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February 27, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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sexy beast 3
(see more pictures inside)

“First off That gurl is me My name is Kianna-Lynae aka NaNa…Thank you for all the comments
u can find me on myspace my url is kiannalynae.
I am Puerto Rican and black decent….I am frm California(azusa)
and act sing also. I am 4-sure tryna please the fans I get at me on my space till My website get up and running…Thank you all for
the support…I’m here for ur personal Eyecandy..muaahhz”
Kianna-Lynae aka NaNa

“..She’s half Peurto Rican half African American. She’s from California, but lives in ATL right now. Her measurements are 34DD(natural)-26-44. She is a singer, model, songwriter, and actress. You about to see her in MASSIVE magazines in March and from here on out. For booking information or to find out what’s going on…e-mail or call 404 914 7242.” - Sypher

salutes THE UNDERWRITER ,james , & King of *New York*

salutes King of *New York* for finding this video

sexybeast3 sexybeast sexybeast2 sexybeast4 sexybeast5 sexy beast


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142 Comments on "SEXY BEAST OF THE WEEK – Kianna Lynae aka NaNa"

  1. NAZ on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 1:44 pm 

    Shawty right there is 10

  2. daruler on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 1:53 pm 

    damn shawty finer than a bitch… look at them luscious ass n thighs..

  3. BK_Rock$tar on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 2:05 pm 

    Now that’s a BAD BITCH!!!!.. Sexy as a muvfuka & those tata’s are real.

  4. RepnQu on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 2:24 pm 

    Daaaaammnn who is that????

  5. eskay on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 2:57 pm 


  6. SeF on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 2:58 pm 

    she looks like a bad girl…

  7. anonymous on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 3:11 pm 


  8. big south on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 3:24 pm 

    yeah now she is one of da best she cute in face and thick in da waist i luv da red bones chicks

  9. Ziploc Moe on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 4:55 pm 

    She’s from Detroit.

  10. prakash on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 6:42 pm 

    finally, now that chick can walk around and think she a “10″ unlike all these other chicks out here

  11. palms on Wed, 27th Feb 2008 7:52 pm 

    Gotdamn dats 1 of da baddest chicks I seen in awhile dats a dime face, hair,ass,n tits she got da right to act stank onlike des chicks out here

  12. stephanie you better recognize on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 8:42 am 

    everytime ya see a girl you call her a ten… why would she be any different?

  13. Jon on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 9:14 am 

    Her name is Kimora….shes could pass for Summer Walkers lil sister EASILY….

  14. gunnerkid on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 9:39 am 

    want to see more sexy bitches like this people?

  15. Y.F.H. on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 10:06 am 


  16. james on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 10:20 am 

    thats the puerto rican summe walker, check it out on all hip, community section, go to ILL PICS

  17. james on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 10:24 am 

    her name is kianna. yall get ya game up.

  18. THE UNDERWRITER on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 3:38 pm 

    Yeah, my homegirl Sypher is her manager. Damn, she’s blowing up fast.

  19. james on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 4:44 pm 

    So what’s her last name. i would like to know please.

  20. MosiZzle on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 6:32 pm 

    shorty could run a mile and i would still gladly let her sit on my face!!! 1- 10… shes a 15

  21. Y.F.H. on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 10:15 pm 

    the only bad thing about her is that big ugly porta rooock that ass to sleep…beautiful face too

  22. Y.F.H. on Thu, 28th Feb 2008 10:26 pm 


  23. big south on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 9:15 am 

    man damn she got a fat ass too

  24. King of *New York* on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 11:50 am 

    Her name is Kiana and she’s on youtube

    Somebody please find her myspace for me ASAP! lol

  25. Sypher on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 12:05 pm 

    Y’all some funny muthafuckas!!! Her name is Kianna “Na-Na” Lynae. She is half Peurto Rican half African American. She is a model, actress, singer, songwriter. She blowing up in the game and JUST started. Her measurements are 34DD-26-44. She’s really shy but serious and focused about getting to the top. For booking information e-mail or call 404 914 7242.

    Shout out to the underwriter for putting me up on this!!!!

  26. Sypher on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 12:10 pm 

    Y’all some funny muthafuckas!!!!

    Her name is KIANNA “NA-NA” LYNAE. She’s half Peurto Rican half African American. She’s from California, but lives in ATL right now. Her measurements are 34DD(natural)-26-44. She is a singer, model, songwriter, and actress. You about to see her in MASSIVE magazines in March and from here on out. For booking information or to find out what’s going on…e-mail or call 404 914 7242.

    Shouts to the UNDERWRITER for putting me on to this site.

    CEO – Mind Your Business Entertainment

  27. King of *New York* on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 12:28 pm 

    HER NAME IS Kianna Ayers – Somebody owes me money for finding her myspace

  28. kianna lynae aka Na Na on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 1:47 pm 

    First off That gurl is me My name is Kianna-Lynae aka NaNa…Thank you for all the comments
    u can find me on myspace my url is kiannalynae.
    I am Puerto Rican and black decent….I am frm California(azusa)
    and act sing also. I am 4-sure tryna please the fans I get at me on my space till My website get up and running…Thank you all for
    the support…I’m here for ur personal Eyecandy..muaahhz

  29. Blood Money on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 4:25 pm 

    Kianna whats good with your phone # ma

  30. unlimitedfutwear on Fri, 29th Feb 2008 8:10 pm 

    i can honestly say thats a perfect 10 hispanic and black you cant go wrong she got the total package wifey all day!

  31. koolkid on Sat, 1st Mar 2008 12:22 am 

    I say….get the new foxxhole episodes as well as music and news at

  32. Jayson on Sat, 1st Mar 2008 3:01 pm 

    SHe aiight in the face but a killa body

  33. Remi Dhymz on Sun, 2nd Mar 2008 12:04 am 



  34. Vaughn on Sun, 2nd Mar 2008 11:52 pm 

    Borderline fat.

  35. Vaughn on Sun, 2nd Mar 2008 11:54 pm 

    lol just playin…real nice though.

  36. Sypher on Mon, 3rd Mar 2008 11:37 am 

    How do we put pictures up on our blog profiles?


  37. Don Of Dons. on Mon, 3rd Mar 2008 11:38 am 

    to get a avatar

    1. go to the bottom of this page on the right side click on site admin

    2. on the top left corner click profile

    3 . click gravatar

    4. enter the url of your picture then hit submit ( picture has to be 100 X 100 or smaller)

  38. pete peters on Mon, 3rd Mar 2008 12:06 pm 

    females need 2 take a lesson from her, beast of the yr not the week

  39. Sypher on Mon, 3rd Mar 2008 6:16 pm 

    I know you meant PHAT with a PH, right Vaughn? Some men don’t appreciate big titties and ass…but I’m glad the rest of the fellas do!!!

