Jay-Z after party @ the 40/40 club

May 7, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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jay-z beyonce
(see more pictures inside)

Jay-Z after party @ the 40/40 club … pictures of ..tom brady , beyonce , loso , a-rod & more

steve stoute jay-z beyonce jay-z a rod joy brant sexy beast bentley fabolous the brooklyn don kevin durant jay-z arod tom brady and irv gotti beyonce sexy ass beyonce 40 40 irv gotti


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10 Comments on "Jay-Z after party @ the 40/40 club"

  1. Young on Wed, 7th May 2008 11:37 am 

    Hov is the coolest Black Man walking the planet.

  2. Young on Wed, 7th May 2008 11:37 am 

    Besides myself of course.
    Smell Me?

  3. napps126 on Wed, 7th May 2008 12:33 pm 

    im not bite anyone’s swag ya dig but where the hell fabolous finds his clothes???? that Louis vouitton(i cant spell) hoody is ill….

  4. Real Talk on Wed, 7th May 2008 12:41 pm 

    Beyonce’s still the hottest chick in the game – Hov did right by that.

  5. Belize on Wed, 7th May 2008 1:07 pm 

    Steve Stoute says: Nigga Im out, they just popped a bottle….ha!

  6. Lost $tar on Wed, 7th May 2008 1:13 pm 

    Where’s Damon Dash?

  7. NJKING on Wed, 7th May 2008 1:31 pm 

    i like this.
    Jay is being more of a human, showing more personality in pics. See the pic of Fabolous? thats how Jay used to be in every pic.
    I like the playful “holla at me baby” swag hes got here

  8. Parents Just Don't Understand on Wed, 7th May 2008 5:00 pm 

    Jay…is laid back..mind on my money and my money on my mind

  9. Buck5 on Wed, 7th May 2008 5:40 pm 

    Where’s Biggs? Where’s Jaz-O?? Where’s Sauce????

  10. JR on Fri, 9th May 2008 11:33 am 

    Where’s Esco?

    *stares at Beyonce legs*

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