cast Pictures from the new G.I joe Movie

April 18, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Dark Sky
(see more pictures inside)

…. Pictures of the cast from the new G.I joe movie ….. dont know which G.i joe marlon wayne is supposed to be …..

Dark Sky Dark Sky Dark Sky gi joe 2


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12 Comments on "cast Pictures from the new G.I joe Movie"

  1. napps126 on Fri, 18th Apr 2008 3:15 pm 

    Lets hope this turns out good….transformers was excellent…but i dont know about this one

  2. bstar on Fri, 18th Apr 2008 6:41 pm 


  3. Eightys Baby on Sat, 19th Apr 2008 1:38 am 

    Pictures of smoke eyes leaked a few weeks back, but I dont know what the hell Marlon is even doing in this.

    *Give up hope of movie being decent*

  4. Alesia on Sat, 19th Apr 2008 11:38 am 

    Ahahahahahah Now that’s comedy!

  5. I ATE 50 AND FAT JOE IN THE SAND on Sat, 19th Apr 2008 7:37 pm 

    Marlon will be Ripcord….

    Get your G.I. Joe up!

  6. unlimitedfutwear on Sat, 19th Apr 2008 10:09 pm 

    they betta not mess this up

  7. J to tha Tigga on Mon, 21st Apr 2008 10:50 am 

    I hope Marlon does well. no hate here…….

  8. JEFF CARVAJAL on Thu, 21st Aug 2008 10:58 am 

    I guess Marlon is not ROADBLOCK but the other guy is? Right!!

  9. Acneguy on Tue, 8th Sep 2009 6:06 am 

    I used to watch GI Joe animated series wayback in my childhood days. the movie version of GI Joe is definitely the best.

  10. Anne7 on Sun, 18th Oct 2009 8:14 am 

    i like GI Joe and my favorite character is Scarlett. i used to watch the cartoon version when i was a teenager

  11. Caramoan17 on Mon, 28th Dec 2009 11:13 am 

    When i was a kid, i watched GI Joe animated version on TV all the time. GI Joe Movie is also a very good rendition of the original GI Joe cartoon series.

  12. Oliver Jones on Wed, 28th Apr 2010 1:05 pm 

    i love watching GI Joe, both the cartoon series and the movie. I am hoping that they would make a sequel. |

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