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nas black president 1
(listen inside)

NaS – BLACK PRESIDENT produced by green lantern … the chorus ft 2Pac spitting a line from I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto – onsmash



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18 Comments on "NaS – BLACK PRESIDENT"

  1. Don G on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 6:52 pm 

    Nas you the best. If they load up, we load up – Lets hope for peace though.

  2. goonie on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 7:12 pm 

    yo Nas. Big and Pac didn’t like you man
    So get off they dick please man

    - the qb don mega

  3. SHAWTY LO on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 7:34 pm 

    Have Yall Seen T.I. in Bankhead ?? Have Yall Seem NAZ in QueensBridge?????????? Tupac Didn’t like You NAZ 2nd Verse was Ok Yall got Buy this toy for ure kids Foolish Remix Video Coming soon

  4. illmatic on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 7:46 pm 

    can’t wait for the mixtape too leak

  5. PRODIGY on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 8:47 pm 

    actually pac did like him.
    pac told him 2 stay outa the west/east beaf

  6. LonDON DON - P on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 9:58 pm 

    goonie just cos men dont like each other or disagree about things does not mean that u cant recognize their skillz….it that kind of weak thinking which has this world fuckd up. Nas killd this track

  7. meccATL on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 10:31 pm 

    wtf are you talking about pac never liked nas.

    lil nigga nas think he live like me

  8. yonug on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 11:20 pm 

    Obama not going to do shit, he part of the same secret society as every other president thats been elected! Do some research on the illuminati, and the cfr! We gotta stop trusting these muthafuckas, that what got us enslaved in the first place!!! Nas I thought you was more intelligent than that…SMARTEN UP NAS!!!!!!!LOL

  9. F£V£R on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 4:54 am 

    get the fuck outta here Shawty Ho…i see that pic T.I. put out of you muhahahaha You looking like a Al Qaeda/Taliban Bitch hahaha

    Get you mothefucking weight up, not your hate up

    Can anybody tell me who took D4L seriously?

  10. Young on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 7:36 am 

    Hey?! You above? Change your fucking name!
    You put a tarnish on my government speaking like that.

  11. Riq-O on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 9:35 am 

    Crack. This is exactly what hip hop needs. F–k beef, educate yourselves and stop thinking and hustling backwards.

  12. SHAWTY LO on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 10:32 am 

    Fever have you seen T.I. in Bankhead????????????????????? I look like al queda yeah niggas that got Americas shook while dis hoe ass of nigga look that lil nigga from kriss cross. If i Saw T.Lie back in the day like that i would mopped the floor with him

  13. napps126 on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 10:32 am 

    this is what i’m talking about…who says nas fell off….

    This reminds of the song off of “I Am….”-I want to talk to you….

  14. TeTe rep the dirty ATL on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 10:58 am 

    This is hot!!! Keep doing ya thing Nas…

  15. unlimitedfutwear on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 1:07 pm 

    cooking up in the pyrex nas u can spit but u know u aint never cooked no dope!!!!

  16. yonug on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 5:20 pm 

    look lame! I tryin to teach you something here..Pay attention, and Fuck the Govenment!

  17. Cutclusion on Mon, 9th Jun 2008 5:52 pm 

    Here’s a playlist dedicated to the Obama track on Nas’s collabo :

    Wake Up : Brand Nubian
    The Future : De La Soul
    So What : Miles Davis
    Da Cypha : Wyclef
    Brand New Day : Dizzy Rascal
    Everything’s Gonna Be Alright : Naughty by Nature
    My Mind is Racing : KRS-ONE
    I Got the Feelin’ : James Brown
    That’s the Business : Big Rich
    Rise Up : Karsh Kale
    Fireman : Lil’ Wayne
    Can’t Hold Us Back : Public Enemy

  18. shamiq from 212 on Thu, 19th Jun 2008 8:22 am 

    nah yo listen to the beginning of against all odds. he talks about how nas and puffy are bitches and wanted to be able to take five shots like pac. although i think pac’s views were pretty shitty about nas.

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