March 11, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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fat joe speaks again
(see video inside)



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  1. bonz on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 7:58 pm 

    that fat fuck sux

  2. rinky on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 9:52 pm 

    i guess he sort of acknowledged that he ain’t neva gonna sell as much as 50 in the past and 50 now.LOL ELEPHANT IN THE SAND AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE TODAY!!!!

  3. king cal on Tue, 11th Mar 2008 11:13 pm 

    pac and biggie are dead but thi fat bastard is still around! jesus christ!

  4. christybwse on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 7:02 am 

    fat joe is still the realest out there!! What Joe said is true 50 just goes at people that are hot to try get exposure for himself

  5. Escobar P on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 9:09 am 

    Naah…50 gunned at him because he was standing next to Ja….Fat Joe aint selling albums, he is a ring tone rapper….aint nobody from Terror Squad doing shit…..who has a Fat Joe or a Terror Squad album….Jigga and 50 hold it down for NY…..Fat Joe is living off of Pun’s money, Fat Joe hasnt been anybody since Digging in the Crates fell off….not to mention he maked big men look bad.

  6. slick on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 9:28 am 

    fat joe been running his mouth at 50 since 50 first came out. 50 just been ignoring him. check the kay slay interview out he says it too.

  7. LonDON DON - P on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 10:22 am 

    y does every1 here seem 2 want 2 suck 50 cents dick? i mean fot joe arnt noway the best on the mic but fif arnt nomwhere near my top ten, sells arnt skillz feel me? plus we all no fif is smart and starts drama 4 the hype, dont we? and we all no man runs with popo, but thats all good cous arnt no point havin money and not havin legal killers..that dont mean he arnt still putin shit out on the street like most of these other EX street dudes turned rappers, just doin it in 3rd person

  8. dappa4783 on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 11:01 am 

    Dudes is just haters. When it comes from Yo Gotti and Gucci Mane that Papoose got banged out, I cant wait to hear the response from dudes. And Joe is right, 90% of the industry is kool wit him and he’ll always be relevant because of it. 50 on the other hand will never be what he was. Somebody name Lloyd Banks singles from his last album? How bout Spider Loc? Tony Yayo? I mean lets be serious. Even Mobb Deep lost madddddd credibility when they admited they only signed there for the money…. And the people spoke, album went plastic and they lost all credibility. And Prodigy is comn out his mouth crazy now. Joe’s a beast and he puts out hot records….Period All dudes can say is he’s fat…. Uff outta here!

  9. Escobar P on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 12:32 pm 

    when was Fat Joe relevant….with those R&B songs, or when Remy embarassed him on Lean Back….or is it because he is living off of Pun’s money…aint nobody buying Fat Joe’ albums….that nigga aint been shit in years, if it wasnt for Pun, and the producers he has signed to Terror Squad (Cool & Dre, the Runnaz) he wouldnt be shit again, but since he is down with Khaled he is supposed toget a pass…fuck Fat Joe and DJ Khaled too!

    I mean, who has a Fat Joe album?

  10. Escobar P on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 12:35 pm 

    and 50 running with police…man that aint been proven yet…only Ja said that mess….and for 50 to be cool with J Prince, aint no way he could run them people…but all agree that Fat Joe runs with police…the wetback even came into Cassidy’s room with the police….ha!

  11. dappa4783 on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 1:09 pm 

    i know one thing thats proven. 50 cant come home and fat joe walks the streets of the bronx when he feels like it. if so many dudes got probs wit him, how come no ones gotten at him yet. get off 50′s balls. Name me his last hit, without a featured artist. the dude stooped to gettin justin timberlake for a single, and he sings on madd hooks. matter fact the last hot song he had was wit olivia when he was singing that best friend hook….gimme a break

  12. Koolkid on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 1:32 pm 

    I just want someone to dead this whole “beef”, either Joe and 50 shoot the fair one or let the shit go. When Fifty walked past Joe at the on of those award shows he should have just hooked off and kept it moving. Beef isn’t selling records anymore, rappers need a new gimmick.

  13. dappa4783 on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 1:33 pm 

    I agree with koolkid

  14. Ne Where Gang on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 5:00 pm 

    GET OFF 50 CENT DICK…DAMN shit’s pitiful

  15. YungBlood on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 5:58 pm 

    Fat Joe can’t make a hit single without another artist on the track. All you remember from make it rain was the hook and all the songs he named had other artist on it.

  16. hiphop247 on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 8:38 pm 

    First off, most of you niggaz must be young. Joe put his work in and has respect in the game. 50 puts his work in no question but has no respect its only a matter of time before your favorite rapper (as he like to call himself 50) is no longer on this earth he had his run and he got his revenge in the game and that cool but this is not the 80′s or 90′s his battles are more personal and sometimes grown men don’t play. GOD gave him a second chance blessing him and getting a little sweet revenge but when does the buck stop Karma is a motherfucker and it sad to say it might not be Fat Joe but the end is near Fif………………..

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