculous. Melyssa comes off snootie & boring. I hear that she’s a nice person; but, this clip does not help us at all. I’m falling asleep already. Get a better producer & director, talk directly into the camera & explain things.

  7. hevin mack on Tue, 8th Jul 2008 5:15 pm 

    this broad sneak hating on megan goode!!!! she broke and lives in a 1 bedroom shack…all her co workers at the radio station hate her and thinks she should get some help!!! theres been rumors that she has herpes also!!

  8. Young on Wed, 9th Jul 2008 7:55 am 

    Damn….Talk about bashing somebody. You would think she gave you the disease the way you talking about her brau. Use a rubber!!

  9. Arequ on Fri, 11th Jul 2008 1:52 pm 


  10. smegma on Thu, 31st Jul 2008 8:46 am 

    what the fuck is that animal looks like a fucking rat i would take a piss on it

  11. itsjazzyfbaby on Fri, 16th Oct 2009 4:39 am 

    I didnt know she had one

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