Obama Faces Racism in West Virginia

May 20, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Obama Faces Racism in West Virginia – salutes The Honorable ‘Sass


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8 Comments on "Obama Faces Racism in West Virginia"

  1. Rellextra on Tue, 20th May 2008 12:46 pm 

    Gotta love blatant racism!

  2. LiVeWiRe on Tue, 20th May 2008 5:26 pm 

    Wow! That state is fucked up

  3. small eyez on Tue, 20th May 2008 8:00 pm 

    Shit Is REAL.

    Fuck what they SAYIN!

    good looks DonofDons.

  4. napps126 on Wed, 21st May 2008 7:53 am 

    and i thought black people were ignorant…..
    *sigh this is a relief
    shorty said barack is muslim… i guess all black people are muslim

  5. Michelle on Wed, 21st May 2008 10:14 am 

    That’s sad… those people are so ignorant! It’s 2008, racism should be dead by now. Please understand this white folks: “WE’RE HERE & WE AIN’T GOIN NO WHERE!!!”

  6. King K on Wed, 21st May 2008 10:32 pm 

    Motha fucka!

    Finally someone for change and these red necks would rather put Bush a.k.a McCain back in office to continue to fuck up America. Now you see why black people act the way we do…Mccain for president??? would fuck all of us up both white’s and black’s.

    Think! this shit is bigger than color matha fuckas!

  7. Cide on Thu, 22nd May 2008 9:41 am 

    He should’ve asked them if they would vote for an Obama/Hillary ticket. Their heads probably would’ve exploded.

  8. Svelte on Fri, 23rd May 2008 7:39 am 

    What do you want from a state that is known for marrying into their own families! IGNORANCES To the 10th power!

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