  40. REEF on Mon, 3rd Mar 2008 10:25 pm 

    got damn! my new favorite dime piece




  41. The Greek on Tue, 4th Mar 2008 12:07 am 

    She’s a 10 now but her ass will be FAT after she pops a kid or two out. Wait until she hits 30

  42. International B-Brand on Tue, 4th Mar 2008 3:45 am 

    Simply Amazing, can’t help but wait!

  43. Young on Tue, 4th Mar 2008 1:28 pm 

    I thought Rita G was thorough til I saw that interview she got on here.
    Her nose just turned me off the rest of her. She got replaced in my mental by this lady up top. She’ll probably get replaced too. Way of the world right? NaNa you fine, I’ll chop you up right but I can’t pay!

  44. Sypher on Tue, 4th Mar 2008 2:26 pm 

    She’s a skilled professional now…wait till you see her sing…there will be no turning off…just on and on!

  45. Kianna AKA NaNa on Wed, 5th Mar 2008 4:54 am 

    I want 2 personally thank the real ass niggas who said some positive
    comments about me(that’s what’s up) for all that negative talk
    ……lol I don’t speak hater. I am a fuckin model but most importantly a real ass business women, a mogul for my loved ones. I am highly intelligent. I got good people in my corner and fans that appreciate me.
    So any animosity..Take a lesson in hustle-nomics 101.Once again thank you!! Na Na-lynae

  46. freebeats on Thu, 6th Mar 2008 4:32 pm 


  47. big south on Fri, 7th Mar 2008 3:38 pm 

    and i want 2 thank you back because if you don’t feed da hate it won’t grow luv ya keep up da good work

  48. Fabe on Fri, 7th Mar 2008 4:25 pm 

    I’ve never seen this much comments on a “Beast of the Week”’s cute, but dang y’all I’ve seen cuter chix on

  49. Buddy on Fri, 7th Mar 2008 6:16 pm 

    I just jizzed about 20 mins ago to dis chick God she’s fine!

  50. melmcdoogle on Fri, 7th Mar 2008 6:22 pm 

    give me one night with her thats all id twist her back out like a pretsel

  51. water on Fri, 7th Mar 2008 6:30 pm 

    looks like a porker to me

  52. BIG EASTYY on Mon, 10th Mar 2008 12:35 am 

    shit shawty right thea is str8 killin the game yall bettta learn while she teachin cuzz class is almost out!!! KAINT no body flip it up SMACK rub it down like SHAWTYY…. WHOA CUZZ THATS WHAT SHAWTY IS LIKE “WHOA” WHEN YOU SEE THAT 5-6 hunit benz itz like “whoa” when you see shawty wherein them tight skinz itz like “whoa”

  53. sal on Wed, 12th Mar 2008 2:59 pm 

    can you say wifey, this young lady is evry mans wet dream. now to the lucky mofo, who lovin that, much respect. i’d love to see a lot more pics.

  54. Zeebel on Fri, 14th Mar 2008 4:19 pm 

    damn! *lost for words while droolin*

  55. Danube on Sun, 16th Mar 2008 10:14 pm 

    Chill out…put ya tongues back in ya mouth…acting like dogs. If THIS is the best you’ve seen, then you DEFINITELY need to get out more. Weight is so easy to gain, and SO damn hard to lose. She’s almost fat. And she’s ghetto. Thick black girls come what, a dime a dozen? Another average looking urban black/latina chickenhead. That’s not attractive. Fake or real, she’s not fucking with Lola Love btw! With her ol ghetto ass too…Time for some pretty and sophisticated women, Im tired of hoes.

  56. Sypher on Mon, 17th Mar 2008 6:24 am 

    How you going to call a woman you don’t know a hoe? What makes a woman sophicsticated? I think it has more to do with her mind and her actions then how big her breasts and ass are. Danube must suck dicks. It sounds like you have real issue with beautiful women. She’s not a chicken and she’s not ghetto…and even if she were, don’t hate on our women. It sounds like you ain’t only a frustrated homosexual, but you don’t like ethnic woman. With a name like Danube, you must be a sell-out.

    Go ahead and hate hater! It must be hard living on the DL.


  57. Southern Sovereign on Mon, 17th Mar 2008 11:52 am 

    Damn this chick is badder than Esther Baxter even.
    Front, Back, Pretty face, and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

    Danube must be a jealous ass bitch or a gay ass nigga who hates his/her own race. How you gonna compare someone like Kianna to Angel and then in the same breathe speak of being sophisticated.
    Then worst of all you TRIED to shit on urban models and all black women in general. Gay ass niggas like you is the reason a couple sistas are dating white boys. SMH Lame Ass Nigga

  58. 5star blood on Mon, 17th Mar 2008 1:15 pm 

    Dat nikka danube is striaght up gayyyyyyyyy lol…..dis chick is tuff …owwww(max b voice)

  59. Danube on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 1:42 am 

    Wow! I got quite a response! Lmaoooo…people don’t like hearing the truth and the replies prove it.


    Contradiction doesn’t look good on you. Must I really “know” her to call her a hoe?! Cmon now…be for real…u called me a “homosexual,” do you know me?

    What makes a woman sophisticated? Hmmm I think your contradicting dumb ass said it best: “I think it has more to do with her mind and her actions then how big her breasts and ass are.” All she’s good for IS ASS AND BREASTS! I mean, thats why she does what she does, right? U don’t expect me to believe that this bitch does it so you will think about her “mind” and wonder how smart she is…Lmao.

    No I don’t have issues with beautiful women. Yes she is a chickenhead and I LOVE ethnic women. I think Lola Love’s dumb, ghetto ass is BEAUTIFUL. But then again I live in a melting pot…I see beautiful women all the time…AND they’re intellectuals who don’t “show that ass” for some paper. I’m sorry you can’t. This bitch isn’t shit but pork chops with salsa.

    Danube? Sellout? Hardly. A Black who doesn’t wear a grill, talk about my rims, or slaps hoes across the ass…yea I know thats a tough pill to swallow huh…? You want me to be a sellout, you can’t picture a Black man saying that shit can you? Out of all the disrespectful comments made to this bitch (ie: that bitch gotta fat ass…if this bitch had blonde hair…this bitch can get it…, etc…) You wanna come at me? Why? Beacause I have a mind of my own and I don’t think this bitch is worth 2 cents? Like u her manager or some shit. Fuck outta here! IM SORRY I WANNA SEE SOME BLACK WOMEN WITH CLASS FOR A CHANGE!

  60. Danube on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 2:13 am 


    Yea, Ima jealous, gay ass nigga who hates their race. No, what I hate it dumb ass motherfuckas like you and chickenhead ass bitches like her who contaminate the race with that ignorant, anti-intellectual ass bullshit. Niggas like ya’ll think that rapping, basketball and videowhoring is the only way out. Im sorry if Im on some grown shit, it JUST MAY BE too much for you to handle I see…’cause u on that young shit.

