new young buck dissing gunit taped conversations

June 18, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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new young buck dissing gunit taped conversations
(listen inside)

Young Buck wastes no time getting back at 50 cent & g unit



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20 Comments on "new young buck dissing gunit taped conversations"

  1. Dagger on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 3:09 pm 

    Redeem Himself

  2. unit on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 3:11 pm 

    fuck this fake mufuka fuk his cryin bitch ass off this mufuka GONE

  3. unit on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 3:12 pm 

    fuk uk kik it wid gayme bitch

  4. kevo on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 3:14 pm 

    buck lets get it man, f 50 man, thass wrong wat he did, thass why no one fuks wit this guy in the hood anymore, the hood woud rather buy a kanye album before his, watch how much t.o.s is gonna sell, this idiot 50 had the nerve to talk about lil wayne and wayne just did a mill in one week holla at that one 50, you my friend are no longer on waynes level, buck lets get it

  5. Shawty Lo on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 3:54 pm 

    Lol @ buck dis nigga halirious Buck the nigga who said he tapes all convos with rappers runnin his mouth

  6. Southern Sovereign on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 4:17 pm 

    Get Em’ BUCK!

    Told ya’ll “THE UNIT IS DEAD”.

  7. Cris on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 4:26 pm 

    you now buck is lying….in the convo he said he didnt get to do the overseas tours…..hes talking about africa and stuff, that was a couple months ago, so the convo couldnt have been a year ago ???? weird dude.

  8. maxpower on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 4:30 pm 

    surprinsingly hard!!!!!!!!!

  9. JA DONDOGAN on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 5:32 pm 

    R.I.P G Unit

  10. John on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 5:36 pm 


  11. G e Z - NYC on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 5:50 pm 

    Ha Ha Ha this fool was CRYING on the Phone. Now if this Inspires you well then aiight. “A Year Ago?” If so then why you trippin? When did this nigga write this? Today?

    Come on Buck, You really,Really twisting yaself homie. There was G-Unit before you cuz and your still signed to this dudes label and you talkin greasy like this. Well consider ya eats for the future on a LP side is finished cuz. So consider yaself a mixtape rapper now.

    that equals no cash.

    And your still…Uhh STILL CRYING.
    Your a Liar homie that convo was not a year ago and you know it.
    I give 3months before Buck is in the News over Tax Evasion to prove it.

  12. Sundown on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 6:11 pm 

    fire from buck, he flipped it on’em

  13. rinky on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 6:51 pm 

    fuck these cow ass niggaz and their internet beef. first u saw fuck gunit then when the nigga responds u act like the nigga shouldn’t have responded. fuck this whole g unit young buck shit. they can all go to hell

  14. queens 1 on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 7:45 pm 

    only fags record conversations, and you assholes are co signing on it

  15. james on Wed, 18th Jun 2008 8:10 pm 

    i fucks wit buck, 50 a bitch 4 that pussy move. 50 should of dealt with him from the heart, not the hand(cause you can wash that shit) 50 gets no no love in the CHI for that shit, tellem i said it, fuck G UNIT>, i bet he wont bring his ass to the southside( chicago that is) this aint queens nigga, we mite rob em, rape him with that bullshit CD and leave em naked in the alley, so the rats can rob him and rape em again,

  16. Bmore's Finest on Thu, 19th Jun 2008 8:02 am 

    That convo wasnt from a year ago! but even if it was, Buck got what was coming to him…if you’re disloyal to your team shit like that happens

  17. Arequ on Thu, 19th Jun 2008 8:51 am 

    we don’t believe you…..

  18. PAULEX on Thu, 19th Jun 2008 12:42 pm 

    sha money xl started this whole shit if you listen to the interview buck states it,sha money left him a month at home with no tour dates.what happened to m.o.p?spider loc?hot rod?whos next to break the silence?
    the outlawz left buck so that means no cashville records,man this shit is gonna get ugly!

  19. StewXL on Thu, 19th Jun 2008 3:07 pm 

    ..niggas get emotional man… but it aint no thang, I know some yall niggas get caught up..! Fuck dat.. hold yo head up Buck… this nigga the truth..

    Buck need to get with Cash Money or with T.I. so these Dirty Souf’ muphuckaz can get that new heat.

  20. big country on Thu, 19th Jun 2008 5:59 pm 

    whats the name of this song so i can download it

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