RED CAFE getting at HELL RELL , MIKE JONES & hurricane chris

June 26, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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RED CAFE getting at HELL RELL , MIKE JONES & hurricane chris


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3 Comments on "RED CAFE getting at HELL RELL , MIKE JONES & hurricane chris"

  1. G e Z - NYC on Fri, 27th Jun 2008 10:01 am 

    Hell Rell reaaally needs to shut up and sit in the corner somewhere. That nigga is Trash on the Mic and Mike Jones and Hurrican Chris are wack too…shit outta all 3 Hurrican Chris is Nicer than them All…But real talk Them niggaz cant see Red Cafe, That nigga is ill with the Mic. Period point blank!

  2. koopa on Sun, 29th Jun 2008 6:53 pm 

    Red cafe he hot, That was some funny shit. all of them are wack. Its a lot more that should b added to the roster.

  3. Mr 2008 on Mon, 30th Jun 2008 10:29 am 

    I aint even watch this… Red Cafe U serious?? Rell is that dude, stop frontin he was outshinin the whole dipset from the Cell then he was “Fresh out still smellin like the mess hall” Come on man, homie album was dam near a classic, got on the track w/ Styles P and killed it. Who knows and cares what these dudes do outside the booth nowwadayz… this man Red would get bodied all day! His name is whack, been around too long w/ out a hit, no mixtape buzz… U sad duke. Cafe down!

    RELL up!!!

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