    Yea, I compared her to Lola Luv (and thats and insult to even put them in the same bracket whether it be success or beauty…) But DAMN NIGGA didnt I say she was ghetto too?! What the fuck, you can’t see…? You seen “sophisticated” but not “with her ol ghetto ass too?” Oh, I see, you got that “selective” eyesight. Bitch ass nigga.

    TRIED to shit on urban models and black women in genreal? No I didnt. Can you quote me? I just merely summed up what 90% of urban models do. I NEVER said ALL Black women do that shit.

    I’m the reason that some sistas are dating white boys? Lmaooooo! Nice try. No. YO BITCH–COON ASS IS THE REASON WHY THEY’RE GOING TO THE WHITE BOYS, NOT ME! Niggas like you want put the females in a fucking caste system…wanna whiten the race and shit. You want the light skinned, long haired black and/or latina hoes (they’re at the top) and then want to shit on the more brown and/or really dark sistas and put them to the side (at the bottom). Oh and EVERY THUG NIGGA has a white girl! Cmon now…thats the latest epidemic! They suck the best dick, so I’ve heard…NIGGAS ALWAYS want to talk about Black women: “they loud, they don’t do this, they don’t have that.” And you wonder why they messing with White boys?! PLEASE TELL ME YOU DON’T THINK ITS BECAUSE (of me,) A BLACK MAN WHO WANTS TO SEE A SOPHISTICATED WOMAN AND NOT A HOE RIGHT?! Because that would imply that you only think of Black women as hoes.


    Oh lmaoooo…It wouldnt even be fair to reply to a bitch nigga with a name like “5star blood.” Lmaoooo wack ass…

  61. Danube on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 2:28 am 

    I know beauty when I see it. Chicks that take off their clothes or no, give me a Beyonce, Megan Good, Gabrielle Union, Toccara, Nicole Narain, Tyra Banks, Cassie, Ester Baxter, Lola Love, Sanaa Lathan, Halle Berry, Rosalyn Sanchez, Eva Pigford, KD Aubert, and the list keeps going on…over this porky pig, average looking ass hoe any day. Step ya game up and get out the fucking country or whatever lame ass cities you stay in and see some REAL beautiful women!

  62. 5starblood on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 9:29 am 

    Danube fuck off fag boy .. U tellin me u wudnt smash dat

  63. Danube on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 10:17 am 

    Oh U mad now “5starblood” huh? I’m the fag boy? And you got the word “star” in your name…lmao. No I’m not tellin’ you that. I’d PROBABLY smash…if I lived in Azusa, California. But I don’t, so I wouldn’t. This seems to be the creme de la creme out there in Cali and if thats all that I had, or if I lived in Mobile, Alabama or some shit and never got to see banging chicks like I do, I wouldn’t know any better. That’s why I’ve been working on TRYING to understand where u lame ass niggas come from with this chick. Not everybody can live where I live. I forget that. I mess with women you niggas “dream” of. ONLY pretty chicks. ONLY females that keep their shit in check…Banging bodies with SMALL waists. Her torso is twisted to the side, in ALL her pics…she’s trying to hide something. With her big nose and caked up, powder blue make-up. Lmao. This bitch is going to be obese before she hits 50. She’s going to be a typical ass grandma confined to the damn chair, fixing food all day for the “chil-rens”. She ain’t gon’ lose that shit.

  64. Danube on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 10:20 am 

    And why the fuck you worried about what I think?! Gay ass nigga! Tryna get to know me and shit.

  65. Sypher on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 10:44 am 

    Damn I feel sorry for your mother Danube. You got some issues son. You don’t even know what you’re talking about with your dimwitted assumptions. A sister like NaNa is a rare breed. God gave her natural beauty, which you are denouncing cause you like your bitches with dicks and tights ass muscles. First of all, if you check your facts, you will see that she’s been in a relationship for years (denouncing your hoe factor), has many talents which include being a writer, singer, and actress (like the women you named, many whom started as models), she also is actively involved in her community volunteering her time to children’s causes (instead of spending her time on a blog dissing people). Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so you’re allowed to dig whom you dig. But it’s all that extra shit that makes you look like a faggot. Gaging her future weight? That’s for bitch ass niggas. If you see this chick in person, you’ll see that see is a perfect hourglass. She treats her body like a business and works out every day. She is diciplined and puts it down. Thinking she’s hiding something because pictures are from the side? Are you serious???!!! That’s so you can see her curves dummy. What better way to see ass and titties then from the side? If you were into chicks, you would know that, and not think she hiding something. You don’t even know how to respect the chicks you like. Once again, I feel sorry for your mother and the ones that are forced to love you cause they have to. I’m done with your fuck ass. No more energy goes into you sweetcakes. Happy sword fighting bitch ass pussy hater.

  66. Work At Home on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 5:13 pm 

    I pass her pass her around like an L let the homies get some cause she look like a freakaleek

  67. BEANTOWN_MAMI on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 5:29 pm 








  68. Danube on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 5:47 pm 


    Rare breed? Hour glass? Damn you know all about her charity work, bra size, shoe size, what year she was born, what number packet of hair weave she wears, what time she shit yesterday and everything damn! WDF hop off this chicks ball sack! You’re pathetic…typical, coon nigga who gawks over bitches on the internet that they’ll never see. You’re mad ’cause I speak the truth. She’s with one guy…she’s not a hoe? And I fuck females…(“denouncing your gay factor”). I’m mad that ur hyping this average ass chick up waaaaaaay more than what she is. I’m not dissing her, just merely pointing out her flaws. Everyone has them, yes, even I. Don’t feel sorry for momma “sweetcakes,” she’s takes a piece of whatever I make…moms is good!

  69. Danube on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 5:54 pm 

    Beantown_mami: Thank you! Another smart person who has their own mind and doesn’t think like a robot coon. Well said…

  70. Coffee on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 6:06 pm 

    Whoa….she has aroused some feelings hasn’t she?! Damn, this is getting out of hand. I showed my boy friend her pics and he said he’d beat….so, guess she’s cool with me.

    But, ummmm, Don this has been the longest week ever…can we get a new “Sexy Beast”?

    Put homegirl in a hall of fame or something, I don’t know…..

  71. BEANTOWN_MAMI on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 6:29 pm 



  72. Sypher on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 9:22 pm 

    She’s a close friend and I’m her manager dick sucker. I’m just here to set the record straight for your smug ass. If you read before you started making comments you might have known some mor before you go in.

  73. Sypher on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 9:34 pm 

    Beantown. Why don’t you submit you pictures to Sexy Beast of the Week and see if you get any reponses. Congratulations on your degree and I wish you success as a lawyer. However, as a lawyer, it is a good idea to get facts before you state your case or you will not be taken seriously. It might also be a good idea to learn how to spell the word “wagon”. I applaud your ambition, but I wonder at your sincerity in uplifting our community when you are so quick to judge a woman that is actually making something for herself in many arenas and helping her community. Although her ambitions do not rest solely in modeling, even if they did, that is her choice and there is a positive place for it in our society for those whom choose to take it. I agree with your sentiments; however, all individuals are innocent until proven guilty. I hope your online degree and your paralegal work continue to make you proud.

