G-UNIT “Straight Outta Southside”

June 5, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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new gunit straight outta southside
(listen inside)

new music from G-UNIT (50 cent , tony yayo , lloyd banks) “Straight Outta Southside”



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12 Comments on "G-UNIT “Straight Outta Southside”"

  1. jess on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 5:55 am 

    it the uuuuu-nit
    this is hot str8 fire
    i lve it

  2. Law on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 6:40 am 

    Garbage, just garbage. I hope they dont expect to put this sh*t on TOS. Not that I would buy garbage anyway…

    On the other hand, look out for that LAX July 8nd…

  3. F£V£R on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 7:00 am 

    How the f**k is that garbage you GaYme dick ridah? I admit GaYme has leaked a couple hot tracks to the web but he ain’t gonna sell more than these ni99az


  4. Young on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 7:28 am 


  5. big south on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 7:42 am 

    my niggaz ain’t going nowhere gggg-unit

  6. SHAWTY LO on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 7:17 pm 

    Have Yall Seen T.I. In Bankhead ???????? This Joint is fire here 50 and Yayo killed it

  7. Law on Thu, 5th Jun 2008 11:53 pm 

    Where’s the production, where are the lyrics…? What the f*ck are they talking about… what the f*ck are you talking about? They can do a lot better than this and that Rider 2 sh*t and you know it… They should have learned from The Game and Kanye that its about that lyrical sh*t, that production sh*t… And it ain’t about numbers, they can learn from Kanye on that one too… And Game crushed all them n*ggas on his own. With mix tapes and DVDs without sales so WTF are you saying? What are you on… seriously. Even if Game don’t sell more, you said it yourself he coming out with hot tracks… what the f*ck is this? These n*ggas aint invincible… They’re are far greater lyricists out there that know the importance of thinking of that sh*t is gonna come out of their mouths before they say it… They need to start of with some decent production. And tell 50 to stop stealing T-Pains flow…

    LAX July 8th

    Oh yeah… No homo.

  8. F£V£R on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 3:47 am 

    It looks like GaYme i mean Law is outnumbered here

  9. mark on Fri, 6th Jun 2008 6:14 pm 

    LAW IS aka the gayme writing post like it someone else talking about him.
    gayme you are a homo stripper dickssucker take your mouthoff kanye west and weezy dick .
    they are both sick of you batty boy gayme compton stripper.

  10. big country on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 1:16 am 


  11. Law on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 4:55 am 

    How the fuck is yo stupid ass calling me gay for pointing out the obvious, stupid… and why the fuck is the first comment from both ya’ll flamin’ ass dudes is some gay shit… Yo Mark, I know you just tryin’ to defend your boy-toy fever, fuckboy, or whatever the fuck is name is, but damn, dont shoot the messenger… Stick to the script. I’m tired of weak ass shit. I can choose any song they have come out with thats better than this ass paper… If ya’ll mothafuckas need to come out of the closet, stop blogging about it and just do it… Dont let me know about the shit though… Stick to music, stupid. But I got a feeling both you fuck buddies will be getting that LAX when it comes out… Dont front. Next time you wnna comment come with the facts, stupid.

    … And knowing is half the battle.

    LAX July 8th… you know what it is…

  12. Law on Sat, 7th Jun 2008 5:18 am 

    And for you… read the comment for Mark below. Then hug him and tell him it’ll be alright… Then read up on the beef thats been going on the past few years (Its obvious that you haven’t really gotten too familiar with that). Then get a f*cking clue… Then buy ‘stop snitchin’ stop lyin’, Then get on youtube and listen to 300 bars about 5 times as well as Game’s other freestyles… Then, I dont know… you let me know how G-Unit responded to that… oh yeah, buy letting Lloyd Banks sell 300,000 copies (Why the fuck is he still in G-Unit, oh yeah… he’s a fluffer), And they let go the only real nigga they had other than Game. That’s half they’re fan base, stupid! Come on man! Do the math: 4 people… 1 left. He alone was 50%. How do you divide the other 50% equally… Hmmm. I’ll give you a hint… Where would G-Unit be if 50 said fuck it…? Hmmm, that a good one. Take your time with that answer, try and sound intelligent… dont worry, I’ll wait.

    Kanye should come out with another album on the same day TOS is coming out and just murder ‘em again…

    Get the facts, stupid…

    LAX July 8th… Look out for that new Common too… dont have the date yet… but look out.

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