Young Buck -”F-CK G-UNIT”

June 16, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Young Buck -”F-CK G-UNIT” …. young buck at his concert in tampa telling his side of the story


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14 Comments on "Young Buck -”F-CK G-UNIT”"

  1. F£V£R on Mon, 16th Jun 2008 11:17 am 

    “You must of lost your mind, cuz even if 50 drop me i still wouldn’t sign”

    This ni99a needs to fix up, get his head down and remember who he was before G-Unit…..NOBODY

    I like Buck but he’s biting the hand that feeds him

  2. FitnessFreakazoid on Mon, 16th Jun 2008 11:20 am 

    yo i think young buck was way too good for g-unit. he spot on and about time…f*ck g-unit. he already fixed up.

  3. Shawty Lo on Mon, 16th Jun 2008 12:36 pm 

    look how long he been outta gunit know and still cant make name for himself sad I actually saw buck in the hood they took his bentley away dumb nigga

  4. Sun.ny on Mon, 16th Jun 2008 3:26 pm 

    Ohhh shit yall hear Dat New single of Buck Since he left Gunit……


    Any idiot thinking Buck was Hot before Gunit Name ONE SINGLE Back had before Gunit.

    Fuck Buck.

  5. G e Z on Mon, 16th Jun 2008 3:43 pm 

    This nigga Dumb as a DorrKnob!
    He Bite the hand now he’s a wrap. Nobody was checking for him before G-unit now like Game he wanna talk shit once he got a name.

    He Sound stupid in this video and folks lookin at him like “Shut the fuck up and rap!”

  6. daruler on Mon, 16th Jun 2008 4:47 pm 

    are ya’ll retarded? buck was standing on his own when he was with g-unit. ya’ll acting like 50 ghost wrote shit for him. buck went did his albums with out 50. mixtapes and all… and now ya’ll sayin’ he can’t stand on his own? buck is a leader in his own right. i bet yayo and lloyd couldn’t part off and do they own thing…

  7. Sundown on Mon, 16th Jun 2008 8:56 pm 

    i hate it when on the random occassion i hear someone says Buck is/now was the best in g-unit. be serious, and g-unit maybe be over (even banks and them with new T.O.S.) but they still gonna get show money a selling made concerts out, buck will be doing bummy clubs in the ghettos for Bonneville money, hahah

  8. john on Mon, 16th Jun 2008 10:16 pm 

    If Buck wanted to leave then dats cool, you have every right too. But don’t say F-gunit man. Come on you neva know when you might need fif again and trust me fif hold alota weight in dis game.

  9. Southern Sovereign on Tue, 17th Jun 2008 12:19 am 

    Off Topic

    Ashley Moon should be the nest sexy beast of the week.

  10. Southern Sovereign on Tue, 17th Jun 2008 12:20 am 

    *next sexy beast of the week

  11. F£V£R on Tue, 17th Jun 2008 7:19 am 

    sorry dude but her face is BUSTED….the body is bangin’ but the face is BUTTERS

  12. napps126 on Tue, 17th Jun 2008 8:51 am 

    oh oh shawty lo……T.I. got a new diss record out lol

  13. napps126 on Tue, 17th Jun 2008 11:43 am 

    don u be bloggin like me…

  14. Supa on Thu, 24th Jul 2008 1:18 pm 

    fukk em

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