video from Kimbo Slice fight with James Thompson on CBS

June 1, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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video from Kimbo Slice fight with James Thompson on CBS (see prt 2 inside)


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12 Comments on "video from Kimbo Slice fight with James Thompson on CBS"

  1. L@W on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 9:53 am 


  2. Jd on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 10:27 am 

    kimbo is a fraud

  3. Cali King on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 10:44 am 

    Its only his 3rd fight bitch

  4. carloshoopla on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 12:15 pm 

    Thats match should have been called at the end of the 2nd round. He wasent blocking any of the punchs which mean that it has to be called, but since Kimbo is the big name they wounldnt let it go down that way.

  5. Y.F.H. on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 4:50 pm 

    ay yo first off….i watched thee entire event on cbs….the whole show was a good look….the chick fight was iiiiight….that cute brunette bitch who won is actually crush one of the gladiators on american gladiator….and the fight b4 kimbo that ended because home boy got his eye poked was RIIIIIDICUUULLOOOUUUS…shit was like rocky vs mr.T niggas toook maaaaad shots each so shout out to those 2 fighters….and finally…….that colleyflower ear that kimbos opponent had was by far one of thee grossest things i eva seen BEFORRRE THAT SHIT EXPLODED WITH BLOOD…that shit was dannngling and all bloody fucking GROSS….and right quick….the way you get colleyflower ear is…the cartiledge in your ear actually explodes inside and basically triples in size which compacts the part of ear and hardens it…..nnnnnasty

  6. daruler on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 5:53 pm 

    kimbo is a beast!

  7. Naz on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 8:12 pm 

    New Macy gay and Gayme

  8. superman on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 11:14 pm 

    yeah yeah yeah the dude gave kimbo a good match but when it comes to them hands kimbo will put it to u

  9. hendogg on Mon, 2nd Jun 2008 1:32 am 

    This is the bullshit the only reason it was stopped is bc it was cbs and they were too sensitive they didnt want to see anything bad on network television its fucked up it should never have been on cbs I love kimbo but he must be illuminati cuz he got bailed out in this one

  10. Kuruption on Mon, 2nd Jun 2008 5:31 am 

    LMAO on that illuminati ish! Yea, there was definitely an air of B.S. cuz this joint was on CBS (all seeing eye BTW). But this crap was bogus, EXC is crap anyhow, just like Showtime. They took this MMA stuff one step closer to professional wrestling like WWF-styles. Chicks dancin and rappers with fireworks, cmon man, that dude with the shades and glittery robe??! Wack dude. Kimbo is tight, they shoulda let him finish off that dude, all he needed was five more seconds cuz dat beyotch was gonna drop with two more solid hits.

  11. daruler on Mon, 2nd Jun 2008 2:25 pm 

    dude was goin’ down anyway regardless if they stopped it or not. he was dazed and confused when they was tryin’ to wipe the blood from the side of his head…

  12. Cide on Wed, 4th Jun 2008 11:41 pm 

    Kimbo’s been exposed. He has no ground game and no stamina. A fighter with a half decent ground game that can make it to the 2nd round could take him easily.

    I think he’s trying to learn too much too fast. He doesn’t need to become a jujitsu master overnight. For now, just step up the take down and ground defense and DEFINITELY work on the cardio.

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