    I look forward to seeing you pictures up.


  74. Sypher on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 9:36 pm 

    Kianna “NaNa” Lynae will be featured in the April issue of Kandie Pages Magazine and the May issue of Smooth. Keep your eye out for my girl!!!!

  75. The Greek on Wed, 19th Mar 2008 10:26 pm 

    It is what it is. She is what she is. An urban “model”. She’s nice to look at for a week or so but she’s nothing to write home about. Her pictures are nice and sexy. Sypher, I understand that you are her manager and you take your job seriously but don’t get mad because people see her extremely sexual/adult photos and categorize her. That’s just the way our society is. No one takes a woman seriously if she’s completely selling sex/sexiness. She could be Mother Theresa at heart but her chosen “profession” doesn’t reflect that. On top of that she’s not really that great at what she does. Just average. Maybe you should suggest that she try more classy/sexy photos as opposed to low-class/raunchy. Only a certain demographic will appreciate her particular beauty but if she changes her style a bit then maybe she’ll appeal to more than just hood niggas and internet thugs. Just a thought

  76. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 12:25 am 

    Beantown_mami: Yeah, theres not getting through to these coons on here.

    Greek: Well said damn!

    Sypher: DID I HIT IT RIGHT ON THE NAIL? ARE U REALLY HER MANAGER? I knew something was up, you promoting and shit, just on her dick waaay to hard my nigg. While you’re trying to belittle people in the process of hyping this broad up with these “learn how to spell” remarks. Learn how to do it yourself:

    “…you might have known some MOR before..” You can’t spell “more.”

    “I look forward to seeing YOU pictures up.” Didn’t you mean “your”?

    In most professions, I don’t know if u really are her manager, but I’m pretty sure you need to learn how to spell (meaning you had to have passed Kindergarten AT LEAST) to qualify for the position. This isn’t English class you cunt. You don’t have to nit-pick EVERY ‘LIL thing someone fonts. So what she misspelled wagon? There are bigger problems in the world, TRUST. You’re actin’ like my 4 year old nephew. You and Keke, or whatever the fuck her name is, could stand to lighten up…literally I might add as well.

    I’m SURE moms has told you that not everyone is going to like what you like in life right…? No? Well allow me: Son, not everyone is going to like what you like in life. She’s the best you’ve seen in your life. This hoe is average to me. She’s perfect to you. She’s a bit porky for me. Stop with that bitch-assness and take that shit like a man. Get over it. I’m sorry my balls don’t go willy nilly for her like yours do for you. Yea, I diss her and shit, so? Am I supposed to praise something I don’t particularly care for? Lame ass nigga getting emotional and shit.

  77. kianna aka NaNa on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 3:03 am 

    lol First of all I am glad to have made ur hatin asses lives more interesting by getting back 2 ur comments lol..Yall I don’t give a fuck wha yall Say Sypher is my homegurl and manager. She say wha the fuck she wants and I don’t give a fuck cuz it’s real spit! for beantown u got a lot of time on ur hands for being judge mathis assistant. Oh and by the way u can masturbate all you want to my pics. She a typical bitch ass hata.(insecure ass female) Like Kat Williams say if u got 14 teen haterz now, you need to figure out how to get to 16 by the summer time. thank you all for making it possible.(always gotta thank the little people!!) Oh and smartenup…this aint the last yall seen of me(I luv yall!)but this the last time I’m writing in till yall bring me back on..I got what I wanted a 1000 more fans and 2 haterz!! Thank you fans ..Haterz go home to ur ugly ass baby mamas! Smooth mag, Kandi pages coming soon much more also. muuahz!!

  78. Young on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 9:24 am 

    LOL….comedy…but Danube shitting on you(Sypher) with that info. I mean really a dame that looks like this can be found any and everywhere. I mean I’ve never met her…all I’m VIEWING is what she has to “offer” and that’s….ass and titties, ass and titties( 3’6 WHAT UP?). Outside of that….where’s the next one at? She’s cold product fam. “I dreamt of condos and video vixens, til I learned most the girls in videos is PIGEONS.” Get her outta here!

  79. Young on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 9:25 am 

    I’d still put my THANG in her though. EARLY

  80. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 9:27 am 

    Lmao at Sypher pretending to be this hoe and responding with a comment like that. Whoa! And she’s not ghetto?! Lmaoooo! Good job. “Go back to your ugly ass baby mamas?” Who has a baby mama? Not I. And when did baby mamas get involved anyway…? I see, SHE must be one. Typical of a hoodrat, they all are or soon to be. I suppose you’re a “fine” baby mama? Lmao, fuck outta here! Oh u luscious huh? You haven’t quite gotten rid of that baby fat yet.

  81. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 9:29 am 

    Young: Thats exactly my point. This bitch is so average.

  82. Young on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 9:33 am 

    But fam? Stop acting like you wouldn’t let that dame put that cellulite(I know one of you will spell check that for me) in..or on your face. Ya digggg? Hood or not….lol

  83. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 9:49 am 

    Young: roflmaoooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Spell check cellulite. Its not even that serious I just had to put that thirsty ass nigga in their place. You funnier than a bitch my nigg! That shit was funny as hell! Nah, I told u. I ONLY mess with 10s (9.5s are acceptable). I dont mess with hoes with cellulite. They gotta be fit…toned…and most importantly BEAUTIFUL. This chick has


    She look like her ass stank. And like all the Azusa niggas ‘den been up and through that 10 times.

  84. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 9:54 am 

    Wait is Sypher a bitch? I thought something was up. I knew that Sypher as a nigga was waaaay too sensitive. That explains it. Damn Sypher, are YOU gay? Fuck that manager shit. You on her titties like you need some warm milk.

  85. Sypher on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 10:12 am 

    Sensitivity is not even a part of this dialoguey baby. This is fun and games… You copied EVERYTHING I said and tried to make it your own. That’s not how dissing works. Get more creative son. And Young, she has many different types of photos…these are the ones Smartenupnas chose because of the members on this site. But whatever…we got a plane to catch….and I will put a picture up as soon as I can figure out how to get my picture up…I ain’t got nothing to hide. I’m proud, accomplished, my clients are accomplished, and we getting this paper! Big booties, titties, ghetto swag, corporate jargon, thongs, business suits and all..and what?! It intimidates the losers and attracts visionaries. Danube, thank you for being on the dick I ain’t even grow yet. Later losers!!!

    Bigups to the men and ladies on here keeping it real and smartenupnas for keeping this promotion alive for so long! Good looking fam!

