ROC BOYS remix video

April 2, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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ROC BOYS remix video LMAO


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12 Comments on "ROC BOYS remix video"

  1. alwayzambitious on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 8:27 am 

    thats wrong man lol.. even its true ..but how fooled can the public be..

    nas dont gotta show it off… just cause hedoesnt dont mean he dont got it..but point taken lol

  2. Ben Frank on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 11:18 am 

    In response to the 1st comment… Nas does have money.. just not as much as them… because in all reality to us, he’s rich as a Mutha.. but to jay-z and Puff…. He’s Like 2-3 tax brackets below… But at the end of the day.. the only people who can truly laugh at this are Jay, Puff, and anybody with their money…

  3. DENIRO BLACK on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 11:31 am 


  4. Just... on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 1:43 pm 

    In response to the second comment: And DENIRO BLACK (the preson who made the 3rd comment)

  5. Hombre Negro on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 4:13 pm 


    i personally didn’t think puff belonged.

  6. str8shoota on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 4:30 pm 

    The only thing that doesn’t belong in my opinion is Sean Combs and his non rhyming ass. Jay and Nas can rhyme. If money is the issue the point is still mute because what I see is 3 black men getting paid in different ways. You need to go back & listen to Nas’s verse from the song Success off Jay’s American Gangsta where he spits “I cribs in different continents”……..let that bitch breathe.

  7. napps126 on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 4:46 pm 

    i swear don…if i see u…imma whoop yo ass….lol!!!!!

  8. Don Of Dons. on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 5:05 pm 


  9. Eightys Baby on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 5:15 pm 

    This is cold blooded. Hillarious, but cold blooded.

  10. forbes on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 10:42 pm 

    He didnt belong in that scene cos when jay spit this kinda talk only reserved for the bosses it showed puff/jay n nas. i dont think nas is a boss shoulda been Puff/jay/50 cent forbes 123 however if was like best mc’s puff dont belong obviously but it cut to them when jay said boses maybe jay sublinaly sonned nas or im just reaching. Anyway no hate for nas he one of the best to touch the mic.

  11. An. on Thu, 3rd Apr 2008 11:33 pm 

    damn yall really hate nas ..hahaha

  12. Roc Boys Remix Video (Comedy) at SNICKA on Mon, 12th Oct 2009 10:06 pm 

    [...] spotted at SmartenUpNas [...]

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