WOULD YOU PAY HER $1,000 a hour for some pumpum – governor Eliot Spitzer did

March 13, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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Ashley Alexandra Dupra Eliot Spitzer alleged hooker
(see more pictures inside)

pictures of “Kristen” the alleged prostitute governor Eliot Spitzer allegedly paid $1,000 a hour for some box …… fair to say the former gov never heard of the party line ….

** any girls that have $200 & want some good Buddy get at me …. btw hurry up because my hosting bill just came in

Ashley Alexandra Dupré Eliot Spitzer alleged hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupré Eliot Spitzer alleged hooker 2 Ashley Alexandra Dupré Eliot Spitzer alleged hooker 3


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34 Comments on "WOULD YOU PAY HER $1,000 a hour for some pumpum – governor Eliot Spitzer did"

  1. ROOSTER on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 7:56 am 



  2. nigel moneysworth on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 7:57 am 

    i said the same thing 2000 dollars i could buy a nice hundayi get like 12 hoodrats and still got paper left over

    she sexy but 1000 a hour whoa that must be a golden pum pum

  3. b.b on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 8:30 am 

    If the head right b.b their ayynite

  4. AB on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 9:31 am 

    There aint no way. But looking at Spitzers wife, I understand

  5. Jeff on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 10:54 am 

    Who are you clowns trying to kid? You guys would all do her in a second. None of you have been with anyone half as hot as her and youre going to talk trash about her? Give me a fricken’ break. The last time any of you got laid is with your left hand on your junk and your right hand holding onto a dirty magazine. You couldnt get laid in a whore house with a fist full of fifties!

  6. Vlad on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 11:19 am 

    I could see if she looked like “COCO”! She reminds me of the type that would be a “Bartender in a Sports Bar Type of Chick”! Hope her stuff was really good, cause Spitzer may be goin’ to jail and all he’s gonna have is that memory! Another Dumb-Ass got caught!

  7. anonymous on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 12:09 pm 

    Spitzer slightly overpaid this chic….like $79,900 too much!!!!!!!

  8. latimer on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 1:23 pm 

    let’s face it we all like the pumpin but to pay that much next time jest go to the hood

  9. Jeff on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 1:41 pm 

    Hey anonymous, youve never even come close to screwing a chick that looks remotely close to alexandra!! 79,900 too much? Thats right, you can only afford the 100 bucks you spend for some toothless, rotten, stinky, greasy, skank on the street corner. Get a life pal.

  10. Young on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 2:27 pm 

    Only stupid muhfuckas pay for pussy number 1.
    Number 2 this dame ain’t worth the bathing suit she soaking in.
    Muhfuckas is assholes for paying for chocha. You the Gov. of NEW YORK and you gotta pay for ass? Credibility will get you ANYTHING. Obviously his was shot from jump. I wish I would! “Jeff” you buggin’…it’s 2008 and women are finer and outnumbering men out here. No way a man should be paying for shit the next would probably give him for free. Overstand that! Looking at the cat though (white man) he was gonna pay ANYWAY! That’s what they do…NASTY ASS WHITE BOYS! Should’ve asked him what’s the wildest thing he did: BROWN SHOWER?.LOL

  11. Jeff on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 2:36 pm 

    Hey man, I agree, no guy should ever pay for a piece of ass! A thousand bucks an hour? You kidding me? Youll end up paying in the end either way…..but this is a joke.

  12. Safado on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 3:11 pm 

    for that money, he could’ve went on vacation and slammed bitches hotter than that for a fraction of the cost.

  13. DRe on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 3:59 pm 

    I wouldn’t. He went about this the wrong way. If you gon’ do it, it’s a way to do it. He coould have made her a paid consultant. He could have given her an apartment and put her on schedule. This guys father is a real estate mogul. He himself last year made 1.2 million in rental income. There are a million better ways he could have done this… Stupid.

  14. prakash on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 6:30 pm 

    she is ok. no better than any other chick you’d see in walmart.

    “could see if she looked like “COCO”! ” COSIGN.

    i would not give that chick a bag of doritos to hit.

  15. Coffee on Thu, 13th Mar 2008 8:49 pm 

    Are you guys REALLY putting CoCo over her?! Really???!!! She SMASHES CoCo….I think the fact that she’s a “call girl” (A PAID one at that…not condoning, just stating the facts) is probably turning you all off, I don’t know. She looks REAL and has that great olive tanned skin, shiny brunette hair, seductive smile,…..Coco on the other hand…..well, I guess I can see what you like in her…….you men. Gotta love ya.