  86. PRINCE on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 10:38 am 

    will you two STFU already, what give of net bitch ass-ness is going on here

  87. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 10:52 am 

    Copied everything and tried to make it my own? Not how dissing works? Damn you really are a dumb bitch. Yea its all fun and games ’til feelings get hurt. Cant NOBODY talk about your girl Keke! My efforts weren’t to diss you with something “original” but to diss you and expose the hypocrite in you during the process. How are you going to tell someone not to do drugs when you do them? How can you tell a man to take care of his kids when you don’t take of yours? And most importantly, how can you tell people to learn how to spell when you can’t? How can such a simple minded ass cunt not understand something so simple?!

  88. Young on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 10:53 am 

    Get your money….I need some new socks…I need some new draws…
    Shawty(NaNa)….do your thing and shoot for the stars. But when you do realize sometimes you’re gonna jam. You may catch flack from all angles just cause of what you do, and not get Love cause who you are. I don’t know ya…but I love what you have to offer my physical.
    I love cellulite also. LETS ME KNOW YOU’RE HUMAN. With flaws just like me. The ‘Go’ is where I’m from and where I’m at Jack. Now….can we get a new peice on here?

  89. igotmyownback on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 12:31 pm 

    This nigga Danube got some real issues. What kind of man spends all his time try’n to hate on a female. Then he had to get his lawyer friend to co-sign for him what a mutherfucker fag. Are we supposed to believe that she’s a lawyer, she must not be that successful cuz she damn sure has a lot of hate in her heart for young black women tryn to make it. She needs to tighten up her game cuz right now the prosecution is getting there ass kicked. Ya’ll remind me of ruckus from the boondocks…i hope you enjoy hating your own people and to tell ya’ll the truth ya’ll hatin ass hoes are the only thing thats bad for the black community. And SmartenupNas this is my first time on this sight you can keep NaNa up for an extra week or two cuz i gotta a lot of friends that gotta come check her out. Oh and to Clayton bigsby oops i mean Danube and friend ” white Power”

  90. Comedian Darryl Moore on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 1:37 pm 

    She is very pretty. I look forward to being in the movie with you!!!

  91. BEANTOWN_MAMI on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 3:13 pm 

    @ Danube, Where are you from? because you think like the dudes around my way lol.

    @ Sypher, Okay I made one typo, SO WHAT you knew what I meant . I am a proud graduate of Hampton University and I am currently at Boston University pursuing my law degree. As an adult which I assume you are, there are going to be people with different views. I understand you think this girl is the most beautiful woman that ever lived, however there are going to people people who think otherwise so calling someone (Danube) homosexual because their idea of beauty is not the same as yours is plain ignorant; that is like saying black men who only find white women attractive are homosexual because they don’t find black women attractive people like what they like.

    While you say her ambitions do not rest solely in modeling, she has not shown the world anything other than her body. All I am saying is that the market is saturated with females that look like her (and even better) and in order to make it big you have to be more than a cute face and big ass which is why girls like her are here today and gone tomorrow.

    P.S. I refuse to submit any pictures to SEXY BEAST OF THE WEEK because first off I AM NOT A BEAST I AM A LADY and Second, I don’t need the approval of any man or woman to validate my worth and beauty. However i might make an exception if there is a CLASSY WOMAN OF THE WEEK, I might be willing to submit my photos :)

    @ kianna aka NaNa
    Being from Boston women here are very diverse, I have seen women of all cultures whether it be West Indian, Cape Verdean, Hispanic, or European; a majority of these girls are beautiful and SOMETIMES prettier than me (I am West Indian and Cape Verdean)and I acknowledge that and even compliment females who are pretty.

    Don’t get me wrong you are a cute girl, however I have seen women that look like you a dime a dozen, if you read my previous post i used to have measurements similar to yours but I wanted to be smaller. I love me and I am happy with my 5’3, 34-22-40 frame. So I am not hating i am just stating and just to let you know I am so secure with myself which is why i don’t have to show the world my assets for chump change; I had the opportunity to go the “urban model” route while I was in undergrad but I passed on the offer because I have too much self love.

    You have it twisted…ONLY INSECURE WOMEN have to pose for D-LIST men’s magazines to get approval from men who only view you as a piece of ghetto meat. If you make playboy then you would have a better argument, any bitch with a big ass can be on Smooth magazine come on now don’t fool yourself.

    I hope that you have more to offer the world than ass, so rather than advertise your goods like a piece of meat captivate people with your mind. And please remember taking sleezy pictures now will come back to haunt you later just ask Buffie who wants to be seen more than ass and can’t! I don’t hate I just state it like it is.

  92. King of *New York* on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 4:26 pm 

    “Once a good girl’s gone bad she’s gone forever” – Jay-Z

  93. older lady on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 5:15 pm 

    Hello all,

    I am a Professor of African Studies at Georgia Tech University. I am tickled to say that this discussion has found it’s way to my classroom. I was asked to come check out this site because one of my students thought it relevant to our studies. We will be analyzing this blog tomorrow discussing the current state of fragility concerning women in urban culture.

    I think that we forget that beautiful women have been admired in many societies since the beginning of time. As I’ve read these blogs, it appears as though most of you agree that Ms Kianna Lynae is beautiful. Whether she is the prettiest girl or not is irrelevant. And whether you respectfully show admiration or lustfully cat call, I would still say that appreciation is at hand. For those that didn’t, I believe your narrow mindedness breeds many of our peoples’ problems. We still have a “crab in the barrel” mentality as opposed to an uplifting one.

    After closely reading ALL the comments, I was disheartened by the downhill spiral the comments took. Although we are all entitled to opinions, it is sad that it must resort to untrue statements made to prove a point that is abstract at best.

    NaNa’s manager became infuriated because no one paid attention to all the other things NaNa is doing. Nana was categorized because of her physical assets. Although she has more talents then posing for the mighty flash, NO ONE cared. It was not her choice to be depicted the way did, and it is evident her manager would have presented her differently…and attempted to do so. Due to frustration, she decided to make more derogatory statements adding to the circulation of ignorance I see running rampant here.

    I was saddened to also see an intellectual “Beantown” separate herself so much from her peers. It is true, for a law student, discretion and the compilation of sound evidence was not utilized. I wish she paid close attention to all the blogs and feel she may have responded differently. I do see many of my professors here at the university make the same mistakes. They seem to forget that although they are professors, they are still students and can learn from everyone. It saddens me to see people think that their way is the only way as beantown has expressed. It is rather arrogant to depict oneself above all others because of a decision of going to school. Our history proves different of our fates.

    I hope to see this discussion become more productive and less emotional. We should grow from all our conversations instead of becoming defensive and purposely hurtful. I fear that my students will have a field day with me after reviewing this “blog” – as you call it. I shouldn’t have responded, but I wanted to be the first blogger to express opinion without using derogatory language. LOL. Extra credit points for my students that comment….respectfully!

    Older Lady

    PS: igotmyownback? – I hope you are not one of my students!!!!

