Plies Definition Of Real Album cover

April 22, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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plies definition of real album cover
(see the behind the scenes video of bust it baby prt 2 ft neyo inside)

…… Plies Definition Of Real Album cover ……….. this will prolly be my only post of the day … because its just too nice outside to be blogging …. instead imma meet some broads off the partyline , and get my hair braided …. -btw salutes Angella for the pic


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6 Comments on "Plies Definition Of Real Album cover"

  1. prakash on Tue, 22nd Apr 2008 5:13 pm 

    please, i was just giving props to this dude a few weeks ago for being one of the few intelligent southern rappers.

    he trying too hard now ……………….

    much success to him anyway

  2. Repping Beantown on Tue, 22nd Apr 2008 5:31 pm 

    Thank you very much for the link back good people ;)

  3. bstar on Wed, 23rd Apr 2008 12:12 am 

    what is wrong with this dude?
    I agree he is trying to hard…goon chain?skimask?boxers showin?”real”?..too much

  4. Young on Wed, 23rd Apr 2008 9:10 am 

    Why does tv and record companies promote this shit?
    Folks are buying into this shit (goons, thugs, d-rugs, guns) which in turn causes
    40 people to get killed in a matter of 4 days. (*(Chicago, IL) Love to all who lost a loved one in that madness.*)
    Cause they thought being a coon, I mean “GOON” was the shit.
    Use your intellect for good brau! Your music and message has such an influence but the money you seek from these companies may as well be blood money. Saddens me this fella comes off like a smart dude but dresses and looks like an ANUS.

    DO WORK!!!!!!!!!

  5. Big Swan on Wed, 23rd Apr 2008 10:10 am 

    he coming out the same day as weezy f bad move homey push ya shit up a week or back one cause when weezy drop that’s all that is selling that week

  6. StewXL on Wed, 23rd Apr 2008 3:36 pm 

    It should say COON!

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