  16. GoFiGuRe!!! on Fri, 14th Mar 2008 4:18 am 

    Nah son, not happen’n

  17. anonymous on Fri, 14th Mar 2008 12:06 pm 

    suck a dick jeff…bitch azz faggot
    if you gotta pay for pussy…which you do based on your attitude bout my comment…than you’re a fucking loser LOL
    there are far more women on this planet than men and you and that faggot spitzer gotta pay fot the punany…pathetic

  18. Jeff on Fri, 14th Mar 2008 12:46 pm 

    hey douche bag you can take that stupid ass tough “black” talk and shove it up your ass!! Ass isnt spelled “azz” you moron. I dont have to pay for shit fuck head. Go back into your trailer or your one room apartment in the ghetto with your 400 pound girlfriend and wait for your welfare check. You are an idiot. Better yet, consider going back to get your GED, no wait, you’d have to get your middle school GED first. Your a big tough guy huh? Bring it bitch.

  19. Ne Where Gang on Fri, 14th Mar 2008 4:10 pm 

    her mouth game must be on point cuz she FUGLY

  20. Jeff on Fri, 14th Mar 2008 4:33 pm 

    okay Ne Where Gang, you are an idiot too. She’s ugly? I guarantee she’s better looking than your fat ass girlfriend or wife! You couldnt get laid either in a whore house with a fist full of fifties! Back to your trailer or 200 square foot dump apartment in the “ghetto”!!!

  21. anonymous on Mon, 17th Mar 2008 2:47 pm 

    jeff: bring it bitch….yea you’re really talking…over words…bitch azz…yea with a zz…what’s really good…hiding behind no picture and email…if you really want it…you know what to do…come see me wigger (for you that means…white nigger)…idiot…wants a internet war…i fight with hands not words…something you’re too scared to do…pussy

  22. kory from ohio on Mon, 17th Mar 2008 3:40 pm 

    she cute but aint no pum pum worth 6 thousand double cheeseburgers

  23. Jeff on Mon, 17th Mar 2008 4:32 pm 

    You fight with fists, not words!!! Wow, your a big tough guy you dipshit!!!!! Back to the “ghetto”…how about you pull up your pants that are 8 sizes too big, your jersey that is 10 sizes too big, and your ugly moppy ass grease covered hair that needs to be shampooed. You have the intellect of a 3rd grader, but youve never made it past the 3rd grade. Bitch I would mop the floor up with your ugly ass face you bitch. You fight with hands? No, punk ass bitches like you pull out a gun ‘cuz you know you’d get your fucken’ ass kicked.

  24. anonymous on Tue, 18th Mar 2008 9:06 am 

    ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
    talk about 3rd grade intellect…it’s because not cuz (wanna be black so bad but your girl getting the black dick while you watch makes up for it).
    fucken…i believe it’s fucking for the gramatically challenged…you low life.

    got nothing to do but respone to 2 week old bulletins
    should you be at work asking those important questions “paper or plastic”… “would you like that supersized”

  25. Jeff on Tue, 18th Mar 2008 9:24 am 

    Well smart ass, I make more money in a month than you make in a fucken’ year. It appears you are the one gramatically challenged, did you not see my ( ‘ ) after the word….that is done to shorten the word and make it easier to understand for those of you from the “hood” or the “ghetto”. I have a bulletin for you losers. Talking like your in the hood and acting like your a gangster dont make you a gangster. Your all just a bunch of wannabes. Dont wear your hat off to the side. Take the babushka off of your head. Pull your pants up and put on a belt. Tie up your tennis shoes. Buy a starter jacket that is your size, not one that would fit a 400 pound person.
    I wanna be black????? Why would I want that? I have black friends, but there all successful college graduates like myself, not dumb ass low lifes making six bucks an hour. The black people I know talk normal, not with the ghetto slang like you all use, are professional, look normal, dress normal, and dont think the world owes them something because their black. Get a fucking life you losers!

  26. Jeff on Tue, 18th Mar 2008 9:31 am 

    I think that pretty much sums it up. Paper or plasic, huh? Do you hear that alot at the local McDonalds? I’m an electrical engineer, and some low life ass clown like you wouldnt be allowed to bag my fucking groceries or wash any of my cars. I have no more time for corresponding with mental-midgets and people with the IQ of a child. Good riddance to all you fuck heads who want the whole world to bow down at your feet because your black. Want some fucking cheese with your wine bitch? Goodbye!