  94. Buddy on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 5:51 pm 

    Hard to type with one hand

  95. Jameel McRae on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 7:24 pm 

    Wasup Na Na this Jameel showin alot of love because you are the next thing poppin and for those who dont know she even sexier in person. Also real cool and down earth ya check her out for real!! Much luv Sypher!! Tri state

  96. Coffee on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 8:43 pm 

    @ Older Lady…..can you please update us on how the discussion panned out in your class….I’m curious and intrigued. (Oh, how I miss a heated class discussion/debate…..Great Times)

    But, truly, this post has gotten out of hand! Kudos to you, Miss Kianna, I’ve never seen so much heat on….but with that being said CAN WE MAKE IT STOP! Too many emotions over a vixen (albeit, a pretty one….and honey, I’d trade a few lipglosses for your shape!)

  97. Coffee on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 8:43 pm 

    And Don, What’s up with my gravatar?

  98. Don Of Dons. on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 8:44 pm 

    check your email baby girl

  99. Buddy on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 10:58 pm 

    I know I’m enjoying her n myself @ da same time

  100. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 11:10 pm 

    Beantown: Im in New York.


    igotmyownback: Smh at you. Its almost not fair to even reply. This is coming from a nigga who can’t even spell the word “site,” and spells it as “sight.” And what is a “motherfucker fag?” Lmaoooooooooo…what a dumb, lame, uneducated ass nigga! “Haters are bad for the Black community.” Sit yo young ass down with that kiddy ass bullshit. WHO SAYS THAT? And I’m hating now? ‘Cause I don’t liker her? Some people don’t like McDonalds because they believe its one the the reasons America has the most obese people..they “hating on McDonalds” now? Everyone has a preference. I clearly stated mind. What is yours? Your standards seem to be pretty low. Hate my own people? Damn nigga I see you got that selective eyesight too. Didn’t I mention a group of successful Black females that I am fond of? Were any of them, anything other than something ethnic? Didn’t I font a big ass paragraph defending Black women?! Have you EVER seen me font something in favor of a whitey? All you are implying is that YOU nigga only think of our people as rappers, basketball players, and videowhores, because that’s the only thing I hate…people who think like you. Get your facts straight coon ass nigga. You typing way before your mind catches up! Gay ass nigga “Clayton Bigsby oops…I mean Danube…” OOPS

  101. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 11:11 pm 


  102. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 11:12 pm 


  103. Danube on Thu, 20th Mar 2008 11:12 pm 

    Lmao at that fag shit. THATS WHY NO ONE IS CHALLENGING THE SHIT I SAY BECAUSE THEY KNOW ITS THE TRUTH!!!!!! IF IT ISN’T ANYTHING ELSE, ITS THE TRUTH! YOU CAN’T FUCK WITH FACTS! All niggas can do is call me a “hater.” Granted, I’ll take it.

  104. BEANTOWN_MAMI on Fri, 21st Mar 2008 12:33 pm 

    @Danube, I figured you were from the Northeast

    @ Older Lady you are a fraud because my god sister attends Georgia Tech and she is on Spring Break this week lmao!

  105. 5starblood on Fri, 21st Mar 2008 1:26 pm 

    Ayo danube shut da fuck up u homo pink thong wearin,pop sicle lickin, fizqwizzle ass nikka I bet to u dennis rodman luk better then her rii….lol smfh gayass nikka

  106. Dwight Alexander on Fri, 21st Mar 2008 2:28 pm 

    Ok, that’s what you call a WOMAN! She’s far more than sexy

  107. Tchaka Diallo on Fri, 21st Mar 2008 5:57 pm 

    Congrats to Kianna Lynae aka NaNa a true beauty. I’ve heard that Kianna will be in a upcoming Smooth Magazine photo spread. Much success to Kianna and her management team.

  108. Shara on Sat, 22nd Mar 2008 12:00 pm 

    First of all, I would like to thank professor “Old lady” for her eloquent and intelligent response to all the negative diatribe concerning NaNa. What started off as a positive thread about a lovely and sexy young woman, ended up extremely ugly and degrading to NaNa and her Manager. I’ve read the comments of all the participants, and was especially disturbed by the comments of Danube and Beantown. Granted, we all are entitled to our opinions, however, it appeared that the negative energy that was generated by this blog, gave you both a hardon worthy of a prized bull. As a result, you both made complete fools out of yourselves. Even if you had some valid points, it was lost to your audience because you allowed your hate filled rants, egos and denigration of NaNa’s character to consume you…fully. How sad, No? You saw her cover, and based on that, you’ve determined that the ‘book’ was not worth the read. To bad for you.

    I don’t know NaNa, but what I do know is that she is physically beautiful and from what her manager stated, she has a lot more than just her beauty going for her, which include community work,acting and singing. In addition, she has that “it” factor and she’s not ashame of her body. Anyone who can generate this kind of attention, has the power of the superwoman she appear to be.

    NaNa, good luck in your endeavors. Just remember, opinions are like assholes…everyone has one, so don’t allow all of this negative energy to affect you whatsoever. Take the information given, process it, use what you need and discard the rest. Be well.

  109. Baata on Sat, 22nd Mar 2008 3:26 pm 

    you nice. suttle is the most sexy.

  110. Tenacious on Sun, 23rd Mar 2008 10:09 pm 

    Hey Girl…

    YES I SEE YOU!!! You and Sypher are making moves I see and I am not mad atcha. Definitely trynna support my sista’s on their journey to big things.

    Don’t let the hater’s get to you like that best trust and believe there are going to be WAY MORE!! So don’t even entertain em.

    Tenacious Beauty

  111. Shawamar on Mon, 24th Mar 2008 2:15 pm 

    As far as Im concerned, this beauty can stay on the first page of this site forever. This one is it.

  112. Danube on Tue, 25th Mar 2008 9:21 am 


    Shut the fuck up fonting to me already you fag.


    Hate filled rants…? Lost audience…? What in THE HELL are you talking about? Who do you think Beantown and I were trying to impress? If you’re really wondering the answer is nobody. We were simply stating our opinion. And yes we are all entitled to one. I don’t think anything I said was “lost,” when in the end I gained as a blogger on this site. This shit has gotten more hits and attention than ever. If you like her, GOOD FOR YOU! Don’t get mad at Beantown and I because we don’t.

    Judged her cover of her book? What else do I have to go by? Thats like you defending that Catholic priest who was molesting boys by saying “Oh, don’t mind that he does a lot of things for the community…you shouldn’t judge him solely on that.” Too bad for me? Well thats a loss Im willing to take please dont feel sorry for me. Am I missing it somewhere..? I didn’t see you mention the fact that her manager became very “un-manager” like at the end. She just added fuel to my fire with her ignorance. I didn’t degrade shit on the manager, the manager did it on her own with her “big ups to the big bootied, hoodrat-thong wearing peeps out there” speech slash mentality. What are you really mad at? That you would take such time and energy to tell us how bad we are as people for dissing this girl? I think you’re mad because it’s the truth and that we did it with flair. Move on robot coon, I see you don’t have a mind of your own either.

