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Samsung NV 24HD digital camera _____________________________________________________
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Samsung NV 24HD digital camera

Samsung Digital Camera Introduces the `Samsung NV 24HD’ Premium HD Camera Plus 3 Others

- Equipped with 24mm wide-angle 3.6x optical zoom Schneider lens
- Has 2.5 inch AM OLED display and powerful HD quality video support
- Uses latest technology including blink detection and smile shot features

Samsung Digital Camera (CEO Lee Joong-Goo,, a leader among global digital camera companies with innovative technology, is releasing the Samsung NV24HD, a new HD digital camera, and the Samsung NV40, NV30 and NV4 premium digital cameras with upgraded designs and capabilities.
Samsung NV 24HD digital camera 4 Samsung NV 24HD digital camera 3 Samsung NV 24HD digital camera 2 Samsung NV 24HD digital camera
Even before the new NV24HD, NV40, NV30 and NV4 products were released domestically, they were introduced at the CES, the world`s top IT consumer electronics show, in Las Vegas and at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany, receiving much interest and praise from around the world.

NV24HD provides the pleasure of full HD resolution through its AM OLED

â–¡ Samsung Techwin, which released the first HDMI compact digital camera, has equipped the NV24HD with further upgraded HD technology to provide the pleasure of viewing high quality, clear FULL HD images. Its video features have been enhanced using the next generation H.264 video standard and support a 1280×720 30fps frame rate to make shooting clear HD quality stereo sound videos possible. This model uses MJEPG for more than 10 times the contrast efficiency. It is possible to operate the NV24HD remotely with a Samsung DTV remote control through Anynet technology, making it easy to create high quality images from even your living room couch.

â–¡ The NV24HD boasts high 10.2 megapixel resolution with a 24mm ultra wide angle 3.6 optical zoom lens so that wide shots can be taken from a limited distance. It is equipped with the Dream Engine, a rapid image correction feature developed with exclusive Samsung technology so that high quality images can be shot more quickly and clearly.

â–¡ What is especially noticeable about the NV24HD is its 6.4cm (2.5 inch) AM OLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. AM OLED has received much fame as a next generation display. It emits light itself so that the screen does not distort depending on the viewing angle and its response speed is 2,000 times faster than TFT LCD. Through this, the brightness of the NV24HD`s display shows picture subjects clearly even in the outdoors and recreates colors more naturally.

â–¡ NV24HD also uses its resources to maximize image stabilization. It supports optical image stabilization (OIS) and Samsung`s exclusive digital image stabilization (DIS) at the same time to take clean, shake-free images in low-light and indoors environments or shaky environments without a flash or tripod. Its ACB (Auto Contrast Blance) feature automatically adjusts to the subject`s brightness to capture fine details even in difficult shooting situations.

□ In addition to this, the NV24HD has a face detection feature and a cutting-edge self portrait feature that emits a sound when one’s face goes out of the frame when taking a picture of oneself. Also, if you use the Smile & Blink Detection feature which recognizes the appearance of a smile or the blink of an eye, the camera will take 3 continuous shots and choose the one where your eyes are not blinking to make it easier to take pictures of groups.

â–¡ The NV24HD has a Red Eye Fix feature to automatically post-correct red eyes. It also has 7 different types of effects for beginning and intermediate users in its Photo Style Selector feature plus a motion capture feature, high speed continuous shot and more to make shooting a greater variety of pictures possible.

□ “The NV24HD is the result of Samsung Techwin’s next generation camera technology and we expect it will lead the future digital camera market,” said a Samsung representative. “In the future, as a leading digital camera company, we will keep striving to provide consumers with a more convenient and enjoyable shooting experience.”

Upgraded capabilities – Samsung NV40, NV30. Convergence Features – NV4.

â–¡ Released along with the NV24HD, the NV40 and NV30 are the second generation of Samsung`s NV series and boast an ultra-light weight with a slim body (94.5x59x18.8mm) that doesn`t weigh more than 133g. The NV40 and NV30 have 10.5 and 8.1 megapixel resolutions respectively and are equipped with 3x optical zoom lenses and maximum ISO 3200 high sensitivity.

â–¡ The NV40 and NV30 are equipped with exclusive technology developed by Samsung called the Dream Engine. They shoot high resolution pictures quickly and clearly and display them accurately with a 6.4cm (2.5 inch) 230,000 pixel high clarity Intelligent TFT LCD.

□ With the NV40 and NV30, it is possible to take pictures in dark places without shakiness. They use optical image stabilization (OIS) and Samsung`s exclusive digital image stabilization (DIS) at the same time so that clear images can be shot in any situation. They also provide a Face Detection feature for optimal portrait shooting and an ACB (Auto Contrast Blance) feature that automatically adjusts to the subject’s brightness, delivering the best quality even in environments where shooting is difficult.

□ Part of the premium NV series, the NV4 combines “see, listen and enjoy” convergence features in an 17.5mm ultra slim camera. In classic silver and black or vivid pink, the NV4 has a high-quality, futuristic design with two types of models: a sturdy stainless model and a light-weight, ultra-durable, bio-friendly titanium model.

□ The NV4 is equipped with a 8,200,000 resolution 3x zoom inner lens and is optimized for image stabilization, which is often missing in slim digital cameras, through DIS (Digital Image Stablization), developed with Samsung’s exclusive technology.

â–¡ The NV4 has 7 different added features including PMP, MP3 music playback, video playback, a text viewer, etc., so that the user can enjoy multimedia features through the camera 24 hours a day, anytime, anywhere.


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