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serena ebony

” Serena Williams is bringing new meaning to the phrase “Fun in the Sun.” From competing in the Beijing Olympics to her upcoming Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the 5-foot-9 ½-inch tennis star is heating up this summer both on and off of the court. She hung out with EBONY magazine in Malibu, Calif., for an exclusive cover shoot to discuss dating, the Olympics, and how she keeps her stellar physique in tip-top condition.

Offering tips on how she stays fit, Serena discusses indulging in scrumptious salads, which include feta cheese, candied walnuts and strawberries. “It’s too hot in the summer to cook, so I love to grill chicken and fish,” she adds. “I also love to grill vegetables and serve them chilled.” When asked about her romantic link to recording artist Common, Serena had this to say, “I think he’s a great guy. He’s obviously a great artist who is timeless and classic. You can’t beat that. But I have to focus on tennis because that’s my goal in life.” – salutes ginger over at ebony … see behind the scenes video from her photoshoot here


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  1. Mario on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 12:47 pm 

    I’m glad I dont buy these magazines.Serena dated some Jew who admitted he enjoyed his first sexual encounter with a man.Why is she on Ebony?

  2. Steve Sincock on Wed, 2nd Jul 2008 2:29 pm 

    Whoever you are, that shows anti semitism and homophobia in equal and utterly shameful measure. The issue would be how well or not he treated her, not his sexual history or his ethnicity/religious faith. I am sure you would be appaulled if someone had written such a comment about a black person who happened to be Christian/Muslim. But that is the sad nature of human ignorance and prejudice.

  3. Lily in the Valley on Wed, 16th Jul 2008 12:25 pm 

    Ok, what even made you think that Mario is black???? See how quick we jump out there. Pipe your comments down a bit. I agree with you, but you directed it to Mario as if he is black and that is the reason he feels that way. I am black and we all don’t feel that way.


    Lily in the Valley

  4. Steve Sincock on Thu, 17th Jul 2008 5:37 pm 

    Thanks for your reply Lily in the Valley. Yes I accept and concede that I may have made an assumption that the reader was black, on the basis that Ebony is a magazine for and read by a largely black readership. (I am white by the way, and happened across this website by accident).
    I am a big tennis fan and an admirer of what the Williams sisters have achieved, given the challenges that they have faced.I am of course familiar with the magazine and would not make an assumption that any publication would not be read by a diverse readership, in addition to its target audience/demographic.

    I have to take issue with “piping my comments down a bit” though! Anti semitism and homophobia are what they are, regardless of who says it. I am /would not for one minute assume that all black people think like this. That would be very dumb.I am glad that we agree on principle.

    Best wishes

    Steve (London UK).

  5. ricardo on Tue, 7th Jul 2009 12:39 pm 

    SERENA WILLIAMS mamacita quisiera que estuviera conmigo una (si pudiera mas) noche.R pido esto por que es imposible ser tu novio, ojala me encontrara en la vida una mujer parecida a ti.

    te deseo.

  6. agsari on Thu, 1st Apr 2010 5:54 am 

    i don`t like the magazine cover…because i just don`t like, she act like that :(
    but she is a good player :)

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