Bitchmade Spurs allowed the Lakers to win

May 30, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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“The war against Kobe Stans (Terrorism) is very real. The Lakers must not win it all this year. Can you imagine the madness in the streets if the Lakers win the championship this year? The kind of bedlam and hyperbole written about him will have no end. There will be no offseason this year.We’ll go from Kobe in the Finals to Kobe for GOAT to Kobe solves the Democratic Nomination and becomes the Nominee of the party for President to Kobe in the Olympics to how does Kobe respond to such a great season in ’07-’08 in ’08-’09″

- Honorable ‘Sass

…. a bad day just became even worse ….. first i got food poisoned (ate a bad roti) …… now the hoe ass spurs allow the lakers to come back and win …on some real sh-t how the fuck do you blow a 17 point lead ….. its up to the celtics to save us from the second worst stans ….

dons updated most hated list

1. england The Spurs

2. the nigga from the GMC Yukon denali commercial

3. nicolas Cage

4. NJ & long island

5. high gas prices


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11 Comments on "Bitchmade Spurs allowed the Lakers to win"

  1. The Honorable 'Sass on Fri, 30th May 2008 3:03 am 

    You already know how I feel about this shit. LOL and to be honest it ain’t even Kobe that I hate, it’s Stans. They’re the ones that take their adulation too damn far. You thought it was out of control before, you can fuckin forget about it if he gets a ring without Shaq (even though Shaq been there done that without that nigga, lo next round.)

    That said, Celtics in 6 still next round.

  2. napps126 on Fri, 30th May 2008 7:17 am 

    DAMN! for you to take england off the list is kinda extreme!!! they must’ve really pissed u off lol

  3. big south on Fri, 30th May 2008 7:26 am 

    da spurs still my team but it was da lakers time point blank so say what u want about da spurs but i bat we will be back next year ya dig

  4. ego101 on Fri, 30th May 2008 9:36 am 

    teh spurs need sum youth.. period. idk why folks hate kobe.. maybe his off the court situations n shit.. as a hooper the boi is arguably the best right now and will be argued as a all-time great. and how dont the spurs play r.horry or udoka(sp) in a elimination game.. r u serious??

    and shaq!?? shaq aint win a ring w/o having a major supporting cast around him.. he always had a ALL-Star gaurd on his team.. he had penny, n.anserson, h.grant, d.scott in orlando.. he had kobe, fisher, fox, etc in la.. DWADE in miami.. i could name plenty players. he has ALWAYS had a great team around him.

    this years lakers are a better TEAM then the ones that one the rings, imo! no t.ariza.. no bynum.. no chris mihm.. plus the competition is so much stronger now.. its more spread out.. say whatcha wanna.. the lakers earned this series.. the finals should be amazin

  5. Naz on Fri, 30th May 2008 10:07 am 

    Lakers We DA Best fuck them old head spurs

  6. GorrillaMack on Fri, 30th May 2008 1:24 pm 

    So I geuss what ever team and players yall like then yall they stans huh. Don’t hate just because Laker fans got something to brag about. If it was your team yall would be bigger Stans than yall claim we are. So, fuck haters, go Lakers. Get used to it muthafuckas. I’m a Lakers fan, If Bill o’rielly was on the Lakers he would be my boy, as long as he got the purple and gold on.

  7. unlimitedfutwear on Fri, 30th May 2008 3:16 pm 

    you hatin like a motherfucker kobe is the man and after the chip he’s getting finals mvp after that he gonna win gold. The last to do that was who MJ? Kobe is the truth jus accept it!

  8. FEWTURE on Fri, 30th May 2008 3:17 pm 

    Yeah I hate that DNALI jackass too for some reason…..the nigga annoying as fuck….but hey, fuck the spurs and the lakers…..but i gotta go with the lakers…

  9. xsquad423 on Fri, 30th May 2008 3:28 pm 

    Jordan had HATERS too.

    Congrats Kobe.

  10. Beaton Cakes on Fri, 30th May 2008 6:04 pm 

    Maaaaaaan, FUCC the spurs! Its about the LAKE SHOW! We takin it this year, fucc ya’ll thought. Monkey ass spurs… And we already kno can’t no eastern conference teams beat a West coast team, c’mon now.

    I didn’t kno my dude who runs SMARTENUPNAS was a LOS ANGELES HATER! Hahaha Its still love tho. I’ll still come support the site LoL

  11. Belize on Sun, 1st Jun 2008 4:34 am 

    Fuk d Lakers and D Spurs

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