    Old Lady,

    As I reread your comment, something got to me. I just wanted to say thank you for engaging in one of the biggest misrepresentations of the truth I have ever seen in my 7day run on this site. What really caught me was this “crabs in a barrel” thing you spoke of. Are you seriously serious?????

    I’m appalled that you would use such a metaphor to depict a simple debate! Are you sure that you are a professor? Maybe you can learn a thing or two from me…

    “Crabs in a barrel” would imply someone to be jealous of her and try bring her down. I am grown as hell, what do I have to be jealous of a washed up chick for? Like its nothing Ive ever seen before…they’re here on minute and then gone the next. Why couldn’t it just simply been that Danube and Beantown would like to see their own, and would like others to see us as well, as something other than hoodrats and rappers.

    And for you to knock Beantown because she chose school over videowhoring is disturbing. And I am DEEPLY and sincerely concerned that as a person of education, you would applaud such a way of living when you know how valuable an education can be and is. I agree that school is not for everyone but damn, who knocks it? Are you really responsible for teaching my peers of the future? Do we need to make a call down to Georgia Tech…?

    You and Shara have fabricated straight BULLSHIT in an enunciated way. Way to go! Nicely done. But you can save that bullshit, you’re not impressing me. I see right through it. Sad to say that many don’t.

  113. BEANTOWN_MAMI on Tue, 25th Mar 2008 3:06 pm 


  114. Shara on Tue, 25th Mar 2008 9:32 pm 

    Danube, you seriously appear to be obsessed with this young woman and to be honest, it’s starting to concern a few people. NaNa, watch out for this knob! He’s a little scarey! Seriously, get a life already dude. Why get so upset over some pretty photos of a young woman doing her thing. A young woman, who just might have it going on better than your cockold behind. NaNa, watch your back. I see an order of protection in your future with this one. Just WOW!

  115. Sypher on Tue, 25th Mar 2008 11:10 pm 

    Wow! I see there has been a lot of activity since we’ve been gone. Shouts out to Shara (You are divine in spirit and funny as hell!), Old Lady (I know I got ignorant, but I had a plan…All publicity is good publicity and as long as people are talking, I’m doing my job), 5starblood (for being passionate), Shawamar (for recognizing true beauty when you see it), Tenacious (for always showing love – you my girl!!!), and all the people that responded to this thread.

    NaNa’s shoot with Smooth was a success and they are talking about making her a cover. Keep your fingers crossed:) We are getting ready for a shoot in South Carolina this Sunday and will start shooting for her movie next week. Keep a look out for her…we are in the studio tommorrow all day with producers working on her music and are shooting the behind the scenes of all her activities.

    In two days, that makes a full month NaNa has been on’s Sexy Beast of the Week. Thank you for the love!!!

  116. Juice king on Wed, 26th Mar 2008 7:08 pm 

    ay danube u sound like a bitch cause this girl is the sexiest girl on the internet if u disagree then u gotta be a fag but NaNa ur beautiful and dont let nobody talk shit on u and say diffrent and i believe u on that when u say ur intelligent and that kat williams stuff u said is funny but im gettin off and i support u all the way girl

  117. East Saint Louis Bambeno on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 1:30 am 

    MAN IT TOOK ME 20MINS TO READ ALL THOSE COMMENTS I HAD AN EMAIL ABOUT JAMIE FOXXS RADIO SHOW CLICKED IT. GOT ROUTED TO THIS WEBSIGHT I HAV NEVER SEEN BEFORE. BEFOREI COULD FIGURE HOW 2 RETRIEVE THE FOXX RADIO COMENTARY I SEEN SOMETHING 2 THE LEFT ABOUT ANGEL LOV( WHO I LOVE) SO I CLICKED THAT. WATCHED ALL THE U-TUBE FEATURES THEY HAD WITH IT THEN I PAGED BACK. SAW SOMETHING ABOUT BEAST OF THE WEEK SO I CLICKED THAT……… Now im still trying 2 figure out how in the hell i got caught up in this spiral of reading all this LOL but i figure hey” They made me read all this CRAP they will waste precious time reading what i have 2 say.” its only right. RIGHT??? First my opinion is this….. I was the biggest ESTER BAXTER fan 1 because i thought she was beautiful & 2 people would say my wife favored her alot, we(SHELOL) get a lot of double & tripple takes. but i use to do security @ a very popular hotel in ST. LOUIS & 1 night i met PETEY PABLO i just hppen to hav freakalek on my phone with ester dancing in that mememorable blu bra as a contact ringtone i was so proud 2 show him. i told him how gorgeous i thought she was and his response was, “she dont look nothing like that in person when she take that make up off ” WHEN I SAW NANA PIC I WAS IN AWE. BUT I DO THINK SHE LOOK JUST A TAD BIT HEAVIER ON THE VIDEO. WHICH WAS SHOT FIRST? IN CLOSING… She sound like a 4 sport athelete. KEEP SWINGING BIG. :)

  118. Sypher on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 1:48 am 

    Hey Bambeno!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and analize everything. Much respect! You are right, the video was taken a while ago and since then she’s only gotten better and better! She works hard for it…you’ll be able to see her new videos soon.

    If you want to see more pix. Please check out my page:
    I’ve got a lot of behind the scene pictures as well as the edited ones. I have a lot more to put up, but I’ve been crazy busy with all NaNa’s activity.

    Thanks for the love.


    PS: NaNa’s been on for a full month officially! Yeah!!!

  119. East Saint Louis Bambeno on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 2:04 am 

    Thats whats up. wow this is so cool its truly a pleasurable experience i feel like i found something i dnt want nobody 2 know about lol.because the site will b so jamed i wouldnt b able 2 get through i guess its safe 2 make this my hour when ever i drop in. Thanks for the url i bookmarked it if thats ok. i feel like long collar shirts r still in by not having a myspace page. i really like that pic that says BUTTER RICAN & BLACK MAKES THIS. SYPHER PLEASE FORGIVE ME BUT I MUST SAY MILK HAS ALSO DONE YOUR BODY GOOD. YOU 2 KEEP SWINGING BIG. & KEEP BRINGING HE HEAT
    ESL B.

  120. alx on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 9:18 am 

    so shes the shorty of the month cause its been like 2 weeks but I aint complaining much just wanna see some new shorties.

  121. John on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 5:13 pm 

    Sypher big up uno self!

  122. Coffee on Thu, 27th Mar 2008 10:09 pm 

    Sypher, you’re so pretty!

  123. Southern Sovereign on Fri, 28th Mar 2008 3:01 pm 

    Nana babygirl if your reading this, just know you and Sypher have my support in everything you all do. I wish you the best and predict you’ll go far in your life and in your career.

