40 Glocc & Village Boo pull a “tru Life” on lil waynes lil Homie Tyga

June 7, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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video of G-unit member 40 Glocc & Village Boo bragging about robbing lil waynes lil Homie Tyga ……. may sound f-cked up but for the most part i like when rappers get stole on or robbed …. allot of em get on record and talk that hard body sh-t …….


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4 Comments on "40 Glocc & Village Boo pull a “tru Life” on lil waynes lil Homie Tyga"

  1. g-unot on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 6:27 pm 

    haha this really is quite funny. I like when Curtis’ chain gets jacked the po get involved but his fucking goons are jackin and gettin away with it. Curtis boo boo is prob gon snitch on his boys too and get the po involved with this incident as well. Also wayne probably isn’t too happy because I bet thats his Young Money chain that he probably took back from Curren$y hahaha…. CURRRRRRRRRRRRTISSSSS

  2. unlimitedfutwear on Sun, 8th Jun 2008 8:29 am 

    yeah u real gangsta for robbing a 17 yr old these niggaz straight wack. I would understand if they robbed game or somebody but they jacked a kid (no homo!) niggaz is corny

  3. HACK on Sun, 8th Jun 2008 12:00 pm 

    Yo..this shit is really fuckin ridiculous, the nigga 40 Glocc is jus mad cause a lil nigga prob makin more than him, I mean like look at 40 Glocc’s chain compared to Tyga’s when he put’s it on LMFAO that shit is pitifull…bum ass 40 Glocc

  4. Ty on Sun, 8th Jun 2008 4:21 pm 

    bragging about robbing teenage kid for his chain ain’t gangsta especially when you make a video of it. Dumb muthafuckas..And where were these ningas at when Yung Buck and Fifty both got robbed for their chains…

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