GUNIT ELEPHANT IN THE SAND MIXTAPE “JAY is the million Dollar man Nasty Nas Is Virgil” – yayo

March 11, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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(get it inside)

[audio: Rat Joe (Skit 2).mp3]



“JAY is the million Dollar man Nasty Nas Is Virgil” – yayo

[audio: Lifetime Achievement.mp3]

Lifetime Achievement



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16 Comments on "GUNIT ELEPHANT IN THE SAND MIXTAPE “JAY is the million Dollar man Nasty Nas Is Virgil” – yayo"

  1. Safado on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 11:42 am 

    this mixtape is trash man. i downloaded this bullshit and thought it was gonna be fire, but got this shit. all his songs beginning to sound the same to me. i must be getting old.

  2. mike on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 12:49 pm 

    its funny how when someone is considered to be hot the next minute they wack…..5 is a real nigga…..the album is ill…..songs is hot…..50 doin his thing……dont hate…….and if i did not like it i rather listen to this then flo-rida and all them otha rappers shouldnt even be on spins and tv “period”!…… glab the unit is coming back….give it time and everyone will be back track they words on 50……1…..

  3. AB on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 1:03 pm 

    50 a funny dude. Business man, writes/sings a mean hook, taking full advantage of the state of the game. Can’t knock his hustle, I wont buy it but everybody else will. Do your thing 5-0

  4. EDots on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 1:34 pm 

    Thats a great mixtape… Best ive heard in a while…

  5. D-Mac on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 2:09 pm 

    Wow!! Nas is like Virgil!! lol… if thats the case then what are you Yayo?? B/c last time I checked… Nas is a rapping legend(well not really anymore) but his name is reign more supreme than yours!!..

    Wasn’t you banging for meatloaf when you was locked up son?? ha ha…. Niggas these days… Just B/c 50 pay your bills like he’s your baby daddy or something!!!

  6. big south on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 2:56 pm 

    man da mixtape is hot fire and for u haters go kill yourself

  7. Naz on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 5:39 pm 

    This mixtape was fire an easily better than Joeys album

  8. ms305allday on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 10:16 pm 

    The mixtape is Fire!!!!!!

  9. g miami on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 1:26 pm 

    The shitt is HoooooooooooTTTTTTTTT ,espcially right now there ain’t shit out there fucken with it…east coast is ran by gunit..Jay z is weak..nas so fucken wack..HE ASKIN THE WORLD TO CALL US NIGGERS AGAIN.. SOUTH STILL BANGIN..WEST STILL WACK..SPI IS Cool cause he bringin some different shit..

  10. daruler on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 1:40 pm 

    tight mixtape

  11. Ne Where Gang on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 4:51 pm 

    this shit wack i thought g-unit had som’n left but *yawns* lol NAS IS A RAP LEGEND u dumb bastards

  12. MNSMWO on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 6:54 pm 

    “you ain’t a million dollar man nigga, You just virgil” joe budden over the breath beat years ago, you had to know a g unit member wouldn’t think of that

  13. GUNIT on Fri, 14th Mar 2008 8:52 pm 

    Hot hot hot!!! Better than anything Fat Joe has or ever will do.

  14. Bigtee on Sat, 22nd Mar 2008 4:41 pm 

    This G-Unit mixtape is straight fire and all of you G-Unot’s out there stop hatting.

  15. Michael Elizondo on Wed, 26th Mar 2008 9:44 pm 

    one word “Garbage” 50′s shit sounds like its on repeat.

  16. Bevetly on Sun, 30th Mar 2008 5:46 pm 

    dis is hot ima big fan so yall niggas dont kno jack hes off da hook do ya thang 50!

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