Lil Wayne Freestyle On 106 & Park

June 10, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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(see another video inside )

Lil Wayne Freestyle On 106 & Park + his interview …….


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12 Comments on "Lil Wayne Freestyle On 106 & Park"

  1. napps126 on Tue, 10th Jun 2008 9:36 am 

    sooo wayne punch lining it now??? hmmm…..

    “yeah i’m a martian so give me my space”

  2. Symz on Tue, 10th Jun 2008 9:51 am 

    Thatss A BUNCH OF Shit!! They went crazy when he spit his freestyle and it was lame…if that was an average nigga who got put on da spot they(the crowd) wouldnt of went wild….that nigga brain washing people….LAME..

  3. Real Talk on Tue, 10th Jun 2008 11:35 am 

    More garbage – this nigga’s a down load….. at best.

  4. jaydeetastic on Tue, 10th Jun 2008 3:50 pm 

    this site is about real hiphop. so it should be recognized no matter what. you guys want to be the anti-cool, fine, be that. But just because he is the most popular artist does not take away from his ability. the freestyle was nice, the singing wack, but hey hes an artist, not your fucking homie.

    My point is give the man credit when its due. at least he has some of the hip hop spirit and work ethic, which is why the old heads and the last of the creators respect him. YOUR favorite artist is prolly on his album. Yeah he fucks with the wack south boys, but ive also heard songs he did with the cool kids, wale, clef, unreleased heat from raekwon.

    is he really that bad?

  5. Gee on Tue, 10th Jun 2008 4:13 pm 

    FROM LL to Rakim to KRS 1 to Nas to BIG to Pac to Jay Z now this nigga the crown? Fuck that im a ride with 50 and i don even like that nigga shit that much. Nigga spittin lame rhymes like they fire, kissing men on the lips, hooked on narcotics. If ya pick this as the goat the CRACK BABY ERA IS OFFICIAL. YOU HAVE TO BE BORN ON CRACK TO BE THIS DELUSIONAL.

  6. clr on Tue, 10th Jun 2008 4:46 pm 

    great addition. you should blog all the 106 n park stuff here, at least thats WORTH it. i guess to get that chosen after each video have a vote poll right below it with choices of the people on the show. just a suggestion

  7. D on Tue, 10th Jun 2008 5:32 pm 

    Seriously, this is what the future of hip hop holds? The genre has lost on June 10th, 2008.

    Comparing The Carter III with “Ready To Die” and “Illmatic” should be illegal. Wayne isn’t on that level. He will never will be in this or any other parallel universe.

  8. jiz on Wed, 11th Jun 2008 9:36 am 

    cocaine is a hell of a drug- this niggas on something other than that syrup shit

  9. Ego101 on Wed, 11th Jun 2008 9:46 am 

    u know how many people in the industry do drugs? probably your favorite artist and more others you wouldnt expect. the only difference is wayne publicly displays it on tv and in his music. you niggas is bitches.. all in a mans personal life and speculating what he does or doesnt do. when i dont like a artist i dont post shit on them.. if i think they wack i skip over it.. if you aint like 2 years ago u prolly wont like him now. i aint like busta in 98 and i still dont like his music. rickie lake ass niggas..

  10. TruthRevealer on Wed, 11th Jun 2008 9:55 pm 

    First that wasn’t even a freestyle. U can tell that was memorized. And still it only had one good punchline about the martian.

    Secondly, that prostitute song is stole from Musiq Soulchild

  11. StewXL on Thu, 12th Jun 2008 7:57 am 

    Damn.. I get tired of Terrence ridin’ niggas dicks…!!

    I fucks with Wayne… but that shit was wack…

    And fuck that family show bullshit.. i bet most of them young hoes in the audience got kids already…

  12. TORI :) on Sat, 18th Oct 2008 1:07 pm 

    lil wayne sucks ass, always has always will. he’s not good at freestyle, hes good at reading someone elses lyrics into a mic. so fuck that nigga, i PRAISE whoever, writes his songs for him, but wayne it’s a fake ass nigga.

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