50 Shots: Sean Bell Story & Report

April 28, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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50 Shots: Sean Bell Story & Report


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6 Comments on "50 Shots: Sean Bell Story & Report"

  1. Nuts on Mon, 28th Apr 2008 7:56 pm 

    I hate the fucking police they be trying to kill all of us man as long as you aint white we are all just target practice to theses crackers. Fuck the government and fuck the police my heart goes out to all them niggaz who been gun down by the police cuz we all one i dont give a fuck if a next nigga dont believe that but open your eyes and look at the clear picture.

  2. small eyez on Mon, 28th Apr 2008 11:50 pm 

    repostin for the world.


  3. prakash on Tue, 29th Apr 2008 5:21 pm 


    this just proves that we ARE EXPENDABLE. especially, young black males. however, just the past few weeks ago, people were saying that obama benefits from being black?!?? THERE IS NEVER A BENEFIT TO BEING BLACK.

  4. Joanne on Mon, 2nd Mar 2009 7:21 pm 

    I would like to know how I can get a copy of this video: 50 Shots: Sean Bell Story and Report.

  5. ruby on Wed, 1st Apr 2009 9:41 am 

    this is just messed up, white people swear they aint racist!!!! but based on this story, we got our answer

  6. Mike on Tue, 3rd Nov 2009 9:15 pm 

    Yeah, they sure are racist. The officer who fired the first shots was Black you morons. Get all of your facts straight before you start trying to sound like Rev. Al. Oh, I forgot, there seems to be this general misconception among blacks that any black man or woman who becomes a police officer is a self-hating black and an Uncle Tom. Yeah, he didn’t have a gun. But a car can kill someone just as well as a gun can. Use common sense.

    If you want police to stop shooting people, stop committing crimes. Don’t try and run over an officer when he identifies himself as such. Police don’t shoot people for no reason. They only do so when they feel threatened.

    Again, get your facts straight, you sound ignorant.

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