February 12, 2008 by Don Of Dons  
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video of SPIDER LOC going at the games mother prt 2


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6 Comments on "SPIDER LOC VS GAMES MOM PRT 2 lol"

  1. Hi-Hat on Tue, 12th Feb 2008 4:59 pm 

    Spider loc, you can’t be floatin’ round blastin’ up personal confrontations like dat homey, shit ain’t cool baby,

  2. Henri Whitaker on Wed, 13th Feb 2008 4:39 pm 

    Fucking Lames
    When Are People Going To Grow The Fuck Up.

  3. ego101 on Thu, 14th Feb 2008 7:24 am 

    shit like this is corny. wtf happened to the “game”.. not The Game but the game. everyday i get on sites to hear some new shit n its flooded wit bs. niggas video tapin THEMSELVES talking on the phone? da fuck is goin on, really!? this shit is WWF or w/e nowadays. The internet and broke non rappin niggas is killin the game. niggas gotta realize rap aint for everybody. jus cause you can rhyme words dont mean you nice. this shit is jus ridiculous. its sad when you dont kno if you gonna eat the next day if niggas dont peep for your new cd, video, or internet video. go to school, get a job, or jus do somethin constructive. its like niggas is lil girls.. dry snitchin at a all time high. real niggas dont beef on records makin physical threats and gun threats and live. this shit is like “reality” tv. what a joke. im disgusted wit the rap scene. i ont even post on this shit n i jus typed my ass off.. vent over.. peace

  4. gunnerkid on Thu, 14th Feb 2008 9:50 pm 

    that right there was a dickhead movement, why u gonna go callin up his
    moms 4 niggaz need 2 get their act together 4real.

  5. E From BK on Mon, 18th Feb 2008 7:12 pm 

    This dude is an idiot. Why would anyone over 21 resort to calling and starting trouble with someone’s mother? This dude is Black and the lady he is antagonizing is Black and he thinks it’s cool? How can that be? This is the epitome of foolishness.

  6. Nomyrealname on Wed, 3rd Sep 2008 1:19 am 

    That nigga is a straight clown for that bullshit!

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