Kim Kardashian showing off her bongo jeans collection

April 8, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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kim kardashian bongo jeans234
(see more pictures insie)

Kim Kardashian showing off her bongo jeans collection

kim kardashian bongo jeans23 kim kardashian bongo jeans2 kim kardashian bongo jeans


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5 Comments on "Kim Kardashian showing off her bongo jeans collection"

  1. Coffee on Tue, 8th Apr 2008 5:17 pm 

    Oh no. I wouldn’t be caght DEAD in some Bongo Jeans! Her face, as always, is flawless.

  2. Real Talk on Wed, 9th Apr 2008 3:48 pm 

    Oh, how she wishes her ass and her breasts were real – lmao!

  3. Toni Montana on Thu, 10th Apr 2008 9:17 am 

    Can somebody please tell her Bongo’s Is NEVA comin back. Bitch might as well get a deal with Cross Colors too. whatever. at least shes using her booty for good.
    Only way they gonna sell those is if she wear them and sell them fresh wit her panty pudding still in em. im sure ray-j buy a few.

  4. Grippin' & Dippin' on Thu, 10th Apr 2008 12:27 pm 

    I see Bongo being a hit with teens. I think this is a good look for Kim.

  5. Ian2861 on Tue, 25th Nov 2008 1:23 pm 

    She looks great.

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