  27. JRIZZLE on Tue, 18th Mar 2008 10:15 am 

    Damn jeff, your cathing a lot of feelings over some prostitute!! Is that your wife or sister??!! Man, don’t be mad because some people think your sister or whoever she is to you isn’t good looking. She’s actually not that cute, kind of a lil marsupial in the face. I’ve fucked a lot better looking white broads out here in california. Also, stop talking so tough on the internet man!! We all know you wouldn’t do a damn thing to any one of these brothas if you saw them in the streets having this same conversation!!

  28. anonymous on Tue, 18th Mar 2008 11:43 am 

    my man JRIZZLE….this bitch ass jeff talking all that shit but is the same one driving through the hood with his windows up and his doors locked LOL…some corny ass white boy…Jeffery…you keep fucking those flat ass white girls to build your esteem up…why you think white girls love black guys?? it aint the slang motherfuker…ask your girl why see only fucks you once a month?? cuz the other 29 days she recouperating from getting her back blown out….electrical engineer…LOL…just because you put a ceiling fan in your basement doesn’t make you a engineer LOL…contrary to what you may think…blacks are very intelligent…we’re your worst enemy in the corporate world….I’m one of them…I dont have a college degree…I actually have 2 and I run a company…that’s why I have so much time to trash your ass…next time double bag my shit cuz my eggs broke…and get that shopping carriage all the way out in the parking lot….engineer dont make me laugh eminem…….

  29. Jeff on Tue, 18th Mar 2008 3:47 pm 

    Well guess what? Where I live there isn’t no hood to drive through! The only black people in my city are your average hard working folk. College educated, smart, and easy to get along with. There’s a black couple down the street from me, decent people. No part of town where anyone cant walk down the street and worry about being jumped, so there isnt any need to worry about locking your doors or being jumped by all the tough guys in the hood. Guess I got it better than most people.

    Why do you think all white gals like black guys?? They dont! How come the only white gals I see with black guys are 300 pound plus white gals driving around some skinny pencil neck black guy? Do all black guys like fat white women????? Or do these skinny black guys with the fat white chicks not have drivers licenses and just using the fat white chick for a ride? So your philosophy of white women liking black guys is only true to a very small level – fat white chicks only!

    Here’s my other question….why is it that all black guys “think” and “assume” that there so well endowed? You snoop dog wannabes dont have anything else that any of us white boys dont have. People that brag that there so big are the same guys sporting a 3 inch woody. It’s the same old stuff with you guys. Only difference between us is that us white guys have jobs! You have 2 college degrees and run your own company? Some certificate from the internet doesnt count, and running a hot dog and lemonade stand from your apartment building complex parking lot doesnt constitute a business in my book. My electrical engineering degree comes from a first class Big Ten institution……not Kaplan University online or some other certificate thats only good to use as ass wipe. I’ll give you a little credit, you seem to be able to communicate properly and understandable, and I must admit some of your stuff is a little funny too.

  30. anonymous on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 8:10 am 

    well congrats on graduating summa cum laude from devry institute or was that chubb institute or perhaps ITT…i’m so proud of you…the top student in a class of 6 brings tears to my eyes…(give me a moment to gather composure)…ok i’m back…you’re just a pawn on my chess board…doing what i tell you to…case in point…i’m responding with a short paragraph and watch you respond…just like i want you to…loser

  31. Jeff on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 9:23 am 

    You are the loser my friend….everything I said was the truth and now the cat has got your fucking tongue! I hit every nail on the head and you dont have anything to come back with!!! HAHAHA you loser! Time to go back to the apartment building parking, sit in your car that is up on blocks, and hit your crack pipe!

  32. anonymous on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 8:24 am 

    need better material from you jeff…………..come on you can do it

  33. fuck jeff on Sat, 5th Apr 2008 5:31 pm 

    yo jeff you wine like a bitch you talk like a bitch you act like a bitch you are a bitch shut the fuck up.and for your information black people are gangsters they invented gangster shit.and am not black am white and its not about colours.and so what if your an engineer who gives a fuck y u wana go brag about it like a call ur self edjucated ay bitch well ur not because edjucated people dont talk about bieng black or white.and white bitches they do love black people u know y cause they like to suck on big black dicks.fuckin pussy talkin shit on the net probably thats not even your real name.pussy just shut the fuck up.

  34. mikey jones on Sat, 6th Oct 2012 9:07 pm 

    jeff. you sound like a pissed little faggot bitch making it seem like she is impossibly hot. Its funny because im 20 and i chill wit females that look as decent IF NOT BETTER than her almost daily. Shes good looking yes, but shes nothing amazing…

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