NAS – HERO first single off his “untitled” album

June 6, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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(listen inside)

NAS – HERO produced by polow da don first single off his “untitled” album … so far out of the 4 new songs hes leaked the last 2 been nice ….. salutes Shawty Lo & the boss Roberto for the audio



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10 Comments on "NAS – HERO first single off his “untitled” album"

  1. napps126 on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 4:59 pm 

    i think he got it for the L-O lol

  2. SHAWTY LO on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 8:32 pm 

    See Me I Dont need no Big name producer to make my hits Napps have u seen T.I. in Bankhead???????????????????

  3. Sundown on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 11:08 pm 

    he tried to come with energy but this is subpar, wrong beat for nas, as usual

  4. SHAWTY LO on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 8:27 am 

    Jay-z -A BILLI A milli freestyle Gunit- Get Down Produced By Swiss beatz

  5. napps126 on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 8:57 am 

    Funny you say that shawty,
    I had a table at prive’ next to Big Kuntry and Alfa Mega
    and when “Dunn Dunn” came on, they were no where to be found HAHAHA!!!
    T.I. still my nigga though

  6. StewXL on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 5:38 pm 

    Tight… he aint still naming the cd Nigger..??!

  7. SHAWTY LO on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 7:53 pm 

    They Dont Want with Me I da don it all Sad all dem niggas Ti put in Jail

  8. superman on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 10:58 pm 

    joint goes hard

  9. xero on Wed, 11th Jun 2008 2:01 am 

    for real tho, this is hot shit. i fuckz wit it. Nas matches the energy of the track. the flow is sick and the track is live. ’08. Nigger. Thought u knew

  10. Bmore's Finest on Fri, 20th Jun 2008 10:43 am 

    The Game Needs Him!

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