    Just look at this monster of a post. 123 comments ranging form hatred, lust, to pure jealously. And sexy Beast of the Week for a month. If this is a pre-cursor, theres no telling what the future holds.

    SS Gone.

  124. Tony Sno on Mon, 31st Mar 2008 12:23 pm 

    Ok dudes, this chic has been posted for about 2 months now its time to get off this chics clit and up some new pussy.

  125. Dredd Scott on Mon, 31st Mar 2008 1:50 pm 

    Publicity, good or bad, is still publicity. If you want the good point toward it and stay focus. Don’t worry about hatered you are surrounded by good people.

  126. Real Talk on Mon, 31st Mar 2008 2:02 pm 

    No hate first off, but this chick looks kinda manish. She also has had plastic surgery. Body’s fake as shit and ya’ll are eating it up. If she was so talented and real, she wouldn’t have to show her ass the way she is to get on. The only fans she has are pervs and old men and the furtherst she’ll go is Playboy or become a game show host. NEXT!

  127. Juice king on Mon, 31st Mar 2008 8:27 pm 

    u got proof she had surgery

  128. Sypher on Mon, 31st Mar 2008 9:07 pm 

    She ain’t got no surgery! That’s all natural!!! From the Rooter to the Tooter! HaHa!!!

  129. Danube on Tue, 1st Apr 2008 11:06 pm 

    Lmao…and the comments are still coming. Shara you seem to be obsessed with me. Shut the fuck up already. Look at ol Southern’s thirsty ass. Step your game up thats all I can say. Ill be signing off now!

  130. East Saint Louis Bambeno on Tue, 1st Apr 2008 11:16 pm 

    why am i not able 2 access past beast of the weeks just see how the competition stacks up against nana. i guess a better question would be what model has lasted up the longest??? the 1st Q is a valid 1 also:)

  131. Sypher on Wed, 2nd Apr 2008 4:45 am 

    East St Louis Bambeno,

    You ain’t lying, Nana getting it in…There ain’t no model that has lasted this long….The Sexy BEAST of the Month!!!!! There ain’t nothing like a new face!!!! And new body!!!!!! Au Natural!!!! Controversy is a muthafucka!!!!


  132. Shara on Sat, 5th Apr 2008 5:49 pm 

    Oh my! The angel is STILL here. > Sypher, you have a winner with this one! NaNa, I imagine good things for you sweetie. Stay focus and ignore the haters. There will always be those like that danube freak to try to stop your thunder. Screw him and the donkey named, Beantown, he rode in on…hehe. Peace and best of everything to you NaNa and Sypher.


  133. Shara on Sat, 5th Apr 2008 5:51 pm 

    Oh my! The angel is STILL here? > Sypher, you have a winner with this one! NaNa, I imagine good things for you sweetie. Stay focus and ignore the haters. There will always be those like that danube freak to try to stop your thunder. Screw him and the donkey named, Beantown, he rode in on…hehe. Peace and best of everything to you NaNa and Sypher.


  134. layzie fan on Sun, 20th Apr 2008 12:42 pm 

    as someone else has said. haven’t we seen this before i’m note hating or anything. but this stuff is starting to get old fast. i mean “melyssa ford”, “esther baxter”. “ki toy johnson”, & “buffie the body”. is anuff. because at the of the day its the same “ol same ol” &
    it will be more.

  135. aunt Lisa on Tue, 29th Apr 2008 1:31 pm 

    Hey kianna,I found this site and I just gotta say WOW! You are beautiful, I wish you had more clothes on though;-), raven and Asia are pretty surprised by you as well.I’m glad that you are following your dream, I can’t wait to hear you sing, its been a while.remember when we hung out and taped ourselves singing. Even when you were little you had a voice, I was jealious. Lol well i don’t have much to say, just keep up the good work, and please keep your head on your shoulders, its dangerous in the urban model field. Love and miss you!
    One of your biggest fans!

  136. no1uKno on Tue, 29th Apr 2008 10:39 pm 

    First off, I think this kianna girl is very pretty though this profession isn’t the best. She sounds very smart and as if she could get any job.
    DANUBE:If you don’t like this Kianna girl so much than why are you on then site so much? Turn that hate and negativity into something more positive like find a hobby (blogging isn’t a hobby for your info). No one likes Mr. Grumpy Gills you know. :P

  137. Donald on Mon, 12th May 2008 2:03 am 

    It seems like a lot of folk are “judging a book by its cover”. I never knew there was sooooo much ill will and hate. I, for one, know Kianna-Lynae, personally. She is not only a terrific model and actress, but a close friend pf mine. I recently attended a fashion show with her modeling some of the latest fashions by Cotrice Fashions. She has what it takes to be a model, an actress , a singer and a business woman. She’s all of those things times 10. Kianna, remember to tell the haters……DON’T HATE, JUST PARTICIPATE!!!!!

    Shout Out to Sypher….good lookin out on this site…..Lookin’ forward to seeing Kianna in Smooth and Kandie Pages!!!!!



  138. Kym~ Kay on Thu, 16th Apr 2009 2:27 pm 

    Tell them mutha fuckerz NaNa! This my gurl in all you haterz can kick rocks! Bitch stop hatin cause ya ass lame! Fucker remember the name Kianna NaNa Lynae Cause, ya ass gonna see it everywhere BITCH!I would also thank the trill niggas that showed her mad luv…I also thank the little people! NANA I GOT U MA!!!

  139. Flodoe on Mon, 20th Apr 2009 10:18 am 

    Damn!! I’ve never seen so many comments on 1 young lady! She has to be sum’n for people to argue over sum’n u will never have? She’s part black that’s good enough 4 me? And if u come thru Dayton, Ohio look me up? The whole trip is ok me?

  140. Flodoe on Mon, 20th Apr 2009 10:21 am 

    Damn!! I’ve never seen so many comments on 1 young lady! She has to be sum’n for people to argue over sum’n u will never have? She’s part black that’s good enough 4 me? And if u come thru Dayton, Ohio look me up? The whole trip is on me?room’s n all!!!

  141. neil pasquale movie director on Wed, 14th Oct 2009 4:36 pm 


  142. FistsFulla on Sun, 11th Sep 2011 12:02 am 

    Let me define “Hater” 4 U. it’s the thought of wanting 2 strangle a ma’phukka B cuz they have it good & U don’t. I can’t lie 2 U. I wouldn’t know what 2 do wit a woman like U. U got 2 much swag. So I appreciate women like U from afar baby. But I cant say that I wouldn’t fornicate witcha fine ass though. It’s just something about a woman who looks like she’ll eat a nygga 4 breakfast, spit him out, then make him pay 4 it. That happened 2 me once. After she shook the spot, I tracked her down & garnished her wages. Wrecked her economy so bad it wreaked havoc on her financial standings world wide…U dig?

    Phukk the haters baby!

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