Do Fly – Music video dedication to those lost and the survivors of a terrible tragedy

April 15, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Do Fly – Music video dedication to those lost and the survivors of a terrible tragedy.

During the tragic events that took place last year, we came together to create a song dealing with the events from our perspective. Our verses deal with the confusion, the pain, the loss, and the prayers for those lost and the hope for all that such a tragedy never occurs again.

Recently, there have been reports of similar incidents that could occur as well as tragedies that have shown still that these mass shootings can and will occur again. We thought it was important to take the music we created and begin to circulate it to keep the memorial of those who passed as well as to keep a running dialogue for those all affected or potentially affected by the thought of committing one of these acts of violence or being a victim of one.

Our group, The Remnant Project, is comprised of Virginia Tech alumni and former Blacksburg residents so this was a very important song for us. In the process for creating a video for the song, we thought the best thing we could do would be to remove visual depictions of ourselves from the screen and focus purely on those images of the event that show the loss and the coming together of thousands.

We hope that your organization will assist us in keeping the memory of those lost


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