Ralphige Prank Phone Calls Young Buck

June 23, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Ralphige Prank Phone Calls Young Buck …… young buck Threatens To Call The Cops


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4 Comments on "Ralphige Prank Phone Calls Young Buck"

  1. J on Mon, 23rd Jun 2008 1:53 pm 

    damn this fool can’t win for losin

  2. JA DONDOGAN on Mon, 23rd Jun 2008 6:39 pm 

    buck needs to stop talking on phones.

  3. haha on Mon, 23rd Jun 2008 7:48 pm 

    yo did young buck just say he shot up khaleds shit hahaha

  4. Belize on Tue, 24th Jun 2008 12:19 pm 

    LMAO @ “ur nothing..ur a faggit”

    Buck! Buck!


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