March 11, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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“Four people were arrested after an attack on a News Channel 7 reporter and a photographer. Reporter Charmayne Brown and photographer Ti Barnes were covering the scene of a homicide investigation in Union South Carolina when the attack occurred.

The mother of the murder suspect, Trina Vinson, is one of those arrested in the attack on the reporter and the photographer. Two others are in custody. Vinson and Billie Taylor are both charged with one count of assault and battery. Tousha Smith is charged with two counts of assault and battery. Smith is the sister of the murder suspect.

Later Union Police arrested Ronald Lee Harris (in the orange shirt). He is charged with assault and battery. Police say Harris pushed photographer Ti Barnes during the attack.

Charmayne and Ti were the only people targeted even though there was another news crew from WYFF News Channel 4 on the scene.

You can listen to and download radio interviews here.…

As a side note, the day before this happened there was a story on the local news about a civil rights activist trying to close a racially motivated business in Laurens S.C. called “the redneck shop”. You can read and watch the WYFF video here”


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  1. Stew-XL on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 6:49 pm 

    WTF?!?! How in the HELL are those black dudes just standing there letting that sista get beat up! I would’ve been knockin’ them cracker azz crackas the FUCK OUT